Thursday, January 31, 2008


Waxed meat nowadays are available throughout the year, but during the Chinese New Year season, you can get even more choices especially those imported from China. While my mum used to prefer those from China, I find the local chinese sausage (lap cheong) has got more meat than fats as compared to those from China. However I do agree that the imported pork liver sausage (yun cheong) has got more aromatic wine smell.

The best way to eat waxed meat, of course, it to steam it and enjoy with white fluffy rice. You can either do it separately or dump the waxed meat in the rice cooker together with the rice. Initially I wanted to cook my rice using a claypot but I have no idea on how to control the fire and the amount of water. To play safe, I cheated a little. I cooked my rice using rice cooker and at the same time steamed the waxed meat separately. i.e. pork sausage (lap cheong), pork liver sausage (yun cheong), lap yuk (waxed pork belly) and smoked duck. Normally people opt for waxed duck (lap ngap) but I find it way too fat and hardly any meat to chew, so I decided to get smoked duck instead. Of course, it lacks the ommpphh (oil) as compared to using waxed duck.

Once the rice is cooked, transfer it into a claypot. Slice the waxed meat and arrange it nicely on top of the rice. There should be a bit of liquid from the waxed meat when you steam it, don't throw away, pour it all over the rice. For seasoning, you may add a dash of soya sauce but I find the waxed meat was salty enough for me. You can even garnish it with spring onions which sadly, I have none that day.

So, here you go, a nice pot of Claypot Waxed Meat Rice. But be warned, don't have this too often as it's really oily and high in fats! For me, I am pushing my luck a bit as I always suffer indigestion after having waxed meat and this meal was no exception. But that won't deter me from having it again....maybe next Chinese New Year!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Calling for all animal-lovers, oppss, it should be reptile-lovers!! 1Utama Shopping Centre is current having Reptile Exhibition from 5 December 2007 till 10 February 2008 at Ground Floor of the Rainforest area. Ticket is priced at RM10 for adults; RM5 for kids. It claimed to have over 110 species of rare and exotic reptiles. I always tend to associate reptiles with snakes, something that I am really fascinated yet would not ever want to bump into face to face without any barrier.

Since we have nothing in particular to shop in 1Utama, I suggested to Hubby to make a quick stop at the exhibition. At the counter, I spotted a few Macaws which I supposed are part of the exhibition. Macaws are reptiles? Anyway, I spent quite some time trying to get them to talk and the Macaws must be wondering what this mad woman repetitively saying 'Hello' in various tone. In the end, I gave up! Seriously, if they really want to attract crowd, they should have put a 'talking' Macaw there. Tsk tsk tsk...

I am not sure if I was lucky or unlucky that day as the moment I entered into the exhibition area, I witnessed a very horrible and shocking sight. It was feeding time!! Using its mouth, the hungry snake immediately caught the tiny helpless mouse. The gasping look from the mouse was quite disturbing but that didn't stop me from snapping a few pictures.

Another shot of shocking scene.

It took me a few minutes to calm myself before I explored the whole place to see what other species on display. Rather impressive as you can find a wide variety here, from deadly venomous to non-venomous, from viper to rattlesnake, from cobra to phyton, from boa to anaconda! Among all the snakes, I like the sidewinder the best. Can you see the little horn on the triangular head? Their home sweet home is in dessert and it moves gracefully in winding-S shape.
Snake 16

This huge Green Tea Python nicely coiled itself on a branch. Beautiful!

Snake soup anyone? This snake was cooling itself in his private 'bathtub'.

Hubby spotted this Anaconda and immediately asked me over to see it for myself. Knowing that I am a super fan of Anaconda movie, he knew I would be excited to see the real thing. Of course, this Anaconda here is nothing compared to those in the movie. In fact, those in the movie were rather fake cos with that kind of size and weight, they would not be able to move that fast!

No idea what this snake is called but he was showing me his sulky face.

Hubby's favourite, the King Cobra! So sad that it didn't flatten its upper ribs to form the signature hood.

A fierce looking snake getting ready to attack. Eeee....RUNN!!! Oppsss!! It should be FREEZE!!!

