Thursday, March 06, 2008


Bangkok ~ A place where I can satisfy my cravings for yummy delicacies, an affordable place for my retail therapy; as well as a place when I could overdosed myself with puppies for hours! If you ask me a word to describe Bangkok, it would be 'HEAVEN'! This post will be the last on my recent visit to Bangkok and to cut things short, I decided to combine food and shopping together.

Strolling along Chatuchak on a hot afternoon, the last thing you want to put into your mouth is skewers of piping hot grilled food. But how could one resist the aroma of grilled bacon from afar? Cocktail sausages neatly wrapped with strips of bacon and grilled over sizzling charcoal, ohhh...simple yet so good

Hot hot hot! Again, the aroma of the grilled giant octopus attracted our attention from afar, but only this time, the aroma was much powerful than the bacon. We ordered one tentacle to share. It was very good. Sweet and chewy. I enjoyed the chewing process as the more I chewed, the more juicy it became in my mouth. Simply marvellous!
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Grilled freshwater prawns! We had lots of it in Pratunam area during our visit in January, sadly, we didn't bump into any during this visit. We paid RM10 for 8 pieces the last visit but this time, we paid RM9 for 3 pieces, grilled freshly upon order. No complains as it was fresh and cooked to perfection!

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We also spotted a live crab at the stall. It was staring at me sympathetically, trying to yell out "
Don't eat me, don't eat me". Sorry crabby, your plea just doesn't work with me! Wuahaha *evil laugh*
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Everytime I walked pass a mixed rice stall, I couldn't help peeping at the dishes and try to figure out the ingredients if I happened to spot something which I am not familiar of. Curious yet skeptical to try since most of the dishes were not covered and I spotted flies! Another reason I have not tried is because my tummy space allocation doesn't permit me to overload it with mixed rice. Some of the dishes do look delicious, maybe next visit I will try to make space for it.
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Just when I thought one could not go wrong with noodle soup in Bangkok, I had a very unpleasant experience in Chatuchak market. The noodle shop is located near the Pets section and it draws quite a huge crowd. Must be good, we thought. The giant bowl was so huge but the size of the serving was pathetic.

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Hubby lifted the rice noodle with his chopstick and this is all we get! If not mistaken, it was priced at RM3 and it wasn't good at all. The soup was in murky dark brown. The only thing I like was the tiny pieces of crispy pork skin crackers.
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I took a picture of the glutinous sweetcorn last visit and I told myself that I must give it a try this time and I did. It was tiny, not any bigger than my palm. I was excited until I put it into my mouth. It was like eating glutinous rice on a cob! I had one and couldn't bring myself to finish the other 4 pieces as it was too rich and filling.
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A great discovery during my last visit to Chatuchak was the layered kuih. It was just as good as before; chewy and full of pandan and coconut milk fragrance. Even Hubby agreed that it was good.
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The coconut jelly I tried was good too. Sweetness level was mild and I enjoy the bits of coconut flesh on top. Very refreshing and soothing to my throat.
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We were shopping at MBK and I dragged Hubby to Swensens for ice-cream. It is very much cheaper in Thailand than in KL. I couldn't remember the name of this sundae, but price at only RM6.90, it was served with 2 scoops of ice-cream of your choice, ladened with 2 sliced bananas, slices of strawberry and strawberry sauce.
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Fresh guava juice! First time we came across this in Bangkok. It was refreshing although we could taste some salt in it. To prevent it from browning maybe?
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Hot hot hot! Too much hot and spicy food and I found the best way to cool me down. My all-time favourite Slurpee. This berry flavoured was really good. Really happy that 7-eleven outlets are available everywhere in Bangkok.
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The mission of this trip was to continue with shopping for our new house. We went with minimal clothing packed into a small luggage bag which was then fitted into a larger bag.
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Mission Accomplished! Hubby wanted to get some standing lamps for the house and we bought 4 pieces as well as lots of other stuffs. Ended up we have no choice but to get two cabs back to the hotel as well as to the airport as our purchases filled up the seat behind. Ahem, yes, our luggages exceeded the weight limit by about 8 kgs but we were charged for 5 kgs at RM80. So silly of us, as at that moment we should have taken some of the stuffs out from the check-in luggages for hand carry. We only thought of that before boarding the plane!
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On the way back, we were stopped by the Customs eventhough we walked out separately. The officer who stopped Hubby threatened to tax him, but of course with Hubby's 'don't mess with me' look, Hubby demanded to see the list of taxable goods and on what basis he valued the goods we bought. Sensing that he should not 'play play', he asked Hubby to go. Hehehe. So, it was overall another very satisfying trip. Till I see you again Bangkok!



barbie said...

Oh, hey, thanks for a great tip at the end. If I ever get stopped by the Customs for overbuying in future it will come in handy. I really cannot imagine how u managed to find room in ur stomach to fit all that food. But they all look so tempting alright. *dreaming of trip to Bangkok*

Hazza said...

Were those street hawkers selling the prawns and crabs. Lovely as they look, was it not a bit awkward to eat them without sitting down? I really gotta go there again one day.. its been 26 years since I've been there!

Precious Pea said...

barbie: I was really worried cos inside Hubby's luggage is a packet of live lotus plant. He couldn't resist from buying it cos it only costs RM1 wheres here the price starts from RM25 (price based on our nursery). As for the food..hehehe, actually those food you have to divide among 3 days, 5 meals a day...turn out not that much hor?

hazza: Oppss..actually this stall have two tables at the side, so we were eating between the drain and the dusty busy road.

ling239 said...

so many seafood.... i want the octopus, i want the prawns and crabs too !! ^_^

jason said...

