Thursday, March 27, 2008


I noticed that whenever I take a morning AirAsia flight, it never fails to impress me with their punctuality. In fact, we arrived in Macau ahead of our scheduled time. From Macau airport, we immediately took a taxi to the ferry terminal for the next ferry to Hong Kong. Everything took us less than 30 mins. Good, cos I was super hungry by then and just couldn't wait to have my late lunch in Hong Kong. We arrived at the Hong Kong China Ferry terminal in Tsim Sha Tsui close to 3.30 p.m. While Hubby suggested that we should check into our hotel first, I protested. I am glad that everyone else protested too. We were lucky as the ferry terminal is located inside the China Hong Kong City, the commercial complex I mentioned in my previous post where I took photos of those Easter cupcakes. So our hunger problem was solved almost immediately. We went to the Gourmet Express, a foodcourt which offers a wide variety of cuisine.

My eyes were set on the Mak's Noodle stall, a very famous Guangdong restaurant which specialising in Wantan Noodle. I heard so much good reviews about this restaurant so I knew I have to try it out myself. I ordered the Wantan and SuiKow Noodle priced at HKD25 (if I am not mistaken). Serving size was extremely small, the bowl is just slightly bigger than the usual rice bowl. The amount of noodle is probably half the portion of what we usually get in Malaysia. I devoured it in just a few bites but it was good. The egg noodles was really crunchy, something that we can't find in Malaysia. I simply love the big, fat juicy wantan and suikow which was packed with minced pork and big shrimps. The suikow has got earwood fungus which gave it extra crunch. The soup was good too and I was told that dried flounder powder is added for extra sweetness. Needless to say, I finished the whole bowl till the last drop!


Hubby, as usual, is so predictable. I spotted Braised Beef Noodle on the menu and I knew that would be Hubby's choice. True enough, he ordered it and it was a perfect choice too. The beef brisket was tender. The gravy from the beef gave an extra ommphh to the already-very-perfect broth.

Brother-in-law and Hubby was eyeing on the Boiled Pork Kidney and Liver topped with aromatic spring onions served with spicy soy dipping sauce. I dare not try since I still could not overcome the fear of putting a pork liver into my mouth. From their contented look, I knew it must be good.

Brother-in-law ordered a bowl of sliced beef porridge which was really good. They must have boiled it for hours to achieve such smooth consistency. The beef was soft and tender too. Comforting to the stomach indeed.

I was too hungry and the noodle failed to fill me up. Since the porridge was good, I went and ordered another bowl to share with Hubby. I had the Sampan Porridge (Teng Chai Chuk) which came with a variety of condiments such as sliced jellyfish, sliced cuttlefish, fish slices, peanuts and scallions. It was just as good as the beef porridge. NICE! Mak8

What a wonderful start to our trip in Hong Kong....*grin*.

Mak's Noodle outlets are located at:
Central - Ground Floor, 77 Wellington Street, HK
Causeway Bay - Ground Floor, 44 Jardine's Bazaar, HK
Olympic - Shop K9, Ground Floor, OC X'Press, Olympian City 2, Kowloon
Tsim Sha Tsui - Shop No.C03, 2nd Floor (Arrival Hall), China Hong Kong City, No. 33 Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon

Monday, March 24, 2008

The Definition of 'ENGROSS'

On the day before their arrival, I called and spoke to my nephew. He was so excited as he knew exactly what was awaiting him here; the Gameboy which I had promised to buy for him few months back, complete with a few game cartridges I bought from Bangkok. A few days before his arrival, Hubby constantly reminded me to fully charge the battery so that he can immediately play with his new toy, in which of course I did. I promised to bring it along to the airport when I picked them up, in which of course I did. While my brother-in-law was busy loading the luggages into my car, Nathan peeped into my car. He shyly turned away when I asked him what he was looking for. After he buckled up, I asked him to close his eyes and immediately he knew what I was up to. He was so excited and just couldn't help himself from grinning so widely. Sadly, I didn't capture that moment on video cos I was too excited to see him too.

He absolutely loves his new toy and carrying it around wherever he goes. While my shopping-freak sister went from one shop to another, my nephew did the same. He seizes every single opportunity to play a game or two, as you can see from the all the photos I taken of him with his gameboy.

Now, this is my definition of ENGROSS!
HH - Engrossed

Friday, March 21, 2008


HARLOW! HARLOW! I am back from my trip! Took so many photos and it will take me quite some time to get things organized, especially now am so busy spending time with my family, in particular, my beloved nephew. Compared to my previous trips to Hong Kong, this trip was the most food-full. Well, not surprising at all since our travel companion (my brother-in-law) is a great chef who loves his food dearly. But more on the food later, once I finished digesting all the yummy photos.

We took a ferry to Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon once we arrived in Macau. The ferry terminal is located inside a commercial complex called China Hong Kong City. While we were exiting the complex, something colourful caught my attention. There were having Easter cupcakes exhibition entitled "Easter Cupcake Wonderland" with three different themes: Wish-come-true Cupcakes, Horoscope Cupcakes and Easter Garden Cupcakes.