Boa Constrictor is similar to python where they coil around their prey and squeeze or constrict till it suffocates before savoring them. I remember seeing it for sale in a pet shop at Ikano.

Albino Burmese Python has got such a beautiful scale. No wonder snake skin products are so expensive. not a fan of snake skins and real animal fur!!!

I took lots more picture of snakes but decided not to post everything out in fear will scare people away from my blog! Hahaha! Enough of snakes for this post. There are also other reptiles on display such as tortoise & turtle, frogs but the most memorable fella we saw that day was this cute baby Caiman from the Alligator family. Don't you think he is cute????

What is your definition of 'UGLY'? Well.....check out my definition of UGLY by looking at this picture below:

This American Bull Frog looks as if it just swallow a whole Big Mac! Look at the body! This is what I call "Round and Fat"!

Totally unrelated to the theme of the exhibition is this FOXY boy here. It reminds me of the first dog i owned, Samuel the white Spitz!

Another Foxy friend who was snoozing away in his dreamland. Probably the flash from my camera as he kept using his paw to cover his eyes!

Quite an interesting exhibition and I gained a fair bit of knowledge about snakes. So if you happen to be at 1Utama from now till 10 February 2008, do pay my new found friends a visit...HISSSS!!!

Monday, January 28, 2008


Phew...another sigh of relief for Hubby and I as we finally moved into our new house yesterday. The moving process is not easy especially on deciding what to take and what to throw. Everything has got a little sentimental value to me, ended up, I packed all my stuffs and brought it over to the new house, only to be decided if it's to keep or to throw when I unpack my stuffs. Talking about unpacking, this is what I dreaded most as I really hates to unpack. Believe me, way before I was married, I actually left my luggage lying unpacked on the floor for weeks after a holiday.

Although busy, I decided to make a really nice breakfast for Hubby and Dad, our first breakfast in our new home this morning. American breakfast with the usual lots; a fantastic meal to starts off our day.

Oh yah! There are 2 new additions to the family....MeiHak (Tail Black) and MeiHong (Tail Red), my two new Goldfishes residing in my courtyard garden. They are quite camera shy as they always seems to be hiding underneath a stone whenever I approach. Will introduce them (if they still survive) once they are less camera shy.

Friday, January 25, 2008


I am really excited as I will be moving into my new house tomorrow. Part of my big project is to beautify the garden with lots of colourful flowers before proceeding with my veggie patch behind the house. But one thing to note is that I am not exactly a person with green thumb. Even a tough cactus plant died under my care!

During my trip to Bangkok recently, I managed to get quite a number of bulbs of different species home for my garden. I couldn't remember what those flowers are called but each bulbs are coded with sticker to indicate the colour of the flower.

IMGP3734 copy

On Monday night (21 January 2008), Hubby and I decided to plant three bulbs to see if we will yield any results before we plant all on the ground. Hubby took charge of the whole gardening process while I was snapping away. First he filled the pot with 1/3 of soil, put the bulb in, then put in another 1/3 of soil.
IMGP3755 copy

To avoid the soil from spilling out during the watering process, Hubby poured 1/3 of colourful stone to cover the soil.
IMGP3759 copy

Now, let's wait for a week to see if there are any results. *Fingers crossed*
IMGP3764 copy

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Taking opportunity of the day off today, Hubby and I went for medical check-up as requested by the Australian Immigration for our PR application. Yes, that is a good news for us after months of waiting, we finally asked to go for medical check-up for visa purposes. We went to one of the listed panel doctors in PJ State. Service was excellent as each application is followed through by an assistant from beginning till the end.

First stop, urine test. I cleared by bladder before leaving home so I stood there drowning myself cups after cups of water. It was rather a long journey for the water to travel down my bladder as I only felt like going to the toilet half an hour later. Perhaps I was dehydrated? Anyway, things proceeded well, even when they poked me with a syringe. Sob Sob Sob!

