Thursday, September 18, 2008


When one mention Gold Coast, the three famous theme world will come to my mind; Sea World, Dream World and Movie World. Before our trip, Hubby and I already discussed and agreed that we should choose at least two worlds to fit into our itinerary. Being an animal lover, Sea World naturally became my first choice. 1

The admission price, gulp, was slightly pricey. A day pass costs AUD69 (~RM207) for adults and AUD45 (~RM135) for kids between 3 - 13 years old. Additional activities such as helicopter ride, tropical reef snorkeling, shark scuba, whale watching cruise and getting up-close-and-personal with dolphin requires additional charges.

My nephew was excited the moment he saw the filming site for
Toasted, an Australian children program filmed entirely in Seaworld. Apparently, it's a hit! Immediately my nephew posed for me and ended up lying on the toasted bread logo and exclaimed loudly "I AM A SLICE OF CHEESE!!!!!"

There are a number of scheduled shows too such as Waterski Wipeout.....

Sea lion show with the theme "Fish Detectives".....

and dolphin show at Dolphin Cove.

Getting into the water to be up-close with dolphins is my dream. Hubby insisted that I should give it a go, but when we were told that we have to part with AUD225 (~RM675) per person for only 20 minutes spent in the water with dolphins, forget it. I am most contented to watch it from afar with the AUD225 save and sound in my pocket. I vowed to work here one day, that way, I can get paid to fulfill my dream! Hehehe!

Apart from the shows, I enjoyed visiting the marine attractions too. First stop: Polar Bear!

Sadly, it was napping time for them. Otherwise, it would be cool to watch them swim through the underwater viewing windows. Always next time, right Hubby?? *wink wink*

This is my Hubby's favourite zone, Shark Bay. I have never mention in my blog before, my hubby is actually very fascinated with sharks and crocodiles. While my dream is to swim with dolphins, Hubby's dream is to swim with sharks! Hubby eagerly wanted to go for the shark scuba. Thank god the price is expensive, otherwise I would be freaking out while waiting for him.

Shark Bay comprises of three main areas including a touch pool, a snorkel & dive lagoon and a shark lagoon. At the touch pool, you can dip your hand in to touch the sea creatures such as star fish, sea cucumbers (yumyum) and I even spotted sea urchins (slurp slurp).

Time to show off my underwater-friendly camera. The moment I dip my camera into the water, a spiky puffer-fish lookalike swam towards me immediately. I quickly snapped a picture of it before it come any closer. I did a search and believes that it might be a porcupine fish. It looked like smiling at my camera, such a cutie isn't it?

The shark lagoon is the world's largest lagoon housing a variety of sharks and a range of exotic tropical fishes and stingrays. There are two levels for your viewing pleasure; above water and underwater.

Hubby excitedly pointed out to us the species of each and every sharks that swam pass us. Black tip, Hammerhead, whale shark, nurse shark and etc. I still don't like them. They have such brutal eyes and nasty look. The must be looking at us and wish we are their buffet spread! Anyway, in the photos below, can you spot the two divers?

I didn't know Dugong is known as Sea Pigs. They are so adorable and playful with a friendly smiling face. They simply adore spinning and turning upside down in front of us. Show off! Hehehe!

I have seen hundreds of Fairy Penguins at one time before, hence I was less fascinated with the Penguin Point. Fairy Penguin is the tiny species and I do hope I will have the chance to see Emperor Penguins one day, preferably one that could tap dance like Mumble in Happy Feet!

Who said marine animals can't fly? Pelican is categorized as sea bird and there are lots and lots of them here at the rehabilitation aviary. They are absolutely beautiful creature, I am beginning to develop an interest on them. More on pelicans in my coming posts!

Apart from animals, they do have other attractions such as 4D show, rides, water park, carousel, train rides and even Sesame Street Beach!

Since the water park was closed for maintenance, we spent some time at the Sesame Street Beach so that he could have some splashing fun! Do remember to bring extra clothing and towel if you intend to get wet.

After all the fun, it's time now for me to touch on food. From the cable car, I spotted the Dockside Tavern. I insisted of dining here although the menu offers limited choice and ahem, quite pricey too. Why?

Because this is exactly what you will see if you are seated at the balcony of the tavern, right next to the dolphin pond! There were at least 10 of them swimming and playing around. What could be better than this?

I went around surveying at each table for the most ordered dish. A popular choice is the Seafood Basket priced at AUD15.95. It came with deep fried battered calamaris, shrimps, seafood bites (crapstick - I mispelled it intentionally), fish and chips served in a tortilla baskets. Except for the battered fish, the rest tasted artificial. The calamaris and shrimps had the fake taste and texture, just exactly like crapstick. It was CRAP! By the way, if you foresee yourself eating lots of fish and chips throughout your trip or for those who simply cannot live without chili and ketchup, please go grab a bottle from the supermarket and bring it with you wherever you go. For a small tub of tomato sauce which is barely enough for one person per meal can easily cost you 70 cents (~RM2) onwards. I will tell you the most expensive tub of ketchup I bought in another post. By the way, chili sauce is not available at most places.

I made an excellent choice with the Vegetarian Nachos, a tortilla basket filled with corn chips covered with melted cheese and topped with salsa, sour cream and guacamole. The dollop of guacamole or avocado relish/dip was the reason for my order. Huge portion for AUD14.95. It was really tasty and flavourful.

