Saturday, May 31, 2008


This is what I cooked for lunch today.

There are many names for this yummylicious flavourful prawn noodle. Some call it Har Mee. In Penang it is referred to as Hokkien Mee while I fondly call it Mee Yoke. I grew up having my regular dose of Mee Yoke from this stall called SS2 Lim Mee Yoke which now closed down and relocated to SS2 CheowYang coffeeshop. I love the Mee Yoke served by this stall as the soup has been consistently good and flavourful with a spicy kick to it. So much so, it has become a benchmark against other stalls in which most of the time, it was a major disappointment.

A few months back, I stumbled upon Rasa Malaysia's recipe for Mee Yoke and practically I was drooling over her photos. I was determined to give it a try but it ended up taking me months to accumulate prawn heads and shells, the most essential item for the stock. The reason it took me months was because I don't usually buy prawns to cook at home and when I do, I prefer to cook prawns with shells intact. I finally managed to accumulate two boxes of it. Of course, the more the better!

For the complete recipe, do check out her blog with the link I attached earlier. I will just go through the steps here. I followed the traditional method of frying the shrimp head and shells with a little amount of oil, just to make it more aromatic. But do remember to close the lid when you dump the shells in to avoid the oil splattered all over the stove and floor (i learnt from experience). Give it a good stir and when your house is filled with the wonder aroma of prawns, add in water, about 4-5 big chinese soup bowls.

Simmer on low heat for at least 2 hours until the stock becomes cloudy and pinkish. Using a sieve, strain the stock, discard the prawn heads/shells and remove the top layer of orangey foam. Add in spare ribs and a piece of lean pork meat into the stock and simmer on low heat for at least another 1 hour. Add rock sugar (please put bits by bits to adjust the taste according to your likings) and salt to taste. I added in fish sauce for extra sweetness. P5310406

While waiting for the soup to be ready, blend the shallots and onions. You can get Chili-boh (grinded chilli paste) from the supermarket, and if you can't get those then you can do it yourself by grinding softened dried chillies.

In a hot wok, sauteed the blended chili paste, shallots and ginger till fragrant. Scoop it up and add half into your soup or more if you prefer it to be more spicier.

Using the same unwashed wok, stir fry the shrimp with a bit of chilli paste, sugar and salt. Dish up and slice them into half.

While waiting for the soup to be ready, I accidentally fell asleep. I woke up and panic as I realised, it was way past lunch time. So at this point in time, no photos on the preparation of the noodle. So basically all you need is another pot of boiling hot water, blanch the kangkung (water convolvulus), beansprouts, noodle of your choice (i used vermicelli and egg noodle). Boil some eggs, fry some shallots and slice the lean pork. Assemble all the ingredients nicely on your serving bowl starting with noodle, the move on to the kangkung and beansprouts, lastly the egg, sliced prawns and lean meat on top. By now the meat on the spare ribs would have been soft and almost fallen of its bones. Ladle the soup over and sprinkle with shallot crisps,

The end result? A very yummylicious bowl of Mee Yoke which of course still could not beat Lim MeeYoke but close enough to satisfy my cravings. My dad gave me a score of 8 out of 10 while Hubby who is not a fan of Mee Yoke gave me 6.5 out of 10. I was quite unhappy with the low score but he said his average for a good bowl of Mee Yoke only score 5. It immediately put a smile on my face.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

King Crab Fundraising Charity Dinner for Sichuan Earthquake Relief Fund

The King Crab Restaurant will be organising a series of charity dinner drive to raise fund for the China Sichuan Earthquake Relief Fund. All the banquet food and drink will be fully sponsored by King Crab as all proceeds will be fully donated to the relief fund.

The donation amount per ticket is RM100 or RM1,000 per table (10 tickets).

