Tuesday, April 22, 2008

HK Day 2 (Dinner) - Fung Shing Restaurant 鳳城酒家

In terms of food, I got to say that this trip was indeed a very satisfying and fruitful one as I get to try a number of big and established restaurants in Hong Kong. Our dinner with bro-in-law's relatives turned out to be at one of the outlets of Fung Shing Group in which specializes on Shunde cuisine. His relatives must be a regular of this restaurant as I can see his aunt happily chatting with the Captain, and of course she took charge in ordering our dinner. The outlet we went to is situated at Tsim Sha Tsui. Although it was quite huge as it occupies two shop lots, again I felt claustrophobic as they try to maximize the space but putting in way too many tables. Don't blame them as this place seems popular and it was full house the night we were there. With such huge crowd, do expect the place to be noisy, even noisier than the wet market. For appetizer, I didn't expect to be served with roasted goose which I think people would normally serve as a main dish. Of course I didn't mind at all and in fact, I was jumping with joy as I was starving at that time. The goose was meaty and juicy while I would prefer to skin to be slightly more crispy. It was tasty nonetheless. Much better than the version I had in Tai Hing but of course, nothing beats my all-time-favourite Yung Kee!

Soup was served next and I was quite, ahem, surprised when I saw a bowl of starchy-based egg soup placed in front of us. It has got bits of creamed corn inside and it reminded me of my student days back in Melbourne as Chicken Corn Soup on Rice was a big hit for those on budget. The soup was pretty alright but I would certainly prefer traditional Chinese clear-based soup.

I find the Sweet and Sour Pork was pretty good. The pork was lightly batter and coated well with the shiny reddish sauce. Sweet, tangy, lightly salted and a hint of chilli sauce, PERFECT!

I am totally fascinated with the next dish, a very traditional Shunde dish called Stir-fry Milk that was served on a plate like a white hill sprinkled with pine nuts.

The texture was extremely smooth and milky rich. To be honest, I didn't quite like this dish as it tasted funny and it doesn't go well with rice at all. I find the fragrant of the milk a bit too overpowering for a dish meant to be salty. Just as well, I restricted myself to just a soup spoon since I am lactose intolerant. Nevertheless, am glad that I had a chance trying such classic dish.


I helped myself to two servings of the pan fried minced pork cutlets with lotus roots. It was a perfect combination and absolutely wonderful dish that can easily replicate at home.

The "CRISPY" Roast Chicken was probably the best dish for Hubby that night. The skin was really crispy, perhaps it should be renamed as chicken skin cracker. Chicken was flavourful, moist and tender.


I was stuffed when a huge Claypot of Soupy Dace Fish Paste was served. It looked exactly like Salted Veggie Tofu Soup! I don't think I gave this dish a try since I can't recall at all how it tasted. I have checked with Hubby and his answer was "so-so". 12

Big grin on my face when bro-in-law ordered Snowpea Sprouts cooked with 3 kind of eggs; chicken egg, salted egg and century egg. Am totally in love with Snowpea sprouts
(my dog's name has got nothing to do with my passion for this veggie, it was just a coincident) as it's a rare find in KL. This dish didn't meet my expectation as I have tasted better versions before, but I still enjoyed it nonetheless. Just think that it would be perfect to have it stir-fry with garlic; simple and nice!

Another veggie that I love most is the Kai Lan (Chinese broccoli) BUT it has got to be the Hong Kong version in which is generally shorter, tinier leaves with flower heads and most important thick crunchy stem. We had it stir-fry with garlic and it was done perfectly. Just look at the colour...BRIGHT GREEN and it was crunchy and sweet! Everyone was full by the time it was served so it was only bro-in-law and I happily munching away. Psst..don't you find veggie tastes so good when you are overloaded with too much meat dishes? 14

We waited almost 30 minutes (it could be more than that) for dessert to be served. Bro-in-law's aunt told us that their Baked Sago Custard Pudding is their specialty and a must try item. I was convinced as I saw dish after dish of the pudding being served to other tables. We were quite annoyed with the long wait and decided to cancel our order and as expectedly, they kept assuring us that our order is on the way. It finally came and I was truly disappointed. Apart from the aromatic burnt layer that I enjoyed, the pudding tasted bland and not sweet at all. I politely swallowed my portion and later found out that my sis, dad and hubby didn't like it at all too!

