Sunday, June 29, 2008

Homemade BBQ Chicken Pizza

I have longed for a homemade pizza for a long, long time. The pizza pan and cutter which I bought 'months' ago have been lying in my kitchen drawer and finally I have decided to put them to good use. So was what we had for dinner tonight.

For the pizza dough, I copied
Terri's recipe so do check her blog for the recipe. The recipe calls for dry yeast and do note that it is called "Ibu Roti" in Malay. It took me a few phone calls to some famous bakers around town to finally confirm that it's yeast. Although my pizza dough turned out very well but sadly, despite a few attempts, it didn't turn out round like it should be. Finally I gave up! Who cares as long as it turn out tasty, right? For the base, I have used Heinz BBQ sauce.

For the fillings, I used two pieces of chicken maryland which I have marinated with some BBQ sauce, pepper and sugar; pan-fried and cut into small pieces. Also added some sliced white button mushrooms, sliced red capsicum, sliced onion and canned pineapple (well drained). And not forgetting shaved Mozarella and Cheddar cheeses (not in the picture).

I had a great time assembling all the condiments on the dough and am so proud with my masterpiece......tada....

Bake in the oven at 200 degree Celcius for about 10 mins or until the dough turns golden brown. The end result...once again.....tada.....

It turned out a bit moist, must be either the mushroom or the chicken which I didn't drain all the juices away. However, Hubby and Papa said they loved it moist; they claimed that it was juicy! is not supposed to be juicy!! It was tasty nonetheless....I ended up baking 2 large pizza and all was left in the microwave are 4 tiny pieces which I don't think will last too long. Hubby is already eyeing it.

It's not exactly cheap to do your own pizza considering the Heinz BBQ sauce, olive oil, shaved mozzarella and cheddar cheese easily costs me RM50. But it was the end result which was priceless. My next pizza attempt? Peking Duck Pizza!!!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Seng Cheong Restaurant @ Taipa, Rua Do Cunha

Rua Do Cunha or in Chinese 官也街 is a HEAVEN to foodies. Located at the town centre at Taipa Island, this narrow street and its' surroundings have lots to offer. There are many restaurants offering Chinese, Portugese, and Macanese as well as Hong Kong-style cafe delicacies. And not forgetting shops after shops selling local snacks such as the famous almond cookies, made-on-spot egg rolls, peanut nougats, meat jerkys and many many more. A place where one would not go hungry as persistent sellers will keep offering you samples of their goodies as you walk from one shop to another.

It was dinner time and we decided try one of the Chinese restaurants there and Seng Cheong Restaurant was the chosen one. Reason being, yummy pictures of their signature dishes that were displayed at the glass mirror and one of those was Crab Porridge. We had to wait for about 10 minutes before being ushered upstairs. A very typical Chinese restaurant; crowded and noisy. We were lucky to get a table all for ourselves whereas I noticed a few couples had to share a table.

Everything in the menu looked so good. I was torn between having crab porridge and crab curry, both their signature dish. I noticed every table seem to have at least one bowl of porridge (some were sharing a table, remember?) so can't go wrong right? While waiting to be served, we ordered a bottle of Macau beer to share. Priced at HKD13 (~RM5.45), it tasted more like sugar-free shandy to me; mild and tasteless.


First dish to arrive was the Deep Fried Squid (HKD60 = RM25.20) served with black vinegar. It was lightly battered, deep fried and tossed with garlic and sliced chillies. Very tasty indeed. Crunchy on the outside, soft and chewy on the inside. Slightly salty though, but goes really well with white rice.

Who could have thought a simple dish of broccoli with canned clams (HKD60 = RM25.20) would taste so good? The broccoli was boiled to perfection; green and crunchy! And the gravy that coated the broccoli was so tasty. Thumbs up!

When I saw the picture of the steamed eel (HKD216 = RM90.70) in their menu, I knew I had to order it. The portion was huge and the size of the eel was GIGANTIC! Steamed with black bean sauce, this dish was delicious. The gravy was so tasty that we practically drown our rice with it. The eel was firm, bouncy and sweet, and of course very chunky and meaty too hence not much bones to look out for. I enjoyed the chewy skin too. The whole dish was soooo PERFECT. Funny, while I was reminishing the heavenly moment, my heart ache a little and I felt like crying.

Just look at the size of the eel. Bigger than the base of a soup spoon.

Another picture of the eel.