Details of the dinners are as follows:

Restoran King Crab PJ
7:30pm, Tuesday, 3rd June 2008, 40 tables in 1st floor banquet hall.
7:30pm, Wednesday, 4th June 2008, 40 tables in 1st floor banquet hall.
Add: 103-107, Jalan SS25/2, Taman Mewah Jaya, PJ
Tel: 03-7803.6999
Location map: Click here

Restoran King Crab JB
7:30pm, Thursday, 5th June 2008, 60 tables in 1st floor banquet hall.
Add: No. 1 & 1A, 3 & 3A, Jalan Harmonium 23/12, Taman Desa Tebrau, JB
Tel: 07-351.3333
Location: Click here

If you are free, please do make time to support the dinner. Also would appreciate if you could help spread the words.

I will be attending the 3 June session with a few fellow food bloggers and those who are interested to join us, please let me know so that I could arrange for us to sit together at the same table.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


I have received a number of housewarming gifts and I found out that my friends really do know me very well as most gifts are kitchen-related, ranging from BBQ set to nut bowls (bowls for holding nuts?), sandwich maker to lovely China sets. Are they implying that I should quit my job and be a full-time housewife? Hahaha..actually why not if Hubby agrees to it? Actually this proposal has been brought up and knowing me well, Hubby said I would turn into a lazy couch potato if I ever stay home doing nothing. Ahh..he know me so well

Now now,
back to the topic of this post, my air-flown housewarming gift! For my birthday two years ago, I was in Melbourne and my birthday presents from my brother-in-law (BIL) were a BIG live lobster and a HUGE live snow crab. Knowing him, my housewarming gift would not be anything lesser than that definitely. So, wanna know what goodie he bought for me and Hubby?

<span class=

A huge 3Kg block of freshly cut and then deep frozen Australian Wagyu Tenderloin, flew in via MAS direct flight, hand carried by my BIL. I should have taken a picture of Hubby's excited look when he saw the chunk of beef. BIL told us that Wagyu beef is not cheap in Australia although it originated there. However with his good relationship with his supplier, he got it at a cheaper price. He claimed that ever since he tasted wagyu, he never buy the normal beef anymore. He usually buy wagyu in chunks, just like the one he got for us, to stock up his fridge. I always like to ransack his fridge cos there are definitely some hidden treasure in the freezer compartment all the time. Am now eyeing the 1kg of abalones that are waiting for me..slurp slurp!
<span class=

Once the frozen beef was defrosted, BIL sliced it into smaller cuts and wrapped them individually with cling wrap to stack it back in the freezer so that we could defrost and cook it anytime we want. Since we already planned to have seafood dinner outside (as it was the first day of their arrival), BIL cooked two slices of beef for us to try. He said that to enjoy the freshness and natural taste of the beef, no marination is required. All you need is a burning hot frying pan, preferably with smoke (at this point, please open all doors and windows and ventilation fan!).
The heat of the pan is crucial to ensure that the beef juice is retained inside the meat. The sizzling of the beef was such a killer. The aroma from the melting fats was tormenting my senses. It was so aromatic! The aroma is difficult to explain, something which you will not get from frying a normal piece of steak. Even my Pea and Pumpkin went crazy over the aroma.
<span class=

Our steak was done medium rare, just the way we liked it to be. A little bit of salt was sprinkled on top of the beef before served. I was eyeing the fats which has been fried golden brown, the source of the tormenting aroma. It turned out that Hubby had his eyes set on the same place too. Of course, the piece of crispy golden piece of fats was well-worth the fight. It was crispy and almost melted in my mouth. It doesn't have the oily after-taste, making it so less sinful. Oooo....those heavenly moments.

The pinkish meat was so juicylicious and flavourful. The beef essence bursting in my mouth as I chewed. By the way, it didn't require much chewing due to the tenderly soft meat. Ahhh..the ultimate beef which I have fallen madly in love with.

