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In my previous post here, I mentioned that my team has been tasked to come up with a strategy to win the Mister Potato contest. Before I reveal our plan, let me briefly tell you more about the contest again.

A special announcement to all football lovers, ok, even those who are not, I am sure you wouldn’t mind a free football tour to Manchester England which includes a Stadium & Museum Tour worth RM15,000 right? All you got to do is to participate in the Mister Potato which is running from 1 June to 30 November 2008 and be one of the top 30 Football Point Collectors and you will soon be packing your way to Old Trafford! And the best thing is, the top 3 Football Point Collectors also wins RM5,000 each. There are autographed jerseys up for grab too for the top 5 monthly collectors.

How to collect the Football Points? EASY! The Football Points are collected from Mister Potato LIMITED EDITION:
160g canister seal : 3 points
85g pouch : 2 points
55g pouch : 1 point
Picture 2Picture 3

You can get more information on the contest by visiting Mister Potato website.

Now, the moment that you have been waiting for has finally arrived! Yes, am revealing the gameplan that my team came up with. In order to maximize our collection of football points, my team decided to embark on a mission each, based on what we could do best.


Being a food blogger, it is only natural that my strategy revolves around food. Although it sounded so much easier to just buying a few cartons of Mister Potato home, I certainly would not be able to finish it all. I definitely would not want it to go to waste. Giving it away with the seal removed doesn’t sound right to me either.

T minus:
28: 59:58

Food unites people and it certainly does among food bloggers. I will engage help from my fellow food bloggers and team members as well as my friends and relatives by inviting them over to my place for a “HOME COOKED ROAST DUCK FEAST”.

An event page on the Roast Duck Feast will be created via Facebook and email. The invitation goes to all food bloggers, friends, relatives as well as my team members’ friends. The more the merrier! Of course, there is no such thing as free lunch in this world. Every guest have to bring at least two canisters of Mister Potato limited edition (with the seal intact of course!).

While I whip up a crispy and juicy roast duck for my guests..….

…my guests can help themselves with Mister Potato that they brought along.

Hmmm..which one shall I start with? Original, Sour Cream or BBQ?

My happy guests love Mister Potato!

Which one shall I eat first? Roast duck or Mister Potato?

Of course Mr Potato first…..Crunch crunch crunch!!

Actually the duck not bad too! Wish I can have both at the same time!

Hmm…2 in one? This sparks off a brilliant idea. Mister Potato tastes fantastic and goes really well with roast duck. Perhaps Mister Potato should consider introducing a new flavour i.e. “Roast Duck Flavoured Chips!
P6070529 certified by HIM!

While my satisfied guests go home with a grin on their face, it’s time for me to collect all the seals! Mine! It’s all MINE!!! Wuaahaha!

No wastage and a win-win situation. Attractive deal right? In fact, the contest runs till end of November, maybe I should throw a feast every month to collect as many Mister Potato seals as possible. So, anyone game for the offer? Kindly register please…ASAP!

T minus:
22: 59:58

While I relax, our two pretty Ninja Girls; RoeSeann and Porcinus May will be out on their secret mission.

Now, do you want to win the football tour to Manchestor?? What are you waiting for then, drop by my team members' blog to check out the other 4 game plan and I shall see you at KL International Airport soon!

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Lianne said...

no problem dear, count me in! would love to taste your roast duck definately, and can i possibly also suggest auction program hehehe, for ta pau back home. they can raise the "kun" lah lol

hope the feast is not after march 10th?

UnkaLeong said...

Girl you better make more than one roast duck man! Cause unka be coming on an empty stomache!

jason said...

I also wanna join! 2nd round pweasse~~~ *puppy-eyed*

Live2Talk said...

I'm in! But you have to let me know the dates early la err can I bring friends along? How many session are you planning to have?

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

Mister Potato and roast duck is brilliant! Don't forget to Facebook me with your invite, sista! :-D

wmw said...

Bring it on!!! How can we not take up an offer like that? :p

Wandering Chopsticks said...

Hehe, stealthy is right. When I first saw potato, I thought you finally did your potato recipe for Weekend Wokking. :)

Kavi said...

no problem fren... count me in but do inform me earlier on the dates.

Jackson said...

goshh.... i would love to try the mister potatoe with roasted duck! May b u should try my version, crushed mister potatoes with salad!!!

Nic (KHKL) said...

crunch crunch, munch munch,
i want, i want, i want, i want!
the name's nic,
and that's my pick!


"Joe" who is constantly craving said... no.9! looks like u need alot of ducks!

~YM~ said...

wow!! I love roast ducks although they're high in cholesterol! :P

Count me in too!! This post looks really tempting. n_n

Kenny Mah // Life for Beginners said...

Good gosh, I can imagine the scene already: foodbloggers, roast duck and potato chips all over the place! Now that's what I call a party! ;)

ShaolinTiger said...

Dayummm I'd love some roast duck right now..

Roeseann said...

Roast duck + chips! It actually does look deliciouss!

Hubby said...

Wowww... I think this gameplan may actually work! Okay. I promise should I win a ticket to Old Trafford, I promise to buy you some souvenirs la... Wooo hoo!!! Maybe I'll extend my stay there too...

Anonymous said...

Vv, i do want to join but then do u provide transports for me? kakakaka ^-^
Fong fong

Onn @hk said...

the roast duck looks yummy, any sour plum sauce to go with it? Does the chips really go well with it? lol.

Oh! and don't forget my souvenir once u get the tickets, hehe.

Peb said...

WOW! I think yr roast duck looks really good. Share share the recipe?
Great idea on Mister potato and crispy roast duck!!

Queer Ranter said...

Holy crap!

Must zoom until so close for the duck meh?!


I want in~~~

KAY said...

Looks like pringles..ehehe

sc said...

when's the next session? though am very busy this month and next month, will try my best to squeeze in mr potato and royal duck feast! :)

CUMI & CIKI said...

really cute shots! I love it :)

ling239 said...

wat is ur target ?
still plenty of time hor ? :p

Tummythoz said...

Aiyo liddat must frequently check FB-lor. Oso can claim portrait with SpiderPea-ar?

Tummythoz said...

Please don't 'piak' me (unless it's with the roast duck) but I pinched a most interesting photo from your blog for my latest post.

It's ok, ok?

ekeng said...

Tasty..Certified by Me..hehehe...U really enjoy the Roast Duck Flavoured Chips..haha :)

ps: If you win the this contest, please help me to buy a MUFC soccer ball which sign by C.Ronaldo. Thanks !

~Christine~Leng said...

I enjoy the roast duck and chips!! :) thx 2 u :)


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