Friday, February 29, 2008


When I was in Chatuchak Market, I told myself to be focused and get whatever I have in mind for the house. I told myself that I should not waste too much time hanging around at the Pets area. No more photos as I have taken heaps during past visits and blogged about them far too many times; here and here. I failed! I failed big time as the moment I heard barking from faraway (sounded very much like calling out for me), my feet automatically walked towards to the Pets Corner. And very automatically, my hand digged into my bag, searching for my camera.

I find it extremely difficult to get good and clear shots of moving dogs, so I was in luck when I spotted a few napping puppies which is equally as cute with their eyes closed. I particularly fascinated with this Husky. If it wasn't that I can still feel his heart beating, I would have thought it's dead. He doesn't move an inch even when I kept moving his head, poking his tummy, tap his head and kept calling him "oooi oooi oooi". <span class=

He must be so tired. I lifted his head to take a front shot and I was surprised that he still didn't move a single inch! Cute fella isn't he? <span class=

Chihuahua with a bulging tummy! His paws and hind legs all sticking out from the cage. Couldn't help myself from lightly pulling his leg. He couldn't be bothered with the disturbance though, as he continued sleeping like a pig...errr...I mean, pup!
<span class=

Baby Pea lookalike! But of course, I think my Pea was much cuter during his younger days. Am bias? Hehehe...yes I do admit I am bias!
<span class=

Awwww....Hubby's favourite dog, ChowChow! Sadly, I don't think we can ever keep a ChowChow due to its high maintenance costs.
<span class=

My dad's choice if he ever owns a dog, Golden Retriever.
<span class=

There were a few St Bernard pups resting in an air-conditioned room. So chubby and cute. <span class=

Enough of sleepy dogs..I also managed to take a few shots on those that were wide awake like this fella here. I guess this is a Labrador pup. <span class=

Monkeys or puppies???!!???!! I just cannot imagine how much poo poo (and not forgetting the texture) will come out after they feasted on those bananas! Gosh!
<span class=

"Please bring me home?"
I can see 'nottiness' from his cheeky face. That very much reminded me of my notti Pumpkin.
<span class=

Look at those eyes, aren't they sexy?
<span class=

Posting on food in Bangkok will resumed after this.....Burp! *excuse me*


ling239 said...

very cute doggie... u only brought the picture back ? sure ? very very sure ? :P

tigerfish said...

First 2 pix- are they husky puppies? Hmmmm...I think husky should be bred in the cold countries. Don't you think it's a torture of them to stay in hot, humid, tropical countries? I pity them leh!

kennymah said...

Sure is a lot of WOofwOoF there and CUtEcuTE

here! ;)

Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

lovely pups. i want to cuddle them. yi n i once saw this chowchow sitting in a shop in hk n it was very big n it looked like a lion n we weren't sure for a long time what it was. oh i don't like retrievers, they r so boringingly nice. maybe i'm prejudiced bc i had a bad experience once with one in Perth. we'd just arrived at a friend's hse tt morning to stay, they went out n we opened the garage n jingzie (golden strands), a full-grown golden retriever, leapt out onto the walking path n jumped on these 2 angmo ladies taking a stroll n i couldn't get him off them no matter what bc he didn't answer to me. oh, i was so scared we'll get mauled. when he finally let go, one of them shouted like crazy at me (don't really blame her, but still) saying she would sue me. didn't help tt i kept screaming "Jingzie!!" they prolly thot i was being mean saying "Jinx!"

Shirley Khor said...

OMG! They are SO CUTE!!! >.< You're truly a dog lovers, huh? :D Hehe~

Nic (KHKL) said...

to me, the labrador pup looked the cutest. nice place, why didn't i make a little more effort to explore this section last time??? *lazy pig:nic*

ai wei said...

cute! and very CUTE POST! ^V^

wmw said...

So cute, the second last a cross between a puppy and a cub!

Jun said...

i always find it difficult to take pics of dogs cos they keep moving around :/

adriantai said...

i like huskies...

~Christine~Leng said...

oh gosh! i love the white puppy!! so cute!

Cokeworld Citizen said...

aiyer feel like cubit them so huskies...but i think any puppies are cut but when they grow up...different story all together...lolz...

Cynthia said...

I enjoyed this pics!

Simon Seow said...

Why Chow Chow is high maintenance? They eat a lot?

I want a Husky.

Live2Talk said...

U hv to speak in Thai to wake them up la ... actually the white doggie reminds me of Samuel!

Junkgirl said...

I'll be going to Bangkok in a couple of months and will definitelly go and see these adorable pups. But I have to say that the environment they are kept in is a little sad. It kind of shows on their faces...

Big Boys Oven said...

miss my puppy, hope one day I can get one!

Barbie said...

Sigh, soooooo cute! If it's not because we spend so little time at home (house is like hotel :p), would have gotten a pup ourselves, especially after seeing your Pea & Pumpkin's antics!

daphne said...

oh man, these photos melt my heart.

Precious Pea said...

daphne: So cute hor? I could easily spend a day with them.

barbie: Awww..please feel free to follow lyrical lemongrass to my house next time and play with Pea and Pumpkin. Am sure they would love to meet and play with you :)

bbo: You have a dog too?

junkgirl: Yes, very sad indeed. Some are really young and in fact, not suitable for sale yet.

live2talk: Yahor, must learn Thai t communicate oledi. Yes, the white pup also reminded me of Samuel when he was young. Exactly the same. Eh, you met Samuel before?

simon: Not only that they eat a lot, grooming is expensive.

cynthia: Thanks :)

cokeworld citizen: Everything young also cute.It applies to animals to humans and to veggies. Haha!

christine: I think he is a spitz!

adrian: Me too..especially those with light blue eyes.

jun: Then you should be like me, take them while they are napping. So much easier and you can snap as much as you like too! ;)

wmw: Cute hor? All also i like.

aiwei: Thank you :)

nic: You mean you skipped this section???????

Precious Pea said...

shirley: Yes, i love dogs as much as i like food! Don't you find them such wonderful creature?

terri: OMG!! I thought retriever are gentle loving dogs. So what happened after that? Did the angmo lady really sued? I don't blame her being furious. I would be crying if a big dog like retriever attacks me.

kenny: And a mad mad woman here, snap snap pic here and there...hehe.

tigerfish: Initially i have the same thought as you but it seems that Husky in Asian countries already accustomed to the weather. Of course, the owner must also make sure they get plenty of water and grooming. I do know some people really love their dogs to have air-conditioned room for them. So i guess if one could afford a Husky, they could afford air-cond for them too.

ling239: Almost, Ling, almost! I had my eyes set on a cute long hair chihuahua. But the procedure to bring it home is to tedious. Not worth it.

jason said...

Ooo.. I like man-ly-er dogs.. Husky, Golden Retriever or Labrador are nice. :P

Cokeworld Citizen said...

(read jason comments) Dogs can be manly wan ar?

teckiee said...

OMG! The Siberian Husky is sooo leng chai!!!!!! I WANT!!!!!!


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