Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Weekend Wokking: POTATO SAMBAL

I'm submitting this recipe to Weekend Wokking, a world-wide food blogging event created by Wandering Chopsticks celebrating the multiple ways we can cook one ingredient. Recipes may be anything you wish, as long as there is some form of the secret ingredient in it. I missed the first round hosted by Wandering Chopsticks featuring asparagus as the secret ingredient. There is no way I am going to miss this round as the secret ingredient is my all-time favourite; POTATO!

The first dish that popped into my head when I saw the secret ingredient was my all-time favourite Potato Sambal, a fiery hot and aromatic dish that goes really well with white rice. I first tried this dish in an Indonesian restaurant in Melbourne back in the late 90s and I was hooked since then. I managed to recreate this dish at home, although not as good but definitely very palatable.

Here goes my recipe for Potato Sambal (serves 4)

A copy
4 - 5 pieces of large potatoes -cut into small cubes.
1 big onion -sliced
2 tbs pounded chilli paste
2 cloves garlic - mashed/chopped finely
1 tsp tamarind juice/lime juice
1/2 bowl of ikan bilis or anchovies - lighly fried with oil till golden brown
Belacan or dried shrimp paste - about 1 inch in length
4 cups of oil - for deep fried
Salt and sugar - fish sauce preferred if available

Firstly, deep fried the potato cubes. Do stir occasionnally to avoid the cubes from sticking together as well as to ensure the potato browns evenly. Once it turn golden brown, scoop it up and drain.

Sauteed the garlic using 2 tbs of oil. Once it turned golden brown, add the pounded chilli paste, sliced onion, belacan, tamarind juice and about 3 tbsp of water. Season with salt and sugar according to your taste. Finally, put in the potato and anchovies and give it a good toss to ensure the sambal paste coats the potato cubes evenly.

The end product:
A very yummy plate of fiery hot and aromatic potato sambal. Do try it out!

The host this month is White on Rice Couple. If you would like to participate or to see the secret ingredient, check who's hosting next month.


Wandering Chopsticks said...

Awesome! This looks so good, spicy and savory all at once. Totally a great way to jazz up potatoes.

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

weekend on tuesday? so nice rite, extended weekend..

the potatoes looks like match made in heaven with white rice haha..

Precious Pea said...

wandering chopsticks: This dish is quite addictive. Do try yah?

NJoe: I always love long weekend..who doesn't hor? And yes, the potatoes and white rice are heavenly good together.

Kenny Mah // Life for Beginners said...

Oh... I'm gonna try this soon... I've forgotten how yummy simple comfort food can be. :)

Live2Talk said...

Thanks for offering the other day, not spicy and I like it. Will definitely try it one of this days. Potato is also my all time favorite inclu. the famous Ms Potato ;P

ling239 said...

why everytime u cook something it seems so easy....envy ~

Kavi said...

i have tried something similar to this...yummy and this looks delicious too..potato i my favourite too...

Precious Pea said...

kenny: Do try! It's so easy to make.

live2talk: If I remember correctly, you did try making this at home right? Did you?

ling239: Hehe...eh..this dish is really easy to cook and not much ingredients needed.

kavi: Yumz..i like the Indian style too..i still remember the potato dish served during your engagement dinner.

Live2Talk said...

PP: Oh ya I did :P totally forgot about this. Got the recipe from you also long long time ago.

jason said...

I lurve potatoes too! But I always associate potato with curry, never thought of this. Thanks for sharing!

tigerfish said...

Never tried potato sambal. Looks very good. You bring simple potatoes to great heights!

daphne said...

I'm going to file this recipe away! I need the heat in this cold!

Peb said...

Looks like a tasty recipe. I love spicy food so I would definitely try. I have an easy and interesting potato recipe too. Hmmm, maybe I will submit too :)

Simon Seow said...

At first I thought you're going to use Mister Potato. :p

Nic (KHKL) said...

very appetising dish there! sweet, sour, spicy...fantastic! oh, goes well with white rice as well! yummy! ;)

Precious Pea said...

live2talk: Hehe...so it's time to dig out the recipe and warm up your kitchen *hint hint*

jason: Potatoes in curry is my fav too! Usually i attach the potato more than the chicken.

tigerfish: Really nice dish, do try it out.

daphne: Oh ya hor...winter oledi. Yes, extra carbo to keep you warm and comfy :)

peb: Cool! Can't want to see your entry. By the way, closing day is this weekend so be quick ok?

simon: Hahaha...such a coincident right? Aiyah..i should have sprinkle some crushed Mister Potato on top.

nic: Yep yep! Very nice. If got chance, next time i will cook this dish for you guys.

sc said...

this looks so scrumptious!! wished for a bite!

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

You're a great cook. Everything you touch looks delicious!

Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

whoaa, look who's cooking! 1 order, with rice pls!

mimid3vils said...

wow, it could be better if eat with nasi lemak (coconut milk rice)

Precious Pea said...

sc: Don't wish..fast fast go cook it. Very simple.

luscious sista: Aiyoo...no la no la...am still learning and long way to go.

terri: Hehehe...white, semi-polished or polished?

mimid3vils: Oh yes! Extra sinful. Some Malay stalls do have this dish, usually it's sliced which I find a bit too dry. I saw some cook with tempe.

Big Boys Oven said...

wow this is so awesome, delicious and spicy hot potatoes!

White On Rice Couple said...

OMG! This is right up my alley! I love it! All the fire, heat, flavor, aroma and spices are my favorite!
I will definitely try this at home, you've got me hooked and excited to try it now!

nikkipolani said...

This looks fantastic! Thanks for the step-by-step photos, too :-)

Precious Pea said...

bbo: This dish is very appetising, do try it out.

whiteonricecouple: Cool! Try and let me know if you love it.

nikkipolani: Thank you :)

Lisa (Show Me Vegan) said...

Mmm...fiery potatoes sound perfect! Thanks for the recipe.

Stephanie said...

i think i saw abit of belacan in ur ingredient picture but not in your list?

Precious Pea said...

lisa: Hope you like it.

stephanie: Oppsss!! Thanks for pointing that out.


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