The total bill including tea, rice and tax came up to HKD1218 (~RM500) for the 9 of us. Although there are some hits and misses here and there, I find the price pretty reasonable for having such meal in Hong Kong. Probably that explains the huge crowd of locals patronising this place.
You can check out the address of all the other outlets here.


jason said...

The Stir Fry milk is better to serve as dessert I think.

kennymah said...

Eh, the Stir Fry Milk looks like something familiar but not suitable to disclose on a family-friendly blog like yours, dear.

Not after you told me to behave myself on Facebook. Cum to think of it, wasn't this what I got reprimanded for...?

He he he.

Precious Pea said...

jason: True...milk should either be plain or sweet.

kennymah: KENNY!!!!!!!!!!!

迷迭香 said...

i want that roasted goose!! =.="

Hazza said...

I am so envious at the price you paid! For the same price, 9 persons can have a one course takeaway chinese meal with a soup and drink over here! The goose looks so fatty, but tasty too! My regular roast duck seller uses fat ducks and its the best in town, imo, but obviously the worst in town for your health!

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

i think its not that bad at all..even if u eat dis kinda dishes in KL, it will set you back 200-300..n bear in mind you are in HK!! so i think 500rm is job well done..

christine said...

the milk dish was quite frequent shown on tv..i tot it would taste good..but after reading urs..really should reconsider..but the goose for appetizer certainly makes a good start.

tigerfish said...

The Stir Fry milk thingy looks like the Shanghainese type of egg-white with crab meat....hmmm...
Some of the dishes such as the minced pork cutlet looks like homecooked food :)

Maybe if I really go Hk again, I can try this place, thanks.

Precious Pea said...

迷迭香: Go Hong Kong! Go Go Go! Try Yung Kee Roast Goose...the best..slurps!

hazza: I guess if you don't take it every day or even every week, then it would not be that artery clogging. Hehe...i made roast duck myself last weekend, will blog about it soon!

NJoe: Exactly! So reasonable for HK standard. I remember my meal in Yung Kee for a 1/4 goose with veg and steamed eel already HKD400+ for 2 person.

christine: ya ya...a few tvb series also featured this dish before...those wuxia type. And seems like it require lots of skill to whip up this dish.

tigerfish: Maybe you can try to make the cutlet at home. Very nice. Should be even better with some salted fish in it.

sc said...

oh, i've seen a food show on the stir fry milk before..a very delicate dish i must say. wished i could try it..hehe

Jun said...

hey, another aussie alumni! din know u went to melb to study before. planning to come back? :D

Jessica said...

wah everything looked so good wor, especially the meat (duck, chicken)! your posts are really tempting me to go HK lar!

christine said...

maybe shud try to cook this dish like those wuxia people..haha

mimi said...

the stir fry milk definitely a new try for u huh...

Nic (KHKL) said...

hk kai lan is absolutely scrumptious! i had it at shatin (together with the pigeons). the stem was thick but soft and was naturally sweet! love it.

Precious Pea said...

sc: Do try when you get the chance to see if you like it.

jun: Hehe..my Aust PR just approved! So yes..am coming back soon! Very soon!

jessica: HK = Food heaven!

christine: Hahaha...ok, if i really nothing to do one day, maybe i will give it a try. BUt instead of savoury, i will make it sweet.

mimi: Yes, new try but no like.

nic: So veggielicious right??? Aiyooo...we were too full to go Shatin for the pigeon. What a waste!

Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

the veg with 3 eggs is best cooked with 'emperor's veg'. i think. and what/where is Shunde? must be southern China?

Big Boys Oven said...

this is just like heaven for me!

Precious Pea said...

terri: Shunde if not mistaken is known as "Shun Dak" in canto. Not sure which part but should be near to Canton.

bbo: Yes indeed. Heaven for me too!

tekko said...

you went to some famous eating places in HK that I've missed! both Fung Shing and Tai Hing are places that I wanted to try... maybe next time :-)


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