The supply of wagyu beef have since long been I missed you, my dear Wagyu. To torture me further, I was on the phone with BIL two days ago and he was telling me that his current favourite is to pan fried the beef fats till crispy to extract the oil which is then used to fry rice with lots of egg and scallion and can pass off as vegetarian fried rice! Grrrrr.....but I can imagine how good the fried rice is. Such a torture. BIL, if you are reading this, are you coming back soon? We definitely very miss Wag..ahem, i mean you.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Day 3 (Breakfast) - Chew Fatt Congee Noodle

Let me continue with the post on my Hong Kong trip. Yes, I have yet to finish off my Hong Kong post. Lacking of motivation, I was tempted to abandon it since I have a major backlog in my database, but there are still more great food which I have not blogged about. So, here goes:

On the third day, we woke up particularly early than usual. Excitement filled the air. Well, at least I am excited and chirpy that morning cos it was the day we headed to Disneyland for an overnight stay. Although I went just a year earlier, somehow, it still excites me and I already have a list of shopping list in mind; tee-shirts, key-chains, bags, bags and more bags! Oppss..I should not get too carried away here, since this post is about my breakfast and not Disneyland yet. Breakfast was at this noodle & congee place called Chew Fatt located at Han Kow Road, just 5-minute away from our hotel.

I guess what made this place the chosen one was because of the fresh raw ingredients displayed at the glass panel. Fresh slices of fish fillet, offals from both my favourite animals (beef and pig), century eggs and etc.

I was torn between having Wantan Noodle and Congee and finally I decided to go for a lighter meal. No regrets for ordering the beef congee which was smooth and tasty with generous amount of sliced beef and century egg with runny yolks. Warm and comforting...prefect for a cool and windy morning.


I wonder why the boys ordered Dry Wantan Noodle as it certainly came dried and unappetising with a lot of oyster sauce splattered on top of the noodle. According to Hubby, it wasn't good. The Wantan looks big though but I did not try as I was too contented with my congee.

We also had a plate of freshly made Rice Sheet Roll (Cheong Fun) to share. Served hot, the cheong fun was soft with a slight chewy texture, drenched with lots of soya sauce, sweet sauce and some chilli sauce at the side. One word: YUMMY!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008



I guess there is no one out there that I know of who loves seafood as much as my bro-in-law (BIL) does. Whenever he is around, our meals usually dominated with dishes after dishes of seafood. He said we are really lucky to have so much of fresh seafood here at such dirt-cheap price (after converting into Aussie Dollar). Since we have been eating out so often during his trip back, I thought it would be good to get some nice and fresh seafood for a home-cooked meal as my BIL is a great chef. What could be better than getting seafood from its source? So off we went to Kuala Selangor!

We usually get our seafood from this fishing village in Bagan Pasir, about 15 minutes drive away from the Kuala Selangor town. There are about four fish stalls here, each owns their own ship, hence nothing gets any fresher than this place as the catch-of-the-day are unloaded here. Do note that the price here are much cheaper too as compared to the fish market in Kuala Selangor town. I have posted about the fishing village before, do check it out here.

Since we went on a weekday, there are not much people around, so we took our time hopping from one stall to another to check on their catches and of course, to compare the price as well.

We were really lucky that day as there were live flower crabs and mantis prawns available for sale. Since we planned to have homemade porridge steamboat dinner that night, flower crabs would be the best choice to sweeten the porridge. BIL was given the honour to choose the crabs. Err, their claws were not tied up, so no way am putting my hand in!

The chosen ones...yumzz!!! Sweet and meaty! Can't remember the price but believe me, it's cheap!

In another tank, we spotted A LOT of live mantis prawns and some are quite big! Excitedly, I walked, okay, actually almost running towards the lady seller to check on the price.

Me : How much are those mantis prawns per kilo?
Seller : RM1.50 each
Me : RM1.50 each????? For big or small?
Seller : RM1.50 each regardless of size.

I think BIL and I will do really well if we participate in Amazing Race. Without any exchange of words between us, we immediately ran back to the tank, grabbed the fishing nets next to it and started scooping for the big ones. We ended up with a basket full of wiggling lively mantis prawns...yumz! We also bought some pomfret, seabass, prawns and squids.


