Monday, November 17, 2008


On our 2nd day in Krabi, Hubby and I decided to join a day tour to Phi Phi Islands which are located right in between Phuket and Krabi. The tour costs around RM160 (varies between different operators) and it includes hotel shuttle service, English-speaking guide, a long list of interesting places, lunch, snorkelling gears, life jacket, national park entrance fee, insurance, drinks (unlimited iced cold coke and mineral water) and fruits on board.

They came to pick us up at 8 a.m. and we headed straight to the pier in Ao Nang, which is about 30 minutes away from the Krabi town. Weather was good too, cool and cloudy around mid 20 degree Celcius. In fact, I didn't perspire much and ended up bringing back all the facial tissues that I packed for this trip!

When I was told that we will be travelling on a speedboat, I was a bit worried having discovered that I am actually prone to seasick from my previous Bali fishing trip and the Gold Coast whale cruise. Luckily, the ride wasn't that bad or it could be cos I was sitting quietly at my own place when the boat was on the move.

There are many, many, many magnificient looking limestones scattered all over the clear turquoise blue ocean.

I lost count on the number of limestone hills we passed by, after awhile, the excitement dissipated. Nevertheless I still took quite a number of photos of each limestone hill I saw.

Viking Cave is inhabited by swallows, yes yes, that means bird nests! I was more captivated with the crystal clear ocean floor. I could see the reef and the little fishes swimming around it. Ahhh..if only I could jump in for a dip.

Beautiful, isn't it?

We made a stop at Maya Beach, the beach made famous by Leonardo Di Caprio during his filming of "The Beach". We were given 30 minutes to roam around the place.

Sadly, this place was hit by the 2004 tsunami but has now been restored and there is no sign of destruction. This signboard is a new addition to the beach.

Next stop was Phi Phi Leh for open sea snorkelling. Ah-Ha! Time to put my camera with underwater function to good use!

Hubby was 'finding nemo'......

The trip supposed to come with a stop at Monkey Beach but I guess we were rushing time for lunch so we just have a look of the beach from our boat. I didn't mind at all when I saw monkeys roaming around the beach! I am terrified of monkeys so I was glad we didn't have to stop. We then made a stop at Phi Phi Don Island for lunch.There are a number of hotels here. Initially Hubby wanted to book a night here. Not cheap! And ahem, this place was badly hit by the tsunami too and I wouldn't want to spend a night here. Thank goodness Hubby didn't manage to book a room there. My dear friends who know me well would know what I would bring along with me during trips for my hotel stay.

Lunch was buffet style. Pretty standard stuffs such as sweet sour fish, oyster sauce chicken, mixed veggie, fish nuggets, tomyum soup and spaghetti. It was slightly above my expectation cos I thought we would only be given a box of cold fried rice each, well, that was what they served when I went to Pulau Payar in Langkawi!

Right after lunch, we stopped at Hin Klang for another open sea snorkelling. I wonder why right after lunch, shouldn't we be given time to digest first?

Last stop, Bamboo Island for more snorkelling but this time, it was from the beach. I brought along bread which I bought the night before specially for fish feeding. There are lots of this small yellow fishes which I believe is called Sergeant Majorfish.

Taken underwater by Hubby during earlier snorkelling trip at the first stop. Notice that the water is so much cleaner and blue?

Another shot taken by Hubby.

Hubby lure the fishes over to me by throwing the bread in. Here fishy fishy!!

We spent quite some time hunting for fishes.

I think my bright shocking pink camera captured this beautiful Moon Wrasse attention. A few of them kept attacking me from all direction. They were even brave enough to come right in front of my camera to give it a kiss. And of course, I was excited yet screaming away each time they came close to me, so much so, Hubby can hear me gurgling away in the water.

I was exhausted after chasing over the fishes, time to chill and enjoy the beautiful sea. Ahhh....bliss!!!

If you want to join the same tour operators that I went with, jot down their contact details here:


Wandering Chopsticks said...

Haha. I like that last picture. Very clever. ;)

I'd like to see you screaming underwater. I can't swim. :( No fishies for me.

Borneo Falcon said...

Wow! They have an emergency evacuation route. Wonder how long it takes for the evacuation

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

good use for a camera with underwater functions hor..

love the last picture too, very useful..

Precious Pea said...

wandering chopsticks: Hubby said he could hear me screaming underwater from far with some gurgling sound.

borneo falcon: I wouldn't want to find out. Hehehe...but those signboards are pretty common, even at the beach. We spotted the same in Phuket too.

