Tuesday, July 22, 2008


At a lovely dinner feast hosted by FatBoyBakes more than a year ago, I was particularly drawn to his roast duck pasta. A perfect combination I must say as the aroma of the duck, which I strongly believes contributed by the fats on the skin, imparts a wonderful aroma and taste to the otherwise bland tasting pasta. Since then, I have recreated this pasta dish in my very own kitchen.

Before I go on with the list of ingredients, I just wanna share on some of the tips I discovered when I cooked this dish.
I have tried using prawns as I could not find any roast duck on that particular day, and it didn't turn out as tasty. So I guess it was the duck fats the main contributory factor after all. You don't have to hunt for the best roast duck in town. I got mine from the SS2 wet market and if possible, get the seller to remove the bones for you. Do request for a small packet of the roast duck gravy too.

For the veggies, I opted for something colourful and rich in flavour, hence I used yellow and red capsicums. For some crunch, a few stalks of asparagus and for softness, I added in one small packet of oyster mushrooms. Of course, you may substitute any of the above with carrots, peas, onions, etc...

I have tried both the Angel Hair Pasta and Vermicelli Pasta for this dish but found out that the former is too fine and didn't really taste as good as the latter which has more chew to it. Well, of course this is my personal view and you may use whatever form of pasta you wish.

Ok, I talked too much, here is the list of the ingredients (serves 4):

1/2 packet Vermicelli Pasta (cook according to instruction on the packet and drain well)
1/2 roast duck (sliced or shredded)
1 yellow capsicum
(cut into small cubes)
1 red capsicum (cut into small cubes)
7 - 8 stalks of asparagus (cut into small cubes)
1 small packet oyster mushroom (cut into small pieces)
6 pips garlic (chopped finely)

4 tablespoon olive oil
Salt and sugar to taste
1/2 cup roast duck gravy (optional)
Fish sauce (optional)

Step 1:
Heat up your wok or pan or whatever you are using with olive oil and sauteed the garlic and oyster mushroom to remove the 'woody' fungi smell.

Step 2:
Before your garlic turns brown, put the rest of the ingredients into the pan and give it a good toss for about a minute.

Step 3:
For seasoning, try not to put in too much salt at this stage especially if you are using the roast duck gravy. You can always adjust the taste after this step.

Step 4:
Lastly, put in the pasta and give it a good toss for about 2 minutes. Check at this stage if more seasoning is needed. If you wish to add in more salt, do so by diluting it with water. Alternatively, use fish sauce or soy sauce.

Dish it up and now it is ready to be savoured. So colourful, no garnishing required.

Mmm....Bon Appetit!!!


expired foodie said...


When are u cooking it again, sis ;p

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

Very pretty pasta, and I'm sure it tastes good too. You're very attached to your fish sauce, aren't ya? I should learn to use it more in my cooking too.

wmw said...

Va va voom...looks good! When??? LOL!!!

Ms. _______ 2 be ! said...

Meaty and yummie!
Where is my fork?...hahaha

CUMI & CIKI said...

its so colorful! kids would love this dish!

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

it does look lovely to eat!..so all fbb had to do was to take the roast duck gravy?

Precious Pea said...

expired foodie: I just cooked it 2 weeks ago ;)

wmw: Will let you know. :)

ms2be: No fork can use chopstick too! Hehe.

cumi & ciki: Hmm..i have not tested this with children but you are right..so colourful, who could resist?

NJoe: I am not too sure if FBB put in the gravy like I did.

MochaSourcream said...

Your beloved must be lucky to have u... all those nice food... mmmm... hungry de...

Life for Beginners | Kenny Mah said...

OH that looks so good! Darnit, how do you just whip up fantastic dishes like this? You going Down Under to be a master chef, dear? ;)

babe_kl said...

thanks for another way to deal wid roast duck ;-)

ling239 said...

so colorful !!!
must be tasty too...^_^

fatboybakes said...

no, i didnt use the roast duck gravy. good that you experimented with angel hair, but i coulda told you from the onset, it doesnt work. esp not for large quantities. hmm, i haven't made this is ages. actually your recipe is quite different from mine oridi.