While the adults excitedly shopping for seafood, my nephew found a cozy corner to have a game or two. Good thing about this boy is that he get accustomed to the environment easily although the place was wet and full of fishy smell.

After spending close to an hour shopping for seafood, it was time for lunch. Usually we will go to this seafood restaurant nearby called Hai Chun, sadly it was not open for business anymore. So we walked to a nearby sundry shop to ask if there are any other restaurants nearby and the lady boss highly recommended a karaoke restaurant which is located further inside the village. She told us that the food there is really good and a favourite hangout place among the locals. Cool! Karaoke inside a fishing village! *At that point in time, I was silly enough to expect something like Neway or Redbox with airconditioned*.

It was not too difficult to locate the restaurant since there aren't many inside the village. Named as Suang Le River Restaurant, from the outside it looks like a shabby "going-to-collapse-anytime-soon" wooden shack. My sis and I refused to get down from the car while the boys excited walked in to check the place out. After much persuasion, we followed them with hesitation.

A sigh of relief when I was told that the shabby shack is the kitchen whereas the dining area is at a separate place in which we have to walked on a wooden bridge heading towards the sea. To my horror, it was even scarier-looking than the earlier shack!! I kept telling them that it was a bad idea to have lunch there judging from the flies and rubbish underneath the shacks.

I mentioned karaoke didn't I ? Can you see the TV and the stereo system in the background? That's the karaoke that the sundry shopowner meant! And ahem....obviously, no air-conditioner too! I wouldn't mind if it wasn't so scorching hot that day. 9 least the view is great. What could be better than having fresh seafood by the seaside right?

Just when I finally calmed myself down after having some iced Coke, nightmare striked! I need to ease myself after having so much drink. I was almost in tears when I saw the toilet. It turned out to be a small wooden shack (shabbiest of all) which stands on long stilts above the ground. No toilet bowls as you will need to aim carefully at the hole in the middle of the toilet floor. Yes, that means while you are doing your business, regardless big or small, the droppings will flow downwards and people in the dining area will have full view of what came out! Despite almost in tears, I knew I need to settle my bladder problem immediately. I begged my BIL to wait for me outside, to rescue me just in case the shack collapsed. While I was inside, the shack swayed a little and of course I was screaming and shouting away! When I came out, I was so proud that I survived the ordeal and decided to take a photo of it for remembrance. Ahem, of course my commotion attracted lots of attention too. *Blush*

We waited quite a while for our food to be served. It turned out that the uncle who took our order is both the waiter and chef, ohh...the cashier too! We didn't mind the wait when the first dish was placed in front of us. Steamed Clams with Chinese Wine. Drizzled with aromatic shallots oil and generous amount of julienned ginger, the clams tasted wonderfully sweet. Even my nephew enjoyed this dish.

Since we couldn't wait to savour the live mantis prawns we bought for dinner, we decided to order some for lunch as well. Priced at RM2 per piece, it was a steal since the live one costs RM1.50! My favourite way to enjoy fresh seafood is to have it steamed and that was how our mantis prawns were served. Absolutely delicious!

Since my sis was controlling my nephew's seafood intake, we ordered a plate of Fried Noodles for him. It didn't look appetizing to me since they used instant egg noodles but I was so wrong. It was fantastic. Noodle was springy and the gravy was tasty. I find it too oily though but we finished it nonetheless.

The Kung Po Baby Squid won my heart too. The concoction of the Kung Po sauce was perfect and full wok hei (essence imparted from a hot wok). The baby squids were deep fried before tossing it with the Kung Po sauce together with onions, capsicums, carrots and dried chillies. Oooo..for this I shall return...who cares about the toilet!?!?

