Monday, August 11, 2008

Romantic Sunset Dinner @ Jimbaran

Our full-day Bali tour finally came to an end, a memorable ending to our trip. We specially requested to have dinner at Jimbaran as it is a highly recommended dining place in all tourist guides. According to Wikipedia, Jimbaran is a fishing village and tourist resort and the beach is cluttered with seafood restaurants. For your information, one of the restaurants here was bombed during the 2005 Bali bombing.

Best time to arrive is before sunset, and do be early to have the best seat! All the restaurants here serve the same thing: Seafood! But according to my friend, the food is nothing spectacular but the dining experience and superb view are.

We arrived just in time, about 20 mins before sunset.

Since our driver stopped us at AMC (Artha Mulia Cafe), we didn't have the chance to explore other restaurants as we were ushered straight away to our table together with our citrusy welcoming drink. We were lucky to get the first table, hence no one was blocking our view in front. While I was busy taking photos, Hubby was busy studying the menu. The price of seafood here is not exactly cheap and you have the option of either choosing your seafood from the fish tank which is priced according to weight, or you can avoid cracking your head by ordering the seafood set starting from the price of 700,000 Rupiah or RM210 onwards. We find the price of the seafood set simply too unreasonable so we went to choose our live seafood from the tank instead.

Can you spot the plane? Jimbaran is located at the south of the airport, hence we have full view of plane landing and taking off throughout our dinner. We spotted something else, of course!

While waiting for our food to arrive, Hubby suggested that we get something to munch. Well, I knew he was hungry since we didn't have much for lunch. (Remember the lousy babi guling and nasi goreng that we didn't finish off?). And so, we had one BBQ Sweet Corn to share.

A choice of either Butter or Spicy sauce brushed onto our sweetcorn. We didn't want to be too adventurous so we stick to butter. I wonder if we were really hungry at that time, it was one of the best corn ever!

My supposed-to-be-young coconut drink (18,000 Rupiah ~ RM5.40) was a big disappointent. The outer layer is turning to pale green-light yellow. Not sweet, bad bad bad!

Complimentary chicken soup was served together with boiled potatoes. The soup was surprisingly tasty. We found some tuna pieces in the soup too.

Stir-fry Kangkung (water spinach) with spicy sauce was also complimentary.

Three different types of dipping sauce were served. Spicy sambal pasta, chili and onion salsa and kicap manis with cili padi (sweet soy sauce with birds' eye chili). The kicap manis was really good and it goes so well with the roast chicken we ordered. It was so tasty that I could simply have this with white rice alone. While asking for my second helping, I asked the waiter how the sauce was made. It's so simple, just sweet soy sauce with chilies! I bought two bottles of kicap manis home and I am going to recreate this to serve with fried fish soon.

After the lunch disaster, I didn't really give much hope for the food here. When our first dish arrived, it looked promising. Half BBQ chicken (75,000 Rupiah ~ RM22.50) was grilled with chili paste. The burnt bits was so aromatic and the chicken was wonderfully grilled to perfection. Like I mentioned earlier, the chicken went REALLY REALLY well with the kicap manis sauce. Big thumbs up!

We each had a Grilled King Prawn (220,000 Rupiah ~ RM66.00) and again, it was grilled to perfection. The prawn was juicy and bounchy. And again, it was smothered with the cili paste before grilled. It wasn't overly spicy, just enough to bring the flavour out from the prawns! YUMMY!!

The waitress recommended for our 800 gram of squid (92,000 Rupiah ~ RM27.60) to be deep-fried but I insisted to have it grilled instead. I concluded by now that the chef is really good in controling the fire. Again, it was grilled to perfection! With a squeeze of lime over it, PERFECT!

And of course, how could we not order my favourite crustacean friend; Mr Crab! We only ordered one small crab about 400 gram to share (145,000 ~ RM43.50) since we we want more variety of seafood and am glad that they do now impose minimum order for crab like in KL. The crab meat was firm and sweet, a sign that the crab was indeed very fresh. 14

Our dishes were served before sunset, just in time for me to have a bit of natural light to take some photos of my food. While piggin out on our food and enjoying the cool breeze and sound of the waves, this is the view right in front of us.

When it started to get dark, the candle on our table was lighted up. Romantic candlelight on the beach with tasty fresh seafood. Ahhh..that's life!

The price of our dinner came up to 482,000 Rupiah or approximately RM144 / USD 43.30. With the view alone, it was already well worth the price, but with the unexpected good food, it was a big big JACKPOT! This is definately a moment in Bali that will be the most cherished!

Next post: Hubby arranged for a SPECIAL tour...don't waste time guessing cos you would never guess it. Stay tuned to find out!


SuperWeightKoalabear said...

kicap manis ABC or better still, Kecap Bango... out of this world! just drizzle some on eggs fried bull's eyed and hot steaming rice... now i am hungry...

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

144rm..ok la..quite a steal for that kinda ambience and view!

Life for Beginners | Kenny Mah said...

Wah, your Hubby really romantic lah... baru habis romantik makan, dah plan a special surprise tour some more. Syiok lah you! :D

sc said...

oh, you should have tried the corn with spicy sauce, very yummy! alas, my other makans in jimbaran was not as good as yours :(. aiyo, we cant play the guessing where you went game? :(

YilingL said...

the BBQ seafood do look mouth watering esp the tiger prawns!

worldwindows said...

The price is inclusive of 20+ % commission for the guide.

wmw said...

So romantic! You got feed him and he feed you or not? Hehehe...

barbie said...