Steamed Chicken wrapped with Lotus Leaf is one of their signature dish too. There were bits and pieces of Chinese ham, some shitake mushrooms and red dates. Very strong lotus leaf taste which I find a bit too overpowering for me. The portion is priced at HKD60 (RM25.20) for 1/2 chicken.

Stir fry clams (HKD40 = RM16.80) turned out a bit normal. It didn't manage to leave a lasting impression but probably the reason was because I was too busy attacking the eel which was served at the same time as the clams.

*Drums rolling*.....and here comes the Crab Porridge! Minimum order is one crab which is sold by weight. I cannot remember the exact price as the waiter told me the price per catty, in which I had a hard time converting into gram *shame on me, I know I know* to see if worth ordering. It wouldn't make any difference anyway cos I have made up my mind that I am going to order this even if the price is not worth it at all. The portion was big and more than enough to feed five of us. But it turned out, while Hubby was happily savouring the porridge, only my dad and I were busy attacking the crab as my in-laws were already full.

Yummy! They call this water crabs and I wonder if it is the same with our local mud crab. However, I find the texture quite similar to flower crabs; sweet and soft. I would prefer firmer crab flesh. The texture of the porridge was smooth and mushy but sadly, I detected a very very mild burnt taste. Nevertheless, it was still a very enjoyable bowl of porridge.


Look at the colour of the porridge. Golden yellow in colour, thanks to the cholesterol laden crab roes. Yummy!

The total damage for this meal was about HKD600 (RM252) including rice, tea and 2 bottle of beer for the 5 of us. Not bad at all isn't it? There are a few other signature dishes that I would love to try and definitely I will be back!

Seng Cheong Restaurant is located at:
28 - 30 Rua Do Cunha
Taipa Island
Reachable by the following buses: 11, 15, 21, 28A 30, 33, 34 and 35

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Weekend Wokking: POTATO SAMBAL

I'm submitting this recipe to Weekend Wokking, a world-wide food blogging event created by Wandering Chopsticks celebrating the multiple ways we can cook one ingredient. Recipes may be anything you wish, as long as there is some form of the secret ingredient in it. I missed the first round hosted by Wandering Chopsticks featuring asparagus as the secret ingredient. There is no way I am going to miss this round as the secret ingredient is my all-time favourite; POTATO!

The first dish that popped into my head when I saw the secret ingredient was my all-time favourite Potato Sambal, a fiery hot and aromatic dish that goes really well with white rice. I first tried this dish in an Indonesian restaurant in Melbourne back in the late 90s and I was hooked since then. I managed to recreate this dish at home, although not as good but definitely very palatable.

Here goes my recipe for Potato Sambal (serves 4)

A copy
4 - 5 pieces of large potatoes -cut into small cubes.
1 big onion -sliced
2 tbs pounded chilli paste
2 cloves garlic - mashed/chopped finely
1 tsp tamarind juice/lime juice
1/2 bowl of ikan bilis or anchovies - lighly fried with oil till golden brown
Belacan or dried shrimp paste - about 1 inch in length
4 cups of oil - for deep fried
Salt and sugar - fish sauce preferred if available

Firstly, deep fried the potato cubes. Do stir occasionnally to avoid the cubes from sticking together as well as to ensure the potato browns evenly. Once it turn golden brown, scoop it up and drain.

Sauteed the garlic using 2 tbs of oil. Once it turned golden brown, add the pounded chilli paste, sliced onion, belacan, tamarind juice and about 3 tbsp of water. Season with salt and sugar according to your taste. Finally, put in the potato and anchovies and give it a good toss to ensure the sambal paste coats the potato cubes evenly.

The end product:
A very yummy plate of fiery hot and aromatic potato sambal. Do try it out!

The host this month is White on Rice Couple. If you would like to participate or to see the secret ingredient, check who's hosting next month.

Thursday, June 19, 2008


These photos were taken at Macau Airport during my last trip there in March. We arrived Macau from Hong Kong in late evening. We tried to search for some freshly baked ones in the City, but sadly it was all sold out. Luckily, the airport's cafe do have freshly baked ones too, but of course, at a much higher price than those bakeries outside.

Albeit the premium price, it was worth every dollar paid. The multiple layer pastry was flaky and buttery in taste. In contrast with the pastry, the custard filling is smooth, soft and rich in flavour. I simply love the burnt caramelised bits!