My BIL enjoyed our local mud crabs too. Although the local mud crabs are much smaller than those from Australia, he said that ours has got more crab 'essence', hence tastes much better. Upon my sis's request, we had our crabs cooked with sweet and sour sauce. I expected our sweet and sour crabs to be served with lots of gravy so that it could be dipped with bread. Sadly, ours was dry and the thick gravy coated onto the shell. The crabs were fresh but the bland gravy spoilt the overall taste of the dish.

Feeling dissatisfied, BIL suggested to add one more order of crabs and all of us voted for it to be steamed! He personally went into the kitchen to choose the crabs and I was so delighted when he told us that we are expecting female crabs as he know I love roes!! Yummzzz!!

Mmm...a perfect choice to have it steamed. The meat was firm and sweet. The roes was of course sinfully tasty and rich. The clear gravy with a hint of wine was full of crabs' essence. Yummy to the last drop!

I misplaced the receipt and if not mistaken, the meal was less than RM150 for the 6 of us including a few cans of soft drink, 2 bottles of beer and a pot of Chinese Tea. I vowed to return in near future (with empty bladder of course)!

Before heading home, we made a stop at the Kuala Selangor town as I wanted to get some fish paste for our steamboat dinner. Before that, we had cool coconut drink at the roadside while enjoying locally produced prawn crackers.

From the wide grin on BIL's face throughout the whole trip, I knew he totally enjoyed it. Well, the same goes for the oldest and the youngest member in the family too!

Sigh...looking back at the good time we had, I miss Kuala Selangor a lot. Hmm, maybe I should persuade Hubby to make a fish shopping and lunch trip there this weekend.

Monday, May 19, 2008

An Evening by the Setia Alam

When I moved to Setia Alam, I was really happy to discover that there are quite a number of lakes around the neighbourhood, so much so, Hubby and I have been shopping around for fishing rod! One evening while driving out for dinner nearby, we passed by one of the lakes that I have been eyeing on, a huge lake which is near to an oil palm plantation. A group of Indian men were there with fishing net and there were even 2 or 3 boys inside the lake! Excitedly, I requested Hubby to stop his car at the roadside so that I could get down to check it out. It turned out that this lake actually serves as a retention pond to prevent flood around the area.

While chatting with one of the men there, I was told that there are quite a lot of fish here especially black tilapia. Using a big net to trap the fish, the results were of course, not bad at all. I happily joined them from running from one side of the lake to another, cheering for each and every fish they caught! And they were even more excited when I took my camera out, a chance for them to show off their catches!

One of the guy told us of their priceless catch the day before. An odd looking fish that has stripes, sharp fins and a mouth like a shark. We were of course curious with his description and we were really lucky, cos they managed to catch a similar one while we were there.

Hubby immediately recognised the's Sucker Fish! In this case, this is a BIG SUCKER!!! LOL!!! They kept asking us to bring it home for our pond in which of course, we refused. It will scare the hell out of my precious lionheads!!!

And here are some of their catches:
Cat Fish

There are lots of this kind of fishes which am not too sure of its name. According to them, this tastes absolutely sweet and delicious when deep fried.

Lots of big black tilapia! I usually have the red, not sure how this tastes like.

Their dinner.....

My Dinner.....

Haha..sorry, this is not related to this post, but I find the picture so pinkishly sweet and since I have been craving for watermelon all night, I thought it would satisfy part of my craving by posting this up!

Monday, May 12, 2008


UPDATED on 14 May 2008
Thank you for the well wishes. I didn't end up in the hospital, my doctor ruled out dengue since I didn't show any symptom of nausea and vomitting, he said it's my throat infection which is causing me the on-off fever. Am now on my 2nd course of antibiotics and lots of other drugs for cough, running nose, phlegm, ache and fever. Drowsy drowsy drowsy! Am at work already and definitely no mood for any food posting at the moment. Will be back next week, i hope! Thank you once again for your well wishes and all the smses. You guys take care too ok?? Am really wishing for a heavy downpour soon.