NJoe: I find my camera pretty handy when we go snorkeling. Actually, one of the reason of getting my current camera too. Hehe..I lazy to jot down the details so snap the tee instead.

SimpleGirl said...

Nice fishes photo taken by your hubby. Just curious, which camera you guys are using? The picture looks nice

worldwindows said...

That must be a very fast speedboat with 3 outboards!

J2Kfm said...

oh how deep can you get with your camera underwater? not bad lah!

jason said...

Oh, I think it's exciting when the fishes are heading towards you! But too bad I can't swim... need to practice first.

Live2Talk said...

did you unofficial name one of those little island you passed by as Pea Pea Island?

Precious Pea said...

simplegirl: I am using Olympus Stylus 850 SW, waterproof and shockproof.

worldwindows: It was like flying above water!

j2kfm: 3 ft if not mistaken. There are a few functions for underwater shots but I am clueless which to use. Lazy to read manual put on auto mode and start snapping away.

jason: Some of them quite violent. One of the yellow stripes fish bit me on my arms. Not pain but geli. No need to know how to swim. You will float with the life jacket on.

live2talk: Some spelt it Pee Pee island but the sound of it, it's already Pea Pea Island to me :)

Life for Beginners said...

I love that! Pea Pea Island! It's meant for you, my dear... LOL

CUMI & CIKI said...

great shots of phi phi! which reminds me.. better book that year end holiday NOW! lol

ai wei said...

bruuup bruuup! i saw colorful fish!!!

Precious Pea said...

kenny: I think Krabi too (sounded like crabby!)

cumi & ciki: Haha...AirAsia having promo again, am so tempted to go back to Krabi next year.

aiwei: I think the fish must be! FAT WHALES!

sc said...

hahaha, i have the same cold fried experience in langkawi too! *shudders* food in phi phi looks much better!

Cokeworld Citizen said...

cool camera you have there. I kinda regret that I missed Phi Phi Island last time. darn...

you should attract more fish la...then you would end up having FOC fish spa for your whole body! Hehe

btw good try on the snek serangga XD you could have opted to pos them to me LOL

Food Paradise said...

very nice scenary..... and nice photos. lol how long is the boat ride from Krabi?

Precious Pea said...

sc: We must have taken the same tour. Horrible hor? I remember the sad looking piece of cold fried chicken too.

cokeworld citizen: fish spa! But these fishes doesn't nibble and glad that they don't cos they have big big mouth! I didn't know you like serangga. Geli lah!!

food paradise: Errmm...i couldn't remember cos I actually fell asleep half way through the ride.

Cokeworld Citizen said...

Everyone said the serangga sedap wat. Including you :)The insects were fried and then cook in kicap if not mistaken. Big mouth fish...hehehe

Jessica said...

wow you travel alot hor. hubby and i plan to go bangkok next mth, and reading thru your old posts on bangkok, we decided to try out baiyoke boutique hotel, since you wrote that the prawns nearby there damn cheap and i LOVE prawns lol! must try all the stuff u ate!

Hazza said...

Lovely place! Why didnt you want to stay the night? What do u bring with you? Most hotels have a Gideon bible in the drawer.. that's all I would ever need ;)

Precious Pea said...

cokeworld citizen: Sedap, memang sedap but then it sure doesn't look good lor.

jessica: Hahaha...just becos of the prawns!?! Yes, I only found those prawns during my stay in Baiyoke but i hope it is not seasonal. Enjoy your stay and those prawns! OOo..hunt down that pork skewer man too! 20 sen per stick only...very tasty!

hazza: Errr, what if I am not a Christian? I cannot la...i tell you, when you are scare and could not sleep, your mind starts to be even more alert and the slightest sound will make me paranoid.

ling239 said...

the green fish with pink patterns is so cute!! ^_^

Nic (KHKL) said...

cool pics, precious pea!

especially the 2nd last pic! cooling down in seawater while watching the blue sky..bliss indeed!

daphne said...

hope that was a good break! The clear water + food looks so tempting!

Precious Pea said...

ling239: That's Moon Wrasse.

nic: Thanks Nic! Yes, such bliss especially when it wasn't sunny and weather was cooling.

daphne: I see that you are enjoying Gold Coast too!!

PureGlutton said... u travel with talisman (fu) eh? I have a friend who brings along her portable cassette player to play buddhist chants in the hotel room! Krabi definitely is worth a visit.

mimid3vils said...

Too bad I scare of go into the sea, can't enjoy fishes biting :P


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