Too bad I didn't have the time to take a photo of each cupcake as we were with our heavy luggages. I only managed to snap a few as the rest of my family members were getting pretty impatient. Since Easter is here, I guess this is the most perfect timing for me to post this up.

Here are some of the photos I managed to take, not really clear though since the cupcakes were displayed inside glass shelves.

So sweet looking, aren't they?

The Wish-Come-True Cupcakes Collection



Is this Capricorn or Aries?

Berry-licious looking Virgo

Foodies Unites!!!

Err...Japanese, Chinese and an unidentified race..

Drown in strawberries

Lazy Bull

Help! Help! Pull me out!!

A jug of orange juice?

A basket of flowers

Baby Chic

Sweet aren't they? Have a wonderful Easter!!

Friday, March 14, 2008


I have been so busy for the past few days; both at work and at home. A couple of deadlines to meet and at the same time, my sis, brother-in-law and of course, my beloved nephew are back for a holiday. I am really looking forward of the trips I have planned for them.

Our first stop: Hong Kong! Yes, we will be flying off tomorrow morning and I will only be back next Wednesday. I will post some of the great photos I have taken from the past few days once I come back. So stay tuned!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Referring to my previous post on the Spiderdog, I am now announcing the winners. But before that, I have to apologise to WMW for disqualifying her from the guessing game cos I have already told her earlier on this real bargain. Have to be fair, right? Now, the winners are...yes, three of them......*drums rolling* ......... CityGal, Tummythoz and Terri!! Yes, I got the Spiderman top for only RM3!! Initially Hubby thought it was around the same price as in KL, so he wasn't too happy (he said a waste of money) when I was busy choosing it for Pumpkin. But when he saw me paying the seller only 30 Baht, he eyes went BIG! Now he questioned me why I never get more for Pea.

So Citygal, Tummy and Terri, if you are errmm..still interested to claim your prize, please call me to make an arrangement. Ahem, and the prize remains a photo taken with Spiderdog. *Wink Wink*

Monday, March 10, 2008


A few weeks ago, I spotted a cute spiderman top for dogs in one of those pets store in shopping complex. Can't remember the exact price, but it was over RM40. I thought it was way too expensive for such small piece of cloth. I am definitely sure Pea and Pumpkin would be happier if I spend the money on dog treats instead.

Most of the dogs attire sold here are made in Thailand and while I was in Chatuchak Market, I was in luck cos I found the Spiderman top! I was really happy and immediately I got one for Pumpkin. What about Pea? Well, Pea doesn't like to be clothed while Pumpkin, the big show-off, is the exact opposite.

So, anyone want to guess how much I got the Spiderman top? *The winner with the correct answer will get to take a picture with the SpiderDog*

Thursday, March 06, 2008


Bangkok ~ A place where I can satisfy my cravings for yummy delicacies, an affordable place for my retail therapy; as well as a place when I could overdosed myself with puppies for hours! If you ask me a word to describe Bangkok, it would be 'HEAVEN'! This post will be the last on my recent visit to Bangkok and to cut things short, I decided to combine food and shopping together.

Strolling along Chatuchak on a hot afternoon, the last thing you want to put into your mouth is skewers of piping hot grilled food. But how could one resist the aroma of grilled bacon from afar? Cocktail sausages neatly wrapped with strips of bacon and grilled over sizzling charcoal, ohhh...simple yet so good

Hot hot hot! Again, the aroma of the grilled giant octopus attracted our attention from afar, but only this time, the aroma was much powerful than the bacon. We ordered one tentacle to share. It was very good. Sweet and chewy. I enjoyed the chewing process as the more I chewed, the more juicy it became in my mouth. Simply marvellous!
<span class=

Grilled freshwater prawns! We had lots of it in Pratunam area during our visit in January, sadly, we didn't bump into any during this visit. We paid RM10 for 8 pieces the last visit but this time, we paid RM9 for 3 pieces, grilled freshly upon order. No complains as it was fresh and cooked to perfection!

<span class=

We also spotted a live crab at the stall. It was staring at me sympathetically, trying to yell out "
Don't eat me, don't eat me". Sorry crabby, your plea just doesn't work with me! Wuahaha *evil laugh*
<span class=

Everytime I walked pass a mixed rice stall, I couldn't help peeping at the dishes and try to figure out the ingredients if I happened to spot something which I am not familiar of. Curious yet skeptical to try since most of the dishes were not covered and I spotted flies! Another reason I have not tried is because my tummy space allocation doesn't permit me to overload it with mixed rice. Some of the dishes do look delicious, maybe next visit I will try to make space for it.
<span class=

Just when I thought one could not go wrong with noodle soup in Bangkok, I had a very unpleasant experience in Chatuchak market. The noodle shop is located near the Pets section and it draws quite a huge crowd. Must be good, we thought. The giant bowl was so huge but the size of the serving was pathetic.