Four days of fever on and off, 3 visits to the doctor, 2 courses of antibiotics and 2 days of medical leave. I have been lying on bed since last Friday, completely knocked-out by the drowsy medication but it doesn't seems to work at all. I told myself, if my fever is coming back to haunt me tonite, I shall admit myself to the hospital. So if you don't see me post anything for the next couple of days, you know where to find me eh?


Weather has been crazy of late, so please do take care!!!! Drink more now, why didn't I listen to my dad's advice before I fall sick?? *regret regret*

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Abalone for Supper @ Venetian, Macau

Fancy having abalone for supper? Fancy having not one (1) but five (5) abalones for supper? Fancy having five abalones for supper at the 5-star Venetian Macau Resort Hotel? Don't worry, you don't need to win big money to have such lavish supper. Interested to know more? Just read on.

Venetian provides free shuttle bus from the Macau Ferry Terminal, so need not worry about transportation. In fact, all casinos provides free shuttle service, hence all you need to do is to hop on to the bus of your preferred destination.

The first word that came out of my mouth the moment I stepped into Venetian was 'WOW'! It is humongous!!! I should have expected it since it's the second largest building in the world. We arrived at the resort almost 10 p.m. so we didn't get to explore the place much since most of the retail shops were already closing. We took a walk along the Grand Canal. Initially we thought of hiring a Gondola till we were told of the exorbitant price. I couldn't remember how much it was, but definitely not worth it since there was nothing much to see at that hour.

There are quite a number of famous restaurants and interesting eating outlets too. Sadly, we were just too full, and in our case, too shy to just go in and order a dish to share. Although we were full, we just refused to go back without having any supper. So we headed off to the foodcourt instead. Quite a wide selection and I was so excited when they even have BOOST, my favourite juice bar from Australia. But brother-in-law was particular interested in this stall called Sino Recipe originated from Hong Kong.

Bro-in-law was studying the menu and the photo of a bowl of luscious beef noodle soup with 3 abalones caught our attention. And the most surprising of all, it only costs HKD38 (RM15.60 - based on today's exchange rate). We were indecisive whether to give it a try or a miss as it sounded too good to be true that we couldn't believe our eyes. Afterall, how often will you get served exactly like the picture they put in the menu right? Bro-in-law decided to reconfirm with the cashier if the noodle really served with 3 abalones for the price of HKD38 and guess what the waitress said?

Bro-in-law: Miss, this abalone beef noodle soup...HKD 38 and really comes with 3 abalones?
Cashier: *Replying in very cocky tone* NO! Not only 3 but 5 'small' abalones!!!! And free coke somemore.

Bro-in law, Hubby and Me: ONE BOWL PLEASE!!!!

When our bowl of abalone beef noodle soup was placed in front of us, the three of us was stunned. Now we understand her meaning of 'small'. I have never seen such small abalones before! I was really tempted to take one and put it on top of a 20 cent coin but that would dirty the tiny precious abalone.

I only had an abalone since I was still full. The clear soup was full of beefy flavour as the beef brisket gravy was added into it. Still value for money as I don't think we can find this in KL at RM15.

It turned out that bro-in-law also ordered a bowl of scallop wantan noodle too. Priced at HKD33 (RM13.50), it came with 4 gigantic-sized wantans, claimed to be
stuffed with scallops and minced pork. I couldn't trace any sign of scallops at all, but to be fair, I was too full to be able to give a fair judgement on the taste.

Out of curiousity, bro-in-law ordered one of their specialty; Buffalo Milk Double Layered Pudding. No doubt it was smooth and just the right amount of sweetness, but I find it too rich and overpowering with the milky flavour.

So there you go...a lavish yet affordable abalone for supper. I will be back to Venetian for more next till then, stay tuned!

Sino Recipe is located at:
Macau - Shop 2530 The Grand Canal Shoppes, The Venetian Macao Resort Hotel
CausewayBay - Shop 6-8, Ground Floor Excelsior Plaza, Yee On Bldg, 24-26 East Point Road, HK
Kowloon - G/F, No. 10 Hau Fook Street, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, HK.


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