Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Calling for all animal-lovers, oppss, it should be reptile-lovers!! 1Utama Shopping Centre is current having Reptile Exhibition from 5 December 2007 till 10 February 2008 at Ground Floor of the Rainforest area. Ticket is priced at RM10 for adults; RM5 for kids. It claimed to have over 110 species of rare and exotic reptiles. I always tend to associate reptiles with snakes, something that I am really fascinated yet would not ever want to bump into face to face without any barrier.

Since we have nothing in particular to shop in 1Utama, I suggested to Hubby to make a quick stop at the exhibition. At the counter, I spotted a few Macaws which I supposed are part of the exhibition. Macaws are reptiles? Anyway, I spent quite some time trying to get them to talk and the Macaws must be wondering what this mad woman repetitively saying 'Hello' in various tone. In the end, I gave up! Seriously, if they really want to attract crowd, they should have put a 'talking' Macaw there. Tsk tsk tsk...

I am not sure if I was lucky or unlucky that day as the moment I entered into the exhibition area, I witnessed a very horrible and shocking sight. It was feeding time!! Using its mouth, the hungry snake immediately caught the tiny helpless mouse. The gasping look from the mouse was quite disturbing but that didn't stop me from snapping a few pictures.

Another shot of shocking scene.

It took me a few minutes to calm myself before I explored the whole place to see what other species on display. Rather impressive as you can find a wide variety here, from deadly venomous to non-venomous, from viper to rattlesnake, from cobra to phyton, from boa to anaconda! Among all the snakes, I like the sidewinder the best. Can you see the little horn on the triangular head? Their home sweet home is in dessert and it moves gracefully in winding-S shape.
Snake 16

This huge Green Tea Python nicely coiled itself on a branch. Beautiful!

Snake soup anyone? This snake was cooling itself in his private 'bathtub'.

Hubby spotted this Anaconda and immediately asked me over to see it for myself. Knowing that I am a super fan of Anaconda movie, he knew I would be excited to see the real thing. Of course, this Anaconda here is nothing compared to those in the movie. In fact, those in the movie were rather fake cos with that kind of size and weight, they would not be able to move that fast!

No idea what this snake is called but he was showing me his sulky face.

Hubby's favourite, the King Cobra! So sad that it didn't flatten its upper ribs to form the signature hood.

A fierce looking snake getting ready to attack. Eeee....RUNN!!! Oppsss!! It should be FREEZE!!!

Boa Constrictor is similar to python where they coil around their prey and squeeze or constrict till it suffocates before savoring them. I remember seeing it for sale in a pet shop at Ikano.

Albino Burmese Python has got such a beautiful scale. No wonder snake skin products are so expensive. Nah...am not a fan of snake skins and real animal fur!!!

I took lots more picture of snakes but decided not to post everything out in fear will scare people away from my blog! Hahaha! Enough of snakes for this post. There are also other reptiles on display such as tortoise & turtle, frogs but the most memorable fella we saw that day was this cute baby Caiman from the Alligator family. Don't you think he is cute????

What is your definition of 'UGLY'? Well.....check out my definition of UGLY by looking at this picture below:

This American Bull Frog looks as if it just swallow a whole Big Mac! Look at the body! This is what I call "Round and Fat"!

Totally unrelated to the theme of the exhibition is this FOXY boy here. It reminds me of the first dog i owned, Samuel the white Spitz!

Another Foxy friend who was snoozing away in his dreamland. Probably the flash from my camera as he kept using his paw to cover his eyes!

Quite an interesting exhibition and I gained a fair bit of knowledge about snakes. So if you happen to be at 1Utama from now till 10 February 2008, do pay my new found friends a visit...HISSSS!!!


JOjo said...

Faint... I don't like reptiles, hmm...I'm scare and just get disgusted by their look.
But the Fox is so adorable =)

Mama BoK said...

I bet my MIL would "lurrvvvve" this post. .muahahhaha!!

Cokeworld Citizen said...

alamak...kesian the small rat :( but this is how nature works...it wud be haywire if snakes are vegetarian...fox is beautiful...well to me lah...so when is mammal exhibition? lolz

ilovepearly said...

Snake, don't really like tank animal....look is ok but not to keep around at home...hehe

ling239 said...

i know that Macaws !!!
my fren went there yesterday and was slapped by it twice.... =.="

Precious Pea said...

jojo: Hehehe...i shivered when I look at them slither.

mamabok: Why? She is a fan of snakes??

cokeworld citizen: Hahaha..if snakes turn vegetarian, then i think our world will be infested by rats! For mammals exhibition....hehehe..go to the zoo!

ilovepearly: Same same same. I would never ever want a snake as pet.

Precious Pea said...

Ling239: HUH!?!?!?! What did your fren do? The other day i was patting his fur and he was ok. Did your friend kena scratched by it. If scratched, better go see doctor for a jab..dunno what kind of germs they carry.

Xiu Long Bao said...

YUXXXX lar! I still love my doggie. Fluffy n cutie.

myCoffee said...

I am one of those people who has reptile-phobia. Just looking at the pics gave me the shivers. But I have to say you have some interesting looking pics there.

Jason said...

Ergh... I don't want to get so close to those reptiles especially snakes. I get the eerie feeling when I look at their eyes. Watch them from TV is better :P

And is that a fish?? Looks like Michael Jackson. :D

Nic (KHKL) said...

ohh...i see a potential material for my new cny snake skin shoes...what they close ar? hehehe...

Melissa Siew said...

OMG... the snake is so cruel.. poor rat.. I hate snakes!!!

Precious Pea said...

xlb: Aiyoo..of course cannot compare reptiles with doggies lah!! But i still loves froggy though...yumz!

mycoffee: Like whole body feels geli right?

Jason: Hahaha...Aiyooo...yes hor..looks a bit like MJ.

nic (khkl): PINK PINK PINK! There is one snake pink in colour! I was drooling over it.

melissa siew: Yalor..somemore year of rats! What a year for that rat!

wmw said...

Aiks...it's that Michael Jackson look alike reptile again!

Kavi said...

Fren... i'm not a reptile lover.... so scary...but i would say your photos are excellent....Good job

team bsg said...

beautiful photos of ugly animals shod be fantastic in big oven dun u think ?

Precious Pea said...

wmw: Hehhehe....handsome or ugly?

kavi: Thanks. All those snakes were quite cooperative and stayed still for me to snap picture. Hehe.

team bsg: OMG!!!!!! Oven? Roast nice meh?? I though stew will be better? MUAHAHA!

teckiee said...

MJ looks yummy... nyahahah! And you know that python you saw feeding.. it takes 3 to 4 rats at one for... last for about 2 weeks then have to eat again.

Jenna said...
This comment has been removed by the author.

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