The final part was the Chest X-Ray. The medical assistant who took my X-ray was a very sweet girl who just couldn't stop smiling at me. After my X-Ray was taken, I changed back to my clothes and waited outside. About 10 minutes later, another medical assistant called for me and told me to go back to the X-Ray room again. Once I stepped in, she told me that the first X-ray shows some abnormalities and thus, the doctor requested for another X-ray to be taken sideway. My heart was pumping and I was almost bursting into tears. I asked her what is wrong? She told me the Doctor found 'something' and to double confirm, the Doctor needs another X-ray to be done. Since I know she won't know a single thing, I decided not to ask further. But my mind was turning round and round and round. What is the 'something'? A Growth? Cancer? TB? I AM TOO YOUNG TO DIE SO SOON!!

I was then asked to see the doctor in charge of my case. She did a few examination on me including pressing my back and abdominal area; asking me to voice out if there is any pain. Luckily, it was painless. I decided not to ask but to wait for her to reveal the bad news and she finally brought up what she found in the X-ray. She showed me and I was SHOCKED! (I was too shocked till I forgotten to ask if I could take a picture of it).

Our lungs are supposed to be symmetrical, both right and left. But I was told that left side of my lung is shorter by 1/3 from the right side. Where is the rest of 1/3 of my lungs? The Doctor explained that my case is rare, however there's nothing to worry about as I was born with it! She assured me that it won't pose any risk on my health! As the Australian Immigration pretty strict with the X-ray result, that is why she needs to take another copy to double confirm my case.

Now, I truly knows the meaning of SIGH OF RELIEF...PHEEEEWWW!!!!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


I was first introduced to Pun Choy or Big Bowl Feast when I watched a HK documentary on TV many years ago and is a long-standing tradition in new Territories, Hong Kong. Various types of ingredients are cooked separately before being arranged in a large metal washing bowl. I remembered clearly the host was explaining that ingredients such as pork skin, taro, beancurd sheets and radish must be put in the bottom so that all these could absorb all the flavours from the ingredients on top which usually consists of pork, chicken, duck, fish maw, prawns, abalone, etc. I remembered my mouth watered when I saw how juicy those slices of radish were.

For more information, I did a quick research and found some interesting historical background on Pun Choy’s origin and for easy reading, I extracted information from the following sites:

Extracted from wikipedia
It was said that Poon Choi was invented during the late Song Dynasty. When Mongol troops invaded Song China, the young Emperor fled to the area around Guangdong and Hong Kong. To serve the Emperor as well as his army, the locals collected all their best food available, cooked it, and put it in wooden washing basins. By doing so Poon Choi was invented.

Extracted from Slow Food in Hong Kong
The story goes that pun choi began as the food eaten by those who, because of social hierarchy, were not allowed to dine inside the main hall of the walled village. Delicacies were passed to them in the adjoining courtyard, each dish placed inside the same large bowl.

Nowadays, Pun Choy is often served during festivals, weddings or other special occasions in open area of villages in New Territories. Good news for those who are interested to try the real McCoy, there is a yearly huge pun choi feast being held in the Tang Ancestral Hall in Ping Shan. Ahem, for more details, you have to Google that yourself and please let me know if you can find any information on that cos I am KEEN to try!

In Kuala Lumpur, one of the best places to have Pun Choy is at LYJ Restaurant in Sg Buloh. Their Pun Choy feeds between 10 - 12 pax and it comes in either normal version (RM230) or deluxe version (RM480) in which the latter version comes with more luxurious ingredients such as two big abalones, half a suckling pig, scallops and sharks' fin omelet.

Our deluxe Pun Choy was served in a rather shallow stainless steel basin and it was heated up using a portable gas stove. The neat arrangement of the various ingredients was really a feast to behold. We can't see what is underneath the pot and the upper layer was filled with half portion of suckling pig, poached chicken and roasted duck, deep-fried stuffed Threadfin, 2 large abalones, broccolis and cauliflowers, 12 huge prawns, and a basket made of fried vermicelli filled with scallops and sharks' fin omelet. We were supposed to attack the top layer first, especially suckling pig and roasted duck in order to enjoy its crispiness. However, we were too eager to explore the hidden treasures, and hence, everything was tossed up like 'rojak'. I didn't quite mind though, because I was one of the 'digger' or was it 'mixer'? The inner layer consists of braised stuffs such as braised trotter, braised pork belly, shitake mushroom, abalone mushroom, shellfish, braised chicken feet, konyaku noodle and taufu-pok. Big thumbs up for their braised trotter as I enjoyed it very much. It was braised to perfection; meat was soft and tender while the pig's skin and tendons are still chewy with a slight bouncy texture. The Braised Pork Belly was quite good too with a slight hint of mixed spice powder. The gravy was flavourful and delicious, best to go with white rice!

