Thursday, April 17, 2008

HK Day 2 (Teatime) - Honeymoon Dessert (滿記甜品)

Following our lunch at Tin Hau, bro-in-law made a dinner appointment with his aunt who lives in Causeway Bay, a station away from Tin Hau. Hence, it would be more economical to spend the rest of the afternoon hanging around that area as it would be costly to go back to our hotel in Kowloon and then to come back again to Hong Kong island for dinner (The fare is expensive when we have to cross the sea to get to the other side of the island). Having stayed in one of the hotels in Causeway Bay before, I am totally in love with this place which is one of the best place to shop in Hong Kong, and ohh..not forgetting many good food to offer too! The other thing that I am amazed with Causeway Bay is the crowd. A place that perfectly matches the famous Chinese proverb "People Mountain People Sea" (人山人海) which literally means a big crowd of people filling up the mountain and the sea. I am totally fascinated observing the crowd crossing into each other's path whenever the traffic light for pedestrian turns green. It reminded me of marathon. Only that this marathon is going at all directions; left, right, front and back! I took a few photos of the crowd to share it with you here:
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Three more hours to go before dinner and we were already aching from the continuous walk since morning. We decided to find a place to rest; a place where we could order drinks and sit comfortably for an hour. Normal dessert shops were out of question as it is usually crowded, cramped and with a long queue outside. We definitely do not want unwelcome stares for hogging their seats. Coffee joints too were packed with shoppers as tired as we were. Suddenly I thought of World Trade Centre, a place I used to love cos their Esprit outlet was HUGE back then. Leading the entourage, I brought my family there as the place is much more spacious and less crowded as well. We ended up at Honeymoon Dessert located on the fourth floor.


We were not hungry nor thirsty as we just needed a place to rest our feet. So I shared a bowl of Grass Jelly in Watermelon Juice. The bowl was frothy and I was quite turned off with the presentation. It wasn't too bad once I put it into my mouth especially the chewy grass jelly cubes. Cool and refreshing

My dad's reaction towards Ginkgo is identical to Hubby's reaction towards beef noodle; A MUST ORDER! Bro-in-law ordered the same too...a bowl of Fu Chuk Bak Gor Tong Sui (Ginkgo with Soya Bean Sheet) served warm. The soya bean sheets were boiled till fully dissolved, hence it tasted like soya bean drink. Very fragrant and smooth, I liked it as well.

Meanwhile, sis ordered a serving of Mango Pancake. She took a bite and passed the rest to me to finish off while she kept saying how good it was. Now it got me wonder..(a) if the pancake really that good and want me to have the rest cos she loves me a lot? or (b) the pancake was not nice at all and so shoved it all to me? or (c) she was just too full to have another bite? Whatever the reason I know the answer is either (a) or (c). To be honest, I have not tested many mango pancakes before as I am not a fan of fresh cream. To rate this one, I find the skin was thin and soft which is good, while the big chunk of mango was sweet and fiberless. Hubby took a bite and gave an approval I shall conclude, it was good!!


Honeymoon Dessert have dozens of branches all over Hong Kong and yes, they are as popular as Hui Lau Shan. I am not sure the location of all the outlets but if you happened to be around Causeway Bay looking for dessert and most importantly, a place to rest...then this is the place to be!

Address: Shop P421-423 Podium 4 World Trade Centre, 280 Gloucester Road,Causeway Bay

Business Hours: Open Daily 11am-11pm

Transportation: Causeway Bay MTR Station Exit D1



tigerfish said...

We usually just head towards Hui Lau Shan because we see it everywhere along the main tourist streets. Never tried Honeymoon Desserts. Next time...

Jun said...

hk desserts!! oh how i miss them-- and the crowd in hk!!! feels so metropolitan! compared to hk, adelaide is practically "people-less" :<

JOjo said...

i think the watermelon juice is freshly blended tat's why got such presentation~ But it definitely look like pure watermelon juice~
A cooling drink for the tired you...

kennymah said...

That mango pancake looks to die for! Why don't we have more creative pastry and desserts here? :(

Hazza said...

Your mango pancake does look really nice. Not something you'd come across or even think of, everyday!

Simon Seow said...

Yah, Causeway Bay is filled with people. Once I come up from the MRT station there's only people I can see.

The mango pancake so chuk liu.

Sugar Bean said...

Yeah, it is really 人山人海, don't think I'll be able to live in cities like that. Grass Jelly in Watermelon Juice sounds new to me, interesting!

Precious Pea said...

tigerfish: I like Hui Lau Shan too, especially all their mangoes dessert.

jun: And they walk at much faster pace too, so I also had to speed up so that I would not be blocking their way.

jojo: Agree..the watermelon definitely freshly blended. I guess they use usual blender (hence the bubbles) instead of using a juicer.

kenny: I think if they do serve it here, I wouldn't go for mango as I surely will opt for DURIAN!

hazza: Yalor..this is not something that i would crave for or order, unless really no choice.

sugar bean: I don't think I can live there too. Too crowded and standard of living too high.

J2Kfm said...

the mango pancake is TO DIE FOR ... must go HK, must go HK ... (hope my chanting works) =P

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

i think i knw which shopping complex u talkin abt..the last round i stayed in causewaybay..didnt eat the "dung lai"..

Precious Pea said...

Simon: Yes, one thing i like about their food is that they really generous with the portion and 'liu'.

J2Kfm: Does it work?? OK...must go Japan, must go Japan, must go Japan..

NJoe: Dung Lai? You mean the double layered milk aka "Seong Pei Nai"? Go to this place call Yee Shun, they are famous for the "Seong Pei Nai".

Tummythoz said...

Double the crowd & u'll be in Shenzhen. =P
Waa like that your dad's complexion must be incredible!

ling239 said...

the mango pancake looks exciting... the store in The Gardens which sells the cutie durian puffs also sells mango puffs, which are in green color, wonder if it is as good....

mimi said...

HK desserts are a must try item !!!

Anonymous said...

I think Honeymoon Dessert also famous of it durian pancake... I did try once before when was for business trip.

ai wei said...

HK is really a shopping heaven! next time gonna ask u where n which place to go b4 i travel to HK. ^^

~Christine~Leng said...

I love HK's street. always loaded with ppl!
Love mangoes.. and the pancake looks really good! :)

daphne said... they hv "gui nein gow" too? that looks fab!

Cokeworld Citizen said...

dessert shops...i like!
Do you find yourself losing weight after coming back from HK? XD so much walking and not to mention the speed :S


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