<span class=

Hubby lifted the rice noodle with his chopstick and this is all we get! If not mistaken, it was priced at RM3 and it wasn't good at all. The soup was in murky dark brown. The only thing I like was the tiny pieces of crispy pork skin crackers.
<span class=

I took a picture of the glutinous sweetcorn last visit and I told myself that I must give it a try this time and I did. It was tiny, not any bigger than my palm. I was excited until I put it into my mouth. It was like eating glutinous rice on a cob! I had one and couldn't bring myself to finish the other 4 pieces as it was too rich and filling.
<span class=


A great discovery during my last visit to Chatuchak was the layered kuih. It was just as good as before; chewy and full of pandan and coconut milk fragrance. Even Hubby agreed that it was good.
<span class=

The coconut jelly I tried was good too. Sweetness level was mild and I enjoy the bits of coconut flesh on top. Very refreshing and soothing to my throat.
<span class=

We were shopping at MBK and I dragged Hubby to Swensens for ice-cream. It is very much cheaper in Thailand than in KL. I couldn't remember the name of this sundae, but price at only RM6.90, it was served with 2 scoops of ice-cream of your choice, ladened with 2 sliced bananas, slices of strawberry and strawberry sauce.
<span class=


Fresh guava juice! First time we came across this in Bangkok. It was refreshing although we could taste some salt in it. To prevent it from browning maybe?
<span class=

Hot hot hot! Too much hot and spicy food and I found the best way to cool me down. My all-time favourite Slurpee. This berry flavoured was really good. Really happy that 7-eleven outlets are available everywhere in Bangkok.
<span class=


The mission of this trip was to continue with shopping for our new house. We went with minimal clothing packed into a small luggage bag which was then fitted into a larger bag.
<span class=

Mission Accomplished! Hubby wanted to get some standing lamps for the house and we bought 4 pieces as well as lots of other stuffs. Ended up we have no choice but to get two cabs back to the hotel as well as to the airport as our purchases filled up the seat behind. Ahem, yes, our luggages exceeded the weight limit by about 8 kgs but we were charged for 5 kgs at RM80. So silly of us, as at that moment we should have taken some of the stuffs out from the check-in luggages for hand carry. We only thought of that before boarding the plane!
<span class=

On the way back, we were stopped by the Customs eventhough we walked out separately. The officer who stopped Hubby threatened to tax him, but of course with Hubby's 'don't mess with me' look, Hubby demanded to see the list of taxable goods and on what basis he valued the goods we bought. Sensing that he should not 'play play', he asked Hubby to go. Hehehe. So, it was overall another very satisfying trip. Till I see you again Bangkok!


Tuesday, March 04, 2008


It was my Hubby's birthday yesterday. Knowing that buying him a present would be a waste of money cos it would end up somewhere in the drawer, I decided to give him a dinner treat. Being a beef lover, I knew just the right place to bring him. Ninja Jones that is! I have been raving to Hubby about the Kobe I had during one of my sistas' gathering at Ninja Jones couple of months ago which is priced at RM130 per 100 gram. He was so excited when I told him that we were going to have Kobe beef for dinner.

Unfortunately, they ran out of Kobe beef that night. I was upset with myself for not calling to check with them in advance. I was so upset to disappoint Hubby although he kept saying that it doesn't matter.

For appetiser, we ordered the Sashimi Moriawase Azumi (RM46) to share. Just one word to describe the sashimi : "FRESH"!

I tried this during my last visit but I have forgotten that I had. Volcano Rolls came in a portion of 4 pieces. The California Roll is topped with unagi and a layer of melted cheese. Tasty and flavourful. Two pieces each was just nice, anything more than that would be too rich.

For mushroom lovers, a must-try item is their Eringi Ninniku Shoyu Grill (RM15). The slices of mushrooms were marinated with shoyu and cooked on a charcoal griller. The aroma was simply mind blowing, and the taste? Just as good as the aroma!

To compensate for the non-availability of Kobe, I ordered two serves of the next best thing; Wagyu Beef. We have the Gyu Karubi Sumibi-Yaki (RM34); CIY (cook-your-own) marinated wagyu beef on charcoal griller.

Well marinated and most importantly, it was juicy and tender!

Since we had something grilled, we opted for something soupy and Hubby chose to have Wagyu Shabu-Shabu (RM58) over Sukiyaki. He said it's safer to have clear broth than salty broth. Despite having steamboat the day before, I didn't mind it at all cos I can have steamboat everyday! All the condiments for the shabu-shabu were neatly arranged in a large bowl; slices of wagyu beef, silky smooth beancurd, garland chrysanthemum (tung hoe), our all-time favourite leek, oyster mushroom, shitake mushroom, enoki mushroom, long cabbage and glass noodle.

Thumbs up for the broth; clear and sweet. Oil-free and healthy! Oooo... how I wish I can have this everyday!


It was a lovely dinner despite still feeling a bit upset. Hubby was happy with the dinner, but one thing for sure, we will definitely be back again....for the KOBE!!


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