Precious Pea said...

mochasourcream: You know what? That is what I always say to my Hubby!! Hahaha!

kenny mah: Who knows? Maybe I can establish a career there..oo..maybe my own cooking show? LOL! Seriously, this is very easy to make and really delicious, well, if you like duck.

babe_kl: Great way to deal with leftover ducks too!

ling239: Very tasty. Do try especially when you have guests coming over.

fbb: I played around with the ingredients as i know you told me before you used chili and parsley. Yeah, Angel Hair definitely no no and i have been sticking to vermicelli ever since! Big thank you to you for introducing this wonderful pasta to me :)

jason said...

Eh... I want too! I can help as well :p

Live2Talk said...

This is what we had @ your place rite? Absolutely DELICIOUS babe. I think I might try this someday when I'm in the mood for pasta :P

Paprika said...

Er, my fellow bbq sauce mate, got any leftovers?

emily.t said...

Y must u make me salivate now when its 3.30pm on a gloomy Tuesday and I'm stuck in the office feeling cold, bored and hungry? You are EVIL! hahaha....but thanks anyway for the recipe, my bf is a pasta freak and i bet he'll kiss you for this! OOps...Hahaha...

christine said...

yummylicious..i love roast duck and pasta..great!!

Lianne said...

wahhh Guten Appetit! This is such an easy dish to prepare, and cost only fraction of the price when you eat out! I will try them soon!

mimid3vils said...

Thanks for inspired me with cooking pasta without using any tomato paste or cream sauce... Oriental style~ I like my mom will like it :)

Precious Pea said...

jason: Hehehe..the next time you visit me, i will make this pasta for you.

live2talk: Yes, this is the pasta you had. Not too bad hor? I like this more than those with tomato or white sauce. Not so heavy too.

paprika: Errr..too good, no leftover. Hehe..anyway, i will cook fresh for you as i don't serve leftover :)

emily: Ahem..hehehe..sorry sorry, my fault. To make up for it, next post i will blog on something lousy ok??

christine: Great combo..do try!

lianne: Not only that, those served outside very stingy with the ingredients. Actually 1/2 duck is too much for 1/2 packet of noodle. But i like my pasta overloaded with 'liu'. Hehe.

mimid3vils: OOo..so you gonna make this for your mom soon? Let me know how it goes ok?

Peb said...

Looks so good. I miss roast duck, I have not eaten roast duck for 6 mths since I have been in dallas. Will hunt for some this weekend.

UnkaLeong said...

Wah...can cook replace with any type of noodle leh, i think rice would work too :)

Nic (KHKL) said...

somehow, duck always complement pasta well, hor? something that chicken is not able to do.

your pasta looks yummy! the last time i tried to make a pasta salad, i used the angel hair type...became so soggy..hehe

daphne said...

THat looks great! i might use that idea some day if u dont mind? =)

hmmm.. wonder if siew yoke or char siew do the trick too?

Fusion to the finest. =)

Precious Pea said...

peb: Hope you can find some roast duck to satisfy your craving soon.

unkaleong: Roast Duck Fried Rice?? Why not??

nic: I agree with you, duck has got its own distinct taste! I think i will never use Angel Hair. Too fine for my liking.

daphne: Char siu should be good...sweetish and savoury!

tigerfish said...

I've made similar but yours definitely looks much better! I added tow gay in mine previously.
But the best part is - the pasta and bean sprouts should absorb all the duckie flavor!

Wandering Chopsticks said...

Ingenious. Love the sound of roast duck pasta. Slurpilicous.

Precious Pea said...

tigerfish: I would love to try with bean sprouts too! Yumz!

wandering chopsticks: Quackilicious!

Big Boys Oven said...

haahahahha I must check if San Remo got anymore those pasta pot! lol!


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