You're right, Bangkok is real Heaven on Earth. :P

When I was there last November, I can't spot any mandarin orange juice. *weird* Shall take note of the guava juice though.

Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

so clever of ur hubby! must be an accountant, taxable items n all tt. of all places we avoided chatuchak, so stupid of us, n now airasia doesn't fly direct to BKK anymore.i just wish i ate the octopus, the layer kuih, the jelly.u lucky u.

ML said...

Aiyah- if you met me at the check-in counter rather than the toilet then I could have checked in your over-weight luggage...We had 5 ppl & was totally under-weight..

Next trip to bangkok, make sure you ask me if i'm coming back to KL on the same day as you- If i am, you can use my luggage weight allocation.. :) I normally have nothing but a small luggage that I can bring up the plane!!!

Tummythoz said...

*piak-piak-piak* self for coming over when there's a good chance you'll b posting Bkk! Such torture such bliss. Decided it's definitely torture until my next trip!

Big Boys Oven said...

You are so so bad! always tempt me those gorgeous food you had it Bangkok, next time hor bring me lar then we can explore further! lol!

Nic (KHKL) said...

i think the beef noodle near samran place tastes better than this one, right? and OMG, so many bags and packages! hehe...

team bsg said...

in BKK everything is good , even for ladies ( or issit especially ) ?

daphne said...

Oh my! I want to try the coconut jelly!

LOL admire your hubs and the "face" he gave to customs. I think I would be freaked out.

Precious Pea said...

ling239: Hehe..quickly go plan a trip to Bangkok and you can get all the seafood you want.

Jason: Mandarin oranges are seasonal and I found that not all mandarin orange juice are pure. Some added with sugar syrup..yucks! I saw burnt coconut juice which is brown in colour but didn't get to try as I already bought the guava juice.

Terri: Hahaha..yes, he is an accountant. He already upset paying for the extra weight, somemore this fella giving him problem. But it's true, the things we bought were so cheap and brandless, on what basis they tax us?

ML: OK, next time I know who to call. Hehe. Nice seeing you again, been ages since we last met. Congratulation to you and your hubby-to-be once again for your coming wedding :)

tummythoz: Hehehe...when is your next trip? I went to MBK toilet, so tempted to take photo for you oledi.

BBO: The other day i heard someone is organising a floggers' trip to Bangkok end of the year. Let me check with him again and will keep you updated yah?

Nic: DEFINITELY 101% better than this. miss the beef noodle near Samran.

team bsg: HUH? You go there for a special reason?

daphne: Lucky they didn't open his luggage. Inside for dozens of dog treats, live water lilies, glutinous rice, fish sauce, etc...

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

haha good stuff with customs..theres a part of the act that i always remember b4 flying off..haha those are the items tat u can bring into malaysia..although its not much then again, it shows dont mess with me look..

wah i need you to draw a eating map for me!

sc said...

oooo... i cant wait for my trip there middle of this year! gosh, that's freaking lotsa stuff you guys bought there! how did you manage to carry all?

tigerfish said...

Wah, that noodles so miserably little ah! Can count how many strands!

JOjo said...

Waa...judging from the last pic, hmm...Good job on ur hunt in Bangkok,hehe!
Never been to Bangkok till now, my friends fly me aeroplane the other time =(

Jun said...

coincidentally i had grilled seafood on charcoal in a jap restaurant jt now *LOL* and yeesh, the noodle portion so small, no wonder all thai ppl so small size ;p

Henry Yeo said...

I think two days is not enough for Chatchuchak if you ask me.

PureGlutton said...

I'm going to Bgk on 20th March...and i definitely will try the glutinuous corn...looks so yummy! Is Pratunam a good place for food and shopping? Chatuchak is too hot!

teckiee said...

hmmm where is that taxable and no taxable list? I think i need to get me one of those list.

And yeah.. that bowl of noodles.. so small portion leh.

Anonymous said...

the noodle is called boat noodle and the murky water is made from pig's blood. the serving is suppose to be very little. there's a place near Victory Monument where each bowl cost only 8 Baht, 80 sen. it's nice as a snack. not filling though

Precious Pea said...

NJoe: The Customs officers that day was trying to give problems to most people. Even the 3 ladies in front of us complained about being stopped and threatened to be taxed over 3 comforter set. I mean, don't tell me those are taxable items lor. Eating map? No problem!

sc: Am sure you will enjoy your trip! Haha..we checked in all our stuffs!

tigerfish: So little rite? I was shocked when I was served. Luckily there are many things to fill up our stomach there.

jojo: It was a fruitful shopping trip indeed!

jun: Japanese seafood on charcoal? Wow...going to post on it or not?

henry yeo: I was told by the lady selling lightings that those shops actually opens everyday except Monday. Just that during the weekend, more stalls are opened.

pureglutton: Pratunam is shopping heaven. Lots of wholesale and retail shop. Do drop by MBK. It's something like our Sg Wang x Low Yat.

teckie: They didn't give us the list. Too scare i think when Hubby started questioning them. HOHOHOHO!

anonymous: Oooo..thanks for the info. That explains the murky broth!

Jun said...

not reli... nothing special abt it... :(

Simon Seow said...

Too much nice food!!!!Ok, if this year end get bonus, Bangkok here I come.

JeromeFo- 杰龙 said...

I wish i can go Bangkok too!
Lovely Sea Foods pics in Bangkok^^

Cokeworld Citizen said...

woahhhh buy soooo much and eat sooo much...lolz...

hahah can use the tip if i am travelling next time....


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