All of us enjoyed Sea World very much. The staffs are friendly and they are really passionate of their job. The place is clean, tidy and systematic. I really hope one day, I will have a chance to be part of the Sea World family.

Coming up next: Peter's Fish & Chips!


ganache-ganache said...

I still remember some of the attractions, especially the water ski show, even though I went there many years ago ! I'll love to bring my girls there one day.

ling239 said...

a very cute slice of cheese u have there... hahahaaaaa

lil'Chomel said...

I always enjoyed your posts on adventures and holidays. Just love all the pics. Would love to visit Gold Coast on day... :)

myfoodsafari said...

Your photo of the dolphin in action came out so clear. What camera did u use to take those shots? The best thing to eat at all these theme parks is hot dog - reasonably price and can never go wrong. My guess is that you're migrating to Oz.

Precious Pea said...

ganache-ganache: Am sure your girls will love it there. My sis been to Sea World twice and she still pretty much enjoy it.

ling239: Hehehe...cute eh? This piece of cheese, i love to 'gigit'. He knows the meaning of gigit and I just love to gigit his cheek. Grrr..geramnya!!

lil'chomel: I am glad you enjoy reading as much as i enjoy posting it. Am sure your lil one will enjoy Gold Coast very much.

myfoodsafari: I don't recall seeing any hot dogs in the menu, cos if they do have surely my Hubby would have order it. I am using Olympus 850SW which is waterproof and shockproof. I like underwater shots. And it works perfect when i zoom as you can see from the dolphin photos.

cookies_cream said...

I think I will go to Sea World too! I wanna dance with dolphins in the water...but the $$$ is gilerrr!

I love to watch sharks too..haha. And your puffy little fishy pic is soo adorable!

Let me know when you can find penguins that can do tap dance~ =P

I wanna go now already!!!

sc said...

gosh, reading your post makes me miss aust all over again..miss the fresh fruits and veg! oh, seaworld's my fave, I went there twice (within a week)..haha

daphne said...

ooo. hehe. we are heading to Gold Coast in Nov so reading that make me anticipate the trip even more! =)

s.y.i.n said...

nice entry! gold coast is one of the MUST go places in my list. have heard so much about it but yet to step there... shall refer to your post when my dream come true one day :)

Precious Pea said...

cookies_cream: Hehe..i know how excited you are now. I would highly recommend Sea World unless of course if you prefer rides, then DreamWorld and MovieWorld are better.

sc: Wah, you must really like Sea World huh? Sigh..i miss those strawberries.

daphne: Cool! I do have a few places to recommend. Wait for my post yah.

syin: Thank you. I hope your dream come true soon. :)

lingzie said...

oh! i love sea world!!
i visited the place 2 years back with my brother and we both decided to go swimming with dolphins. it was really expensive, AUD100 i think. but so worth it!!! we got to go into the water with the dolphins and look at them dive underwater and touch their smooth skin. :)

looking forward to more posts on gold coast!

myCoffee said...

I remember that out of the 3 theme parks you mentioned, Movie World and SeaWorld were my fave.
Ya, I also remember that sauces are usually not free in OZ. When I was schooling there, I always stocked up on those free chili sauce packets from McD in Malaysia and carry them with me wherever I went in in OZ. (haha) Cannot do without "cili sos" mah...

Lianne said...

I´d love to visit OZ and Australia one day! Thanks for sharing ... and errr, when you will be there permanently lah? hehe

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

i have to admit, i enjoyed seaworld compared to the others..ohh how i wish i was like the polar..lying dwn, taking naps and having suntans!

ai wei said...

christine bought me a cutie dophin soft toy from sea world!
i m so loving it!

i would love to visit here one day!

myfoodsafari said...

There are hotdogs stands and in quick eateries. Thanks for the model of camera. Where does your BIL buy waygu beef in Melbourne? Interested to try cook them. Thanks.
I've been to Sea World 3 times and there's always new things to see. The Gold Coast Eye( not quite sure of the name) is new. I was frighten when up there because it was raining.

Rita said...

Hi there

I love the photo with the seal....Now that's precious!!
I just submitted my entry for this month's WW, if for some reason you don't get it (my email sometimes does that),please let me know. Look forward to the round-up!

Precious Pea said...

lingzie: Envy envy! If it was AUD100 i will surely go for it too. But how come yours so cheap geh?

mycoffee: I think only we the Asians must have sauce to go with chips. I see they just eat it like that, so dry!

lianne: Visit Oz? Wait la, wait till i settle down first, ok? ;)

NJoe: Hahaha..don't think get can getting tan much.

aiwei: Oh yes, those soft toys so nice but pricey leh. Lucky you and so nice of Christine. Your dolphin toy got sound? They have one that the tail can move and got sound, recorded from the real dolphin.

myfoodsafari: My brother in law is a chef and so he got his wagyu through his supplier at a special rate.

rita: I have just checked my mailbox, nothing from you. Can you please kindly resend? Looking forward to your entry. :)

Nic (KHKL) said...

i always 'ta pau' food when i visit theme parks cos the food there is usually expensive...then, can save the money on souvenirs...i very cheapskate hor? hehehehehe....

jason said...

Can see the place is really neat and systematic from the pictures... the seal is a good one! The puffer must be thinking that your camera is food :P

mimid3vils said...

so much fun !!!!

J2Kfm said...

wah, now that Air Asia's flying there, it;s soo accessible!

will take note. thanks Pea for your HK/Macau posts n recommendations. =)

Simon Seow said...

I'll order for the dip too lol


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