Thursday, November 06, 2008

E SAN KITCHEN @ Taman Seputeh, KL

I am very excited as I will be flying off to Krabi tomorrow. It is my first visit to Krabi and recently I have been missing Thai food I had in Bangkok terribly, so I do hope Krabi would not disappoint me. I am already in my holiday mood, so guess what cuisine am going to post today? Thai of course! My friends aka my Makan Gang arranged for dinner at E San Kitchen two weeks back. Located along the Federal Highway at Taman Seputeh which is just right across the Highway from Mid Valley Megamall, one would not miss as there is only one short row of shophouses. However, getting into that road is complicating, at least for us who have never been there. Don't worry, map is attached below.

So where is E San (pronounced as Ee-Sahn)? E San is one of Thailand's poorest region, bordered by the Mekong River, it is sandwiched between Laos and Cambodia.
I didn't get a chance to glimpse through the menu as we were late (lost on the way) and so our friend took charge with the food ordering. I was told price is reasonable and the food is more of Laotian influenced.

To start off with our dinner, we warmed our tummy with Tom Yum Soup. Priced at RM35 for large portion, the soup came with pieces of squid, fish, prawn and oyster mushroom. Sadly, it was not spicy and sour enough for me, hence I don't feel the 'kick' out of it!

I totally fell in love with the Fried Egg Salad (RM8). I supposed the eggs are fried in really hot oil to form the crackling edges while the yolk remain slightly runny. It was then topped with tomatoes, onions, parsley and chilies which have been tossed with my all-time favourite fish sauce and lime. It was yummy and appetizing! I will replicate this dish at home soon, once I stock-up my fish sauce supply from Krabi.

I shall summarized the Guava Prawns Salad (RM8) as guava and boiled prawns tossed with commercial Thai sweet chilli sauce. *speechless*

Crispy Catfish with Mango salad (RM28.00) won my heart! The mango salad was tangy and full of fish sauce flavour. I am so in love with fish sauce. It complimented so well with the crispy catfish. Thumbs up!

I am not an 'otak-otak' (spiced fish paste) fan but I find their otak-otak (RM6) pretty acceptable to my tastebud. Using banana leaves to form a box shape, the otak-otak was mashed and filled into the leaves. As we digged in, we found some 'treasures' underneath....prawns and squids. It should go well with white rice, in which we didn't order any that day.

While the rest enjoyed the Crispy Fried Rice (RM22), I find it nothing to shout about. It was light orangey in colour, reminded me of Nasi Tomato but it lack in taste and certainly, no 'wok hei' - essence imparted from the wok. The only thing special is that they uses overcooked rice in this dish, hence the name 'crispy fried rice' but I find the portion of cooked soft rice more than crispy overcooked rice.

The Grilled Haruan or Snakehead fish (RM48) ala the Snowy Mountain Flying Fox
雪山飛狐 (Chinese famous wuxia story) style was good. Actually, the fish was covered with lots of salt, hence 'snowy', before being grilled. It was cooked to perfection! Sweet and juicy. I enjoyed eating it without dipping into any sauce to enjoy the maximum sweetness of the fish. However, they require 30 minutes to prepare this dish so do call up in advance if you are in a hurry.

Another fish dish we ordered was the Deep Fried Siakap or Barramundi with Lemongrass. Lots of deep fried shredded lemongrass were scattered all over the deep fried fish and drizzled with thick coconut based gravy. The fish was good and once again, it was cooked to perfection! Somehow I didn't like the gravy. It has got those pre-packed coconut cream flavour instead of fresh coconut milk taste.

Heard of Dry Green Curry Chicken (RM18)? I love green curry especially drowning my rice with the green curry gravy. For the first time, I had the dry version which is basically stir-fry chicken with green curry paste. Personally, I couldn't accept my green curry dry. The taste? Nothing to shout about.

Stir-fry Kangkung or Water Convolvulus (RM15)...well, I ran out of words to describe a plate of ordinary stir-fry NEXT please...

Next...dessert of course! The dessert menu is quite extensive and I was already eyeing on the Red Ruby (waterchestnut dessert) when I was told that it was not in season. I was warned beforehand not to order Cendol and Mango Sticky Rice so I opted for Sweet Tapioca Pearls (RM3). The Sweet Tapioca Pearls tasted like 'tong yuen' and I like the chewiness of it. It also came with slices of young coconut. Again, the coconut milk based dessert tasted like pre-packed coconut cream with funny artificial taste. I felt like drinking straight from those canned coconut cream. Fresh coconut milk seasonal in Malaysia??

Seems like all their desserts are served using the same coconut cream based with different fillings such as sago with slices of young coconut (RM3)....

...and bananas....if not mistaken, they have sweet potato and pumpkin too!

I am not impressed with their dessert and the rest seems to agree with me. The total bill for 7 adults came up to RM267, approximately RM38 per pax. I noticed next table ordered an interesting meat dish served in a young coconut, maybe that is worth a try next time.

E San Kitchen is located at:
No. 62-2 Jalan Bukit Raja
Taman Seputeh KL
Tel: 03-2272.1287/2273.1287
Closed on Sunday!
Location map:


Bangsar-bAbE said...

The Fried Egg Salad looks delish! Perfectly fried with lacy sides...yum yum... :D

Dry green curry? Don't think I can accept that...I love to drown my rice in gravy too.

sc said...

oh, i miss the catfish salad! so yummy.. but more expensive here i guess, i only paid RM5 a plate in BKK.. and yeah, the guava prawns looks uugggh. have a good trip to krabi and eat loads!