Heavenly good! A must try when one visits Macau!

There is a reason for this post. I will be heading to Macau for the weekend, so yes, this is what I will be having for the next couple of days. Yumzz..Portugese Tart HERE I COME!!!!

Monday, June 16, 2008


JiehJieh phone rang yesterday. After the phone call, GorGor and JiehJieh let me out from my cage and put me on leash. Wooohooo! This means that am going out! Funny though, how come PeaGor is not going with me? Anyway who cares as long as I get to go for a car ride!

Apparently it was my vet who called to remind my JiehJieh that am due for vaccination. *Oh Man!* While waiting for my turn, JiehJieh took her camera out and starting asking me to "sit", "stay", "look here", "pumpkin", "pumpkin" and "pumpkin". times have to pose for her otherwise she would keep screaming and yelling. So embarassing as the chihuahua was staring at me giggling away! Grrr..I might as well pose and be done with it.

JiehJieh, is this pose good enough?

Ooo..ahhh....nice nice nice...GorGor continue to scratch'syiok'!P6140602

Jieh Jieh took me to another chair. She said that it's better to have different colour as background. Sigh..whatever! I am so photogenic, hard to get a bad photo out of me anyway.

Ouch! Luckily JiehJieh didn't take any photos of me while I was jabbed. But actually she was too busy holding me down. So pitiful. Apart from my annual jab, JiehJieh requested my doctor to do a blood test on me so that I could be given another heartworm jab. Sniff sniff!

Such a relief to be home and while I was playing with PeaGor in which JiehJieh claimed I was 'bullying' him instead, I was punished. This is so unfair!!!

JiehJieh, please let me out from the basket. I promise to be good. I PROMISE...

Till then...arff arff!



In my previous post here, I mentioned that my team has been tasked to come up with a strategy to win the Mister Potato contest. Before I reveal our plan, let me briefly tell you more about the contest again.

A special announcement to all football lovers, ok, even those who are not, I am sure you wouldn’t mind a free football tour to Manchester England which includes a Stadium & Museum Tour worth RM15,000 right? All you got to do is to participate in the Mister Potato which is running from 1 June to 30 November 2008 and be one of the top 30 Football Point Collectors and you will soon be packing your way to Old Trafford! And the best thing is, the top 3 Football Point Collectors also wins RM5,000 each. There are autographed jerseys up for grab too for the top 5 monthly collectors.

How to collect the Football Points? EASY! The Football Points are collected from Mister Potato LIMITED EDITION:
160g canister seal : 3 points
85g pouch : 2 points
55g pouch : 1 point
Picture 2Picture 3

You can get more information on the contest by visiting Mister Potato website.

Now, the moment that you have been waiting for has finally arrived! Yes, am revealing the gameplan that my team came up with. In order to maximize our collection of football points, my team decided to embark on a mission each, based on what we could do best.


Being a food blogger, it is only natural that my strategy revolves around food. Although it sounded so much easier to just buying a few cartons of Mister Potato home, I certainly would not be able to finish it all. I definitely would not want it to go to waste. Giving it away with the seal removed doesn’t sound right to me either.

T minus:
28: 59:58

Food unites people and it certainly does among food bloggers. I will engage help from my fellow food bloggers and team members as well as my friends and relatives by inviting them over to my place for a “HOME COOKED ROAST DUCK FEAST”.

An event page on the Roast Duck Feast will be created via Facebook and email. The invitation goes to all food bloggers, friends, relatives as well as my team members’ friends. The more the merrier! Of course, there is no such thing as free lunch in this world. Every guest have to bring at least two canisters of Mister Potato limited edition (with the seal intact of course!).

While I whip up a crispy and juicy roast duck for my guests..….

…my guests can help themselves with Mister Potato that they brought along.

Hmmm..which one shall I start with? Original, Sour Cream or BBQ?

My happy guests love Mister Potato!

Which one shall I eat first? Roast duck or Mister Potato?

Of course Mr Potato first…..Crunch crunch crunch!!

Actually the duck not bad too! Wish I can have both at the same time!

Hmm…2 in one? This sparks off a brilliant idea. Mister Potato tastes fantastic and goes really well with roast duck. Perhaps Mister Potato should consider introducing a new flavour i.e. “Roast Duck Flavoured Chips!
P6070529 certified by HIM!