Lemme guess, a spa at nusa dua or some exotic location?? No? Hmmm, a visit to the volcano? Hehe... Lucky u, the last time I was in Bali it was just a week after the bombing, so all the Jimbaran restaurants were closed. :( We only drove past.

tigerfish said...

Look at the range of dipping sauce. You are really enjoying yourself hor...:p

CUMI & CIKI said...

awwww.. so sweet, how romantic!
We love food off the beaten, in bali.. but this plc, to us, seemed more like a rip off.. but RM144... hmmm.. not bad la.. u r lucky it wasn't higher!

vialentino said...

yeah....u remind of jimbaran in my previous bali trip....really nice place for a seafood dining...

Precious Pea said...

SuperWeightKoalaBear: Ooo..sounds good. I will try that one day when I opt for something simple. Thanks!

NJoe: True. I find it very reasonable too. In fact, i thought this meal would at least costs us above RM200.

Kenny: Hehe...he wanna make this trip a memorable one but you post you will know.

sc: Aiyerr..really ar? Never mind, next time i will go again to try the spicy sauce. Hehe..well, i don't want to waste your time as I am very very sure, no one could guess it lor.

YilingL: Unexpectedly good! Those are King Prawns or Udang Galah.

worldwindows: Hahaha..we knew the driver sure get some commission. Well, at least he brought us to a nice restaurant.

wmw: la..i too busy eating, no time to feed feed each other. :)

barbie: No, No and No. Hehe...don't think anyone could ever guess it. Next time you should go and dine there. Very nice and relaxing place to dine.

tigerfish: the max!

cumi & ciki: True true...was told food here pricey and not good, but it turned out the exact opposite.

vialentino: 100% agree with you!

Jackson said...

im glad u go to Jimbaran. i miss the food there. too bad i miss out the griled chicken

Henry Yeo said...

good decision to choose your own dishes instead of the set menu, pity about the coconut. You should pay your compliments personally to the chef next time.

for some teochew bkt, try this place:

mimid3vils said...

I went Jimbaran for my dinner when my last visit to Bali, seem like a must-go place for dinner @ Bali huh~~

The chickens look so flavorful with those chili & spices on it :)

Big Boys Oven said...

so romantic so lovely ao envy you lar! lol!

babe_kl said...

the guide or cab drivers wont give u time to choose the restaurants or even shops cos they will take u to their relative's place. the island is kinda small so someone is sure to be related to someone.

btw, did u bargain for the seafood during weighing? we did and they were rather generous, best part the food was good too.

lemme guess, yr special trip was to watch dolphins? :p

Nic (KHKL) said...

did a band come to your table and sing? kinda romantic ;D

yeah, i think the seafood here is pretty expensive. but the ambiance is pretty good ;D

Live2Talk said...

did you have wine with the food? should be very romantic ;P

ling239 said...

the young coconut look so sad...
luckily the chicken and king prawn are good !! ^_^

PureGlutton said...

The Balinese have a special way with dips and sambals - all very nice! And they're good at grilling too. Nice sunset meal :)

Precious Pea said...

jackson: Thanks for the recommendation!

henry: We got a shock with the price of the set menu, some are above RM300+ and i thought set meal is supposed to be value for money? Anyway, it was still a great dinner.

mimid3vils: Yes, one of the must-visit place. But it was such a nice place so money well spent. Chicken was really flavourful!

bbo: So, Bali or Macau?

Babe: Huh? Can bargain??? I didn't know that! But to avoid from being cheated, we were there to make sure correct weight being put onto the bill. Hehe...nah...not dolphin. But close, quite close.

nic: The band didn't come to us as they probably knew they can't squeeze much tips out from us. HAHAHA! Guess who are their targets?

live2talk: Dare not order wine...pricey! Furthermore, two of us drink only, not syiok.

ling239: Sad right? How can that be called young coconut?The should have served me that after sunset, at least i won't notice how yellow it was.

pureglutton: Agree. Their dips rocks! Just dips and rice alone am happy. I tried using the kicap manis i bought home....very tasty with fried eggs! So good, i brought it for lunch today! HAHA!

fatboybakes said...

the pantai jimbaran restaurant at 4 seasons is quite romantic too. and at RM140 per head...i think you might be able to even eat there.

ooooh, you like ghosts right? (as per nipple's blog). tomorrow is 14 oridi hor. ...[twilight zone music]

daphne said...

wah..sunset and dinner-ROMANTIC! sweet couple time =)

The way u described the food make me drool..and i heart grilled corn! esp with sinful deadly butter!

All the seafood looks beautifully grilled. Nice meal to end the day!

J2Kfm said...

indeed a tad pricey, but the ambience is priceless. love the shot of the sunset, gently carried away by the sea breeze, and savouring those BIG yummy king prawns.

u made me really, REALLY wanna go Bali !!!

Precious Pea said...

fbb: You tried before at 4 season? Well, i guess can consider at my next trip to Bali. Ahem, do you have to remind of tomorrow?

daphne: Yes, it is a perfect place for those on honeymoon. I bet you will love it here too.

j2kfm: At the rate you are travelling, hehe, won't be a surprise if you landed in Bali anytime soon. ;)

fatboybakes said...

ya, been to four seasons to eat a couple of times, at PJs. nothing to shout about, but ambience nice la. you're welcome for the reminder. i hear they're burning paper condominiums even these days...

white on rice couple said...

Everytime I come here, I my stomach starts to growl!
The seafood is just amazing. The corn is just HUGE and wow, the butters. Then the king prawn...OMG, then the squid and so forth. $43 for all that is just fantastic too, plus the view! But I bet the $43 is huge money to the locals there.


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