Since the Pun Choy was overloaded with meat, stir-fry potato leaves and raw lettuces were given as side dish. I didn't try since I was busy with the Pun Choy but according to Boolicious, it was quite oily.

I was pretty satisfied with the Pun Choy although slightly disappointed as I was looking forward to savour some flavoured-infused radish. The Pun Choy gave me a sense of unity and togetherness through sharing the same pot, hence a perfect dish to have for the coming Chinese New Year. Definitely a memorable experience for me!

Booking a day in advance is necessary. Apart from dining-in, you can even opt to have your Pun Choy take-away to be reheated at home. I have tried their other dishes too such as their signature Claypot Grass Carp which is quite good! Check out my review here.

LYJ is located at:
PT 11, Jalan Perkhidmatan, Kg Baru, 47000 Sungai Buloh.
Tel: 03-6140 2698
Operating hours: 11.30am to 2.30pm, 6.00pm to 10.oo pm.
Closed on Monday nights and during CNY.

Still not clear how to get there? Here is the direction as borrowed from Lyrical Lemongrass:
"Finding this restaurant can be a nightmare if you’re not familiar with the Sungai Buloh area. If you’re driving along Jalan Batu Tiga Sungai Buloh (off Jalan Sungai Buloh), shortly after the army camp (on the right) is a right turning to Jalan Welfare. If you see Loong Kee Bak Kut Teh and a petrol station soon after that, you will know that you have gone beyond the turning. Once you are on Jalan Welfare, keep going even if you think you’ve arrived at another country. Jalan Perkhidmatan is on the left".

For more review on the Pun Choy, check this out:

Saturday, January 19, 2008

CHARCOAL FRIED NOODLES @ Sun Yen Restaurant, Sec 17

Ever since I discovered the Charcoal Hokkien noodle at Sun Yen Restaurant in Section 17, which I blogged about a couple of weeks ago, I made my way back twice to see what more they got to offer. I was told that there are only 3 types of noodle available here: Loh Mee, Cantonese-style and Hokkien style.

Our Loh Mee or fat yellow noodle in starchy broth is priced at RM4 per serving. Loh Mee is always served with black vinegar to give the broth a bit more of 'oomphh'. Sadly, I was disappointed with the Loh Mee that night as it tasted bland and salt-less. We have to keep adding soya sauce and vinegar to make it tastier. I am not sure if it usually tastes the same or just my luck but one thing for sure, Hubby gave a big no-no so I guess we will not order this ever again.
Loh Mee

I ordered the Cantonese-fry Kuey Teow and Meehoon (Yin Yong Kwong Foo Chau) on my second visit and that actually enticed me to make another visit 3 days later. This definitely got our votes. It was so aromatic and even before we tasted it, the aroma and 'wok hei' already filled the air. The flat rice noodles was tossed with oil and soya sauce while the meehoon was fried till crispy before starchy broth with slices of pork, pork liver and prawns poured onto the noodles. I just love the egg mixture half cooked oozing on the noodle. Priced at RM4 per serving, one can opt for Kuey Teow, Meehoon, Yee Mee or a combination of two types of noodle.

While I had the Hokkien Mee on my first visit, I decided to try Hokkien Meehoon Mee (RM4 per serving) this time. It came out a bit dry as the meehoon soaked up the gravy. Didn't quite enjoy this combination as I think it would be better if I order Mee with Kuey Teow. But I also have another reason why we don't find this Hokkien Meehoon Mee any big deal that night. That is because the Canto noodle served earlier outshone the Hokkien noodle.

Sun Yen Coffeeshop is located at:
947 Jalan 17/38 (Corner Shop, same row as 7-Eleven)
46400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


As mentioned in my earlier post, the reason I went to Bangkok for such a short trip 2 weekends ago was to visit Chatuchak to get some stuffs for my new house. I have been hunting around for some paintings and wood carvings in KL but sadly, most were all way off our budget.