While my satisfied guests go home with a grin on their face, it’s time for me to collect all the seals! Mine! It’s all MINE!!! Wuaahaha!

No wastage and a win-win situation. Attractive deal right? In fact, the contest runs till end of November, maybe I should throw a feast every month to collect as many Mister Potato seals as possible. So, anyone game for the offer? Kindly register please…ASAP!

T minus:
22: 59:58

While I relax, our two pretty Ninja Girls; RoeSeann and Porcinus May will be out on their secret mission.

Now, do you want to win the football tour to Manchestor?? What are you waiting for then, drop by my team members' blog to check out the other 4 game plan and I shall see you at KL International Airport soon!

Prologue -Shaolin Tiger
Episode 1 - Queer Rant
Episode 2Temptations and Ambitions
Episode 3 - Precious Pea
Episode 4 - RoeSeann
Episode 5 - Porcinus May

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Initially Hubby and I thought of bringing my brother-in-law (BIL) to Pan Heong for porridge but surprisingly, it was closed on the Friday we went. Since we were already in Batu Caves area, Hubby suggested that we have lunch at Remember 126 Restaurant located at Kg Bukit Tinggi, Pahang instead. It was a good choice made as I knew BIL would be impressed to try wild paddy frogs instead of having those reared ones in KL.

Kg Bukit Tinggi is just about 10 - 15 mins away from Genting Sempah. Look out for the signboard after you pass Selesa Hillhomes on your left. Turn left off the highway to a narrow road and at the junction, turn right. Go pass a tunnel to get to the other side of the highway, turn right and go straight all the way heading towards the Bukit Tinggi town. Remember 126 Restaurant is located at your left side. This restaurant is quite popular among golfers as well as passerbys stopping for a rest and a meal.

Further up from this restaurant, you might want to stop by to get some locally-grown vegetables and fruits. One of the famous produce here is the brown-skinned banana which tastes milky rich!

Surrounded by banana trees plantation behind, my nephew was very excited to learn where bananas came from. There is a small man-made pond too with some river fishes inside. 1

The first dish to arrive was the Sweet and Sour Pork. Certainly one of the best I had and within minutes, the plate was polished off clean! I like the way the pork was done...meaty and juicy coated with thin layer of batter without any fats and then tossed in semi translucent gravy. Appetising and perfect dish to start the meal.

We had only one side of the River Patin as the boss told us that the whole fish would be too big for us. It was steamed to perfection with lots of julienned gingers, drizzled with soya sauce and shallots oil and lastly, some chopped coriander for the extra aroma. No trace of muddy taste. Flesh was firm, almost like having chicken meat. The best part would be the skin which is chewy and gelatinous! DELICIOUS! I could easily finish off one bowl of rice with the soya sauce alone.

Steamed Paddy Frog with Chinese Herbs was very good too! BIL was really surprised that wild paddy frogs could actually taste so much different from the reared ones; firmer and sweeter. Much to my delight, the taste from the angelica root (tong kwai) was mild and the gravy tastes so much like herbal chicken soup. Good till the last drop!

BIL requested to have another order of Paddy Frog, this time, it was steamed and when served, a bottle of Brands Essence of Chicken was poured all over the dish. Personally I find Essence of Chicken has got a weird taste to it, hence I still prefer the first order.

But this time, the Paddy Frog was so much bigger. Just look at the size of the drumstick! Almost as long as the height of a softdrink can! But sadly the meat was too tough due to it gigantic size. Strongly advice that you request for medium sized frogs when placing your order.

We need our fibers and the best veggie dish to order was of course locally grown veggies none other than Choy Sam which was stir-fried with garlic...delicious!

Another favourite of mine is the stir-fry young watercress. I tried cooking this at home but somehow it always tasted a bit bitter and nothing compared to those outside. Anyone have any tips on how to get rid of its bitterness?

Lastly, a veggie recommended by the waiter, locally-grown Tin Chat which sounded so much like one of those concoction of Chinese medicine. I wonder if this has any connection with that but it could be as the waiter told us it's highly nutritionous although it slighlty bitter and slimy. I didn't like it at all so this is a veggie I will avoid from now on.

I couldn't find the receipt for our meal but as far as I could remember, it was fairly reasonable. So do try if you happen to pass by the area and feels like having a good meal.

Remember One Two Six Restaurant is located at:
PT3347, Kg Bukit Tinggi
28750 Bentong, Pahang
Handphone: 012-2251894


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