SimpleGirl said...

Happy holiday! Hope to see you post on Krabi soon! Enjoy the Thai food, Thai massage, Thai beach...etc...haha

Nic (KHKL) said...

I was told that krabi is a very nice place for couples. so, have a fun, romantic time there! :)

Tummythoz said...

I've never been to Krabi. Looking fwd to use your posts for reference.

Precious Pea said...

bangsar-babe: Oh yes...i can finish off one bowl of rice with just the fried egg salad. No thanks for the green curry!

sc: Agree. So cheap in Thailand and catfish salad much nicer than papaya salad too. Hope I can get the same in Krabi. Food should be the same i hope.

simplegirl: Thanks! I will sure indulge with all the delicacies and massage. :)

nic: Hehe..actually I am planning to do something un-romantic. Planning to go fishing! Yes yes..i turning into a fishing fanatic!

Precious Pea said...

tummythoz: Now am pressured! Hahaha...I will try to do my best in this assignment. ;)

BiologicalClockTicking said...

Waaaaaah! Going on another holiday... life is treatin' you good! Have a wonderful trip & safe return ya :)

Btw, my fav Thai place here is Rama V, locate just beside US Embassy. Their catfish, banana heart salad & pineapple fried rice is to die for! :)

Live2Talk said...

babe, i think you have eaten more fish this couple of months that the rest the previous years combined since you used to be a non-fish lover ^^

Precious Pea said...

biologicalclockticking: You mean our US Embassy in KL??? I have never tried banana heart before so am curious how it taste like. Thanks for the well wishes.

live2talk: noticed too huh? Well..maybe it's due to my new passion for fishing although I don't eat the fish I catch. Maybe age catching up so have to eat more fish than red meat?

BiologicalClockTicking said...

Yup, US Embassy at Jln Tun Razak. If you are coming from Ampang Park Complex, make a left turn immediately after the US Embassy. It's the 3rd bungalow on the right-side of the road. Very classy place, impeccable service by Thai waiters/waitresses so be prepared to pay ard RM150 per couple to feel reasonably full.

I usually start with mien kamp (Thai popia self-wrapped with otak leaves) and end up with red ruby too, really delicious! :)

barbie said...

Hehe, u forgot to mention the guava prawn salad also got a handful of cashew nuts! Gosh, if I didn't read ur post, would have thot everything is nice. Nice photos. Hv fun in Krabi!

Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

how inflation has dug in! isn't tt expensive?

yes, pls cook tt egg dish n tell us how it turned out.n have fun, play safe n play nice in krabi.

Hazza said...

why u didnt take me here? wow, my mouth watering just looking at this, and I have only just finished my lunch!

Precious Pea said...

biologicalclockticking: Ahhh..i think i heard about this place before but I wasn't sure the name. time you take some photos and blog about it ok?

barbie: Haha...oh yes, the cashews were the bonus. I find the food here pretty average, could it be the Laotian influence?

terri: Thanks! Looking forward to my trip tomorrow and all the Thai goodies..slurps! Yes, I expected the meal to be cheaper. Anyway...i agree that food prices gone up so much. I just had dinner with Hubby at Ah Yat and the bill came up to RM360 just for the two of us. Will post about the dinner when am back.

hazza: I didn't know you wanted Thai! Haha...otherwise, I would have brought you to some place better.

Sam's mistress said...

I'm totally with you, girl, spicy Thai ROCKS! Have fun on your trip! I hope the food doesn't disappoint you.

Bon Voyage!

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

thats alot alot of thai food!!..

have fun in krabi!!

noobcook said...

have a good trip! your post is making me crave thai food, hehe

CUMI & CIKI said...

a must try!! we are big fans of thai! that egg salad looks like it's going to be my fav as well.. i live huge yolk, crackling white edges.. haha

PureGlutton said...

Have not seen this restaurant along that road before! Will just remember what NOT to order if i ever visit it, hehe!
Have a great time in Krabi!

backstreetgluttons said...

that is certainly a Thai Feast !

Asia's 2nd best cuisine

Life for Beginners said...

I can't wait for the Krabi Chronicles from Ms. Pea. I'm saving all my drool for you, er, your food pics, I mean. :P

Cynthia said...

I have to visit your part of the world. The food is simply outstanding!

J2Kfm said...

wah ... why you get to travel everywhere so often one?!!
no need to work ah? =P

so many fish dishes! hahaha ... pity bout the strange fusion of guava n prawns though

worldwindows said...

Miss the Esan food! Used to eat from the roadside of BKK. The poor Esan-ers stream down to captial BKK to make a money often living in squatter colonies. Their food esp. grill internal parts of pigs and chicken are good. Som-Tam salad too. And lastly grill neck (the meat - fat and lean) from the pig. Execellent post, a feast!

jason said...

They screwed the Tom yam?? How can!

mimid3vils said...

give ur stomach a warm up before more Thai food to come? hehe ^.^


ling239 said...

the food looks rather healthy with lots of veggie...^_^

fatboybakes said...

the guava one, was that speechless good or speechless bad?
looked good though.

Anonymous said...

I was there on the last day of 2008, taste not bad but the owner not allowed me to take photos, how come you manage to do so??

Julian Si said...

Found this write-up of yours from yonks ago!

Strange coincidence that you were abt to head out to KRABI, and reviewed a Malaysian-Thai restaruant called E-san beforehand. That was actually the restaurant we tried to hunt-down in Krabi when we were there... we ended up eating in the next-door restaurant, which was rather good :-)

Wishing you well!!


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