We spent most of our time at the household section, believe me, it's HUGE!; doing lots of enquiring, bargaining and comparing of prices. Turned out that 'budget' was not THE issue anymore. However, how on earth are we going to carry all our stuffs home? The freight charges to send our stuffs back is shockingly high, hence making our purchase not that cheap anymore. But putting our worries aside, we still continue to buy buy buy!

We bought a Buddha wood carving which is really solid and heavy. Having no idea how we are going to bring it back, we walked and walked in search of a box which is big enough to fit the carving. In the end, our feet protested and we have no choice but to get some expensive bubble wrap from a poshy stationery place. While checking in at the airport, we found out that this carving plus a few smaller ones wrapped together weighted 16 kgs! e

I have been longing for a Buddha wood carving to hang in my living room's theme wall and finally I found one that I really have a 'feel' towards it. I have seen many many similar Buddha faces but not every one of them gives me the same 'feeling'. What kind of feeling am I talking about? Peacefulness and Calmness! If you are wondering why my wooden carving is split into 3 parts...well, all the big sized carvings are done in this way, so that it is easy for people to bring it back. Also was told that it's made from 3 pieces of wood as it is difficult to find such big wood. As for the price, I went to 1Utama last Sunday to enquire about the price. For the same size, same design but sprayed with golden paint, it costs a whopping RM1,980!! And guess how much I paid for this? RM220! Yes....RM220! So you see, our air tickets, accommodation, food and shopping all added up together was only close to RM2,000!!!

I didn't expect this trip to be so fruitful, in terms of shopping I mean. I have been visiting nurseries in PJ area and could only drool at their overpriced garden decorative wall stones. Even the tiniest with a simple flower design already costs more than RM50. I was really lucky when I came across a stall selling this wood carvings for garden. I couldn't believe my ears when the lady told me the small ones are selling at RM10 while the Kuan Yin carving at RM80. I was like...WHAT??? USD or THAI BAHT???

The rest of the items we bought are quite small but fragile. We bought this nice decorative candle holder which looks absolutely stunning against my theme wall. Only RM25!

We also bought 5 of these hanging candle holder for my courtyard garden...only RM15 each! I just can't wait for Hubby to put it up so that I can see how it looks at night when the candles are lighted up. Must be so so pretty!

I couldn't resist from buying home some cloth lotus after I found out how much it costs in Malaysia but this whole bunch only costs me RM40. Next trip, I will get orchids which looks exactly like the real thing!


Live lotus and water lilies are abundant at Chatuchak but since it is rather difficult to get some home, I bought lotus seeds to plant it myself! Once I move into my new house, I will start my gardening project, I will post to keep you updated on the growth progress.

Nope, these are not onions but flower bulbs. Want to know what types of flowers? Hehehe...that you got to wait till it grows! Again, don't worry, apart from food, dogs and travel, I will embark on 'gardening' as my new hobby.

Apart from those above, also bought quite a few small items for myself and as souvenirs. Didn't manage to get foodstuff back since our baggage exceeded the weight limit. The only food items I got back was 2kg of glutinous rice for my colleagues and a big bottle of fish sauce. AH-HA! Speaking of fish sauce, I mentioned in my earlier post that it got confiscated at the airport. Well, the story is like this. We were supposed to check in our luggages cos they were all filled up and extremely heavy. Turned out, it was way exceeding the limit, hence, refusing to pay, I took my luggage (10kg) and told them I will hand-carry them. I thought the bottle of fish sauce is at my hubby's checked-in luggage hence when it went through the scanner, I was asked to open my bag. I was praying hard cos I thought the glutinous rice was what they were looking for. Turned out it was the bottle of fish sauce...sniff sniff. And all the immigration officers started laughing away, wondering why on earth I bring fish sauce home. Grrr...I don't mind the humiliation as long as i get my fish sauce back. ended up in their trash bin.

It's ok. Cos I will be heading to Bangkok again in February. This time I plan to get smaller stuffs like wooden decorative plates, paintings, lightings and I will make sure I check in my fish sauce!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

CHATUCHAK - Eat Eat Eat!!

Continuing with my post on Chatuchak market, initially I intended to complete it in a single post featuring the food and shopping. It turned out I took quite a fair bit, ok, I mean HEAPS of photos so I thought it would be better to split it into two posts.

For someone like me who loves dogs, shop and food, where should I go to get everything under one roof? Chatuchak of course! Food is abundant here. Everywhere you go, regardless which section you go to, you will sure find food at every single corner. From heavy meals such as rice and noodle to sweet and savoury snacks, one can really be spoilt with choices.

Neatly arranged skewers of sausages and various types of meatballs are the most common sight at the market. If not mistaken, only RM1 to RM 2 per skewer.

The fried stuffs neatly arranged in Styrofoam boxes but I don't think I would want to stuff myself with french fries and fried spring rolls when there are so much more yummies available at the market.

Beware! For those with high cholesterol problem, a box of this innocent-looking fried quail eggs is highly hazardous to your life. Really curious to know how it tastes like.

Mountain after mountain of different types of fried noodles, similar to our local economy noodle cooked with only cabbages, choy sum and beansprouts.

I spotted a lady heating up her huge wok and started cracking in eggs one after another. I lost count on the number of eggs she put inside. I didn't stay long enough to see her whip up a dish of oyster omelet.

I remembered I saw this type of corn in Tesco before and if not mistaken, they are called Glutinous Corn. Have no idea if this is from the same variety. Actually am asking myself now, how come I didn't give this a try?!?! *kicking myself now*

After walking around under a hot scorching sun, we stopped by at a drink stall to get something cold to drink. Spotted this green stuff called Gotu Kola which is made from a type of leaves. Should be good for the body since it looked thick and full of chlorophyll. It's true that good stuffs seldom tastes good. This drink tasted 'green' and too sweet for my likings.

Interesting! A barrel of shaved iced covered with cendol and strips of jackfruit. Upon order, the lady will scoop it into a smaller cup.

Something caught our attention, a stall full of reddish and luscious-looking barbequed pork ribs. Spotted this man dipping the meat into the gravy to give it a shiny coat.

The ribs are sold by weight at RM3 per 100 gram approximately 7 - 8 small pieces. It was good. It was well marinated and tasty and most surprisingly, it was quite tender too. It would have been even better if the ribs were eaten warm.

Mini cream puffs! I tried this during my last visit and I loved it so much. This time we bought from a different stall since I couldn't remember where I got it from the last visit. It was light and fluffy and this one was bit more buttery aroma. Love it!

For a proper meal, I spotted this stall called Boat Noodle located near the main entrance, at the household items area. This stall is quite big as compared to the rest and I noticed a steady stream of people queuing to get a spot to sit. Quite interesting as there are two GIGANTIC-sized wok of soup bubbling right in front of the stall. At the side you will find different types of meat such as pork, beef, offals, balls and etc.

Not knowing how to order, we just told them we want BEEF and MEEHOON soup! While waiting, I notice the Thais love to snack on fried pig's skin. I remembered I accidentally tried it once when I was in Chiang Mai and it wasn't too bad. Almost like eating fish cracker, only that this piggie version is more aromatic.

Waited quite long for our noodles to come but it was worth the wait. My bowl of vermicelli came with lots of tender beef slices, a bouncy beef ball, soft liver (which I passed it over to Hubby) and kangkung. The soup was amazingly good; rich and spicy. Having this bowl of spicy noodle under such hot weather is almost like eating ice-cream during cold winter. SYIOK!!

For dessert, I bought a box of Thai version of Kuih Lapis to try. Thailand is famous for their good quality glutinous rice so I was also putting up high expectation on this kuih made from glutinous rice flour. It didn't fail to impress me as this was the best kuih I ever eaten to date. I am sure there are no artificial colouring added as the white layer was rich with coconut milk flavour while the green layer tasted what it was supposed to taste like - Pandan! The texture was amazing - chewy and gooey yet not sticky. I finished up the whole box (quite a big portion) and I don't feel bloated at all. Even Hubby who refused to try at the beginning gave his thumbs up after I forced him to give it a bite.

I found that apart from real food, they also sell fake food made of plastic. What I mean by that? See if yourself at this picture below.

Coming up: Chatuchak ~ SHOP SHOP SHOP!


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