Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Boon Wah Steamboat and Seafood House @ Taman Berkeley, Klang

Updated on 22 February 2009: This post was chosen for today's Star Metro!

It has been 7 months since I moved to Setia Alam, but not even once we venture into Klang for food despite just a stone throw away. Somehow, I always have the impression that the traffic in Klang town is horrible and we certainly wouldn't want to be stuck in the jam at an unfamiliar place. Last weekend, my Makan Gang spent the day at our place and Wong (makan gang member) suggested to have dinner at Boon Wah in Taman Berkeley. I was excited of course as I have never been to Taman Berkeley and I don't even have any idea which part of Klang it is located. According to Wong, Boon Wah is one of the many famous restaurants in Klang and instantly, I seconded his suggestion.

True enough, Boon Wah is famous judging from the crowd. Since Wong is a regular patron, he took charge with the ordering task while we waited eagerly for our food. First to arrive, Fried Tang Hoon/Glass Noodle (RM10) looked promising as I could smell the wok hei or aroma while I was busy snapping photos of it. The tang hoon was stir-fried together with shrimps, chicken cubes, shredded cabbages, sliced egg omelet and dried shrimps. The aroma was wonderful but sadly, the tang hoon was not soaked long enough, hence it was a bit too dry and hard.


Steamed Prawns (RM30). One spoonful of the broth will send you to heaven. Full of sweetness from the prawns. Simply divine! While I enjoyed the broth bubbling hot cos it was served on a metal food warmer with fire underneath, it caused the prawns to overcook and small pores popping up from the egg white.

The Stir-Fry Bamboo Clams with Ginger and Spring Onions (RM15) was flavourful and aromatic. I quite enjoyed this dish when I was stopped by Hubby. Apparently some of the bamboo clams were not that fresh and knowing that I have sensitive stomach, I was advised not to touch the dish. But I still attacked the ginger and spring onion coated with tasty gravy.

Oyster Omelet (RM15). Taste wise not too bad and certainly not starchy and lumpy like some places. My only complain was the oysters. So tiny, there were not any bigger than kidney bean. Hubby said he only enjoyed the sweet crunchy sliced onions. I guess next time we should just order onion omelet?

Deep Fried Fish (RM40), if not mistaken, Wong ordered a whole Garoupa. It was highly recommended by the waitress. The whole fish was chopped into small pieces, coated with thin batter and deep fried until golden brown. She said that we can eat it on its own or to dip it into our steamboat. I only tried one piece eating it just like that. Batter was thin and meat was sweet, soft and juicy. Quite bland though without any dipping sauce but certainly a great snack to go with beer.

Baked Salt & Pepper Mud Crab (RM35). Best dish of the night! The crabs were fresh and meaty. The amount of salt and pepper used was just right. Too salty will end up with a sore tongue and this was just PERFECT!! The best thing about eating with my Makan Gang is, they don't really fancy crabs and at most they only take two pieces and yet, they will still order it. Of course, I don't mind at all. *grin*

Boon Wah is famous for their traditional charcoal steamboat and personally I feel that using charcoal to cook tastes better than using gas or electric cooker. The only downside of using charcoal would be the heat from the burning charcoal and being not able to control the fire.

Priced at RM13 per set, we ordered for 2 pax to share. The set came with the usual stuffs like pork balls, assorted fish balls, fish noodle, prawns, 1/4 portion of a pomfret, slices of cuttlefish, fried beancurd sheet, quail eggs and some greens. We had clear soup base and not sure if they have other options. The soup tasted more like diluted soup with salt. My Makan Gang member insisted that it tasted more like salted veggie with water. Big big disappointment.

Total bill for 5 of us including tea came up to RM175. Overall I find that the cooked dishes were not too bad; tasty and flavourful. However, I don't find their charcoal steamboat anything to shout about. Anyway, according to Jackson, Bak Kut Teh is served during the day.

If you wish to give this place a try, Boon Wah Steamboat and Seafood House is located at:
No. 1 Leboh Lang, Berkeley Garden
41150 Klang, Selangor
Tel: 03-3341.8313

Location (copied from Jackson):
From KL after Klang Toll, go straight and you will see a bridge. Go up to the bridge and you will see Jusco Klang on your right. Go further and there is a bridge again. Keep to the left under the bridge and you will see a roundabout, take a 3 o'clock turn. Go straight and within a very short distance, turn to the first right junction. Go straight again and you will see Boon Wah, corner left of the second road.

Monday, July 28, 2008

My New Hobby....FISHING!

After our discovery two months back during an evening stroll along one of the lakes in Setia Alam, Hubby and I embarked on a new hobby: Fishing!!

Hubby bought me a pink fishing rod whereas he got himself a blue. He invested quite a bit in getting the accessories such as different types of hook, floats and baits. I look forward to weekend as whenever we are free, we will spend 2 hours at the lake. I was always excited and hopeful, armed with my camera so that I could capture my first catch. On our first visit, we both each caught a plastic bag and went home empty handed. From then on, we have tried using different baits like prawns, grounded worm powder and live worms but still return home empty handed, so much so, the determination and the excitement began to fade. And during our last fishing trip, I did not even bring along my camera as I already anticipated we will return home empty handed and true enough, we did.

Hubby @ 5.30 p.m. : Fishy fishy...where are you????

Hubby @ 7 p.m.: Grrr...stupid fish....another 5 mins and that's it!

Yesterday my Makan (Eating) Gang spent a 'food-full' day at my place (details in another post) and we brought them to have pre-dinner drink at a cafe nearby. We spotted a few Indonesian girls fishing at the lake and on the way back, we decided to make a stop to see if they have any luck. We were dumbstrucked when we saw the girls fishing out at an average rate of 1 tilapia per minute. Don't believe me, look at her pail of tilapias!! Although those are baby tilapias, she said that it is delicious especially when deep fried.

She was kind enough to let me try my luck and guess what? I caught my very first fish in less than a minute! I was so excited and jumping with joy. And I was SO glad that I have my camera with me.

Although this was my first catch, I contributed it to their dinner. Must be extra delicious ...*grin*

Now now...I think there is definitely something wrong with our method, probably the way Hubby hooked the baits. Now that my confidence has been restored, I will be back soon, DEFINITELY!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Khuntai Restaurant @ Petaling Garden

Time to clear some backlogs again! Today's post: Khuntai Restaurant located in Petaling Garden, Off Jalan Gasing. Surprisingly, I still have the receipt with me and I had this meal on 15 December 2007! (If anyone charge me for anything at that day and time, i have my alibi..hehe). Not sure if they have increased the price though, so do note that the price I quoted here was based on last year's price.

After reading Boolicious post on this place, I was really keen to check the place out simply because during my secondary school days (can you guess which school I am from?), whenever I have to stayed back for school activities, I will sure passed by this place in order to get to the Old Town Bus Station to catch a bus home. It was a long walk from my school to the bus station but I didn't mind as a group of us will be too busy chit chatting. Back then of course, I didn't really pay attention if this restaurant already exist. Anyway, Khuntai Restaurant serves Thai cuisine although from the outside it looks like a normal 'tai chow' restaurant. A look at their menu and with Thai songs playing in the background, you can be assured it is indeed a Thai restaurant.

For appetizer, we ordered a serving of Mieng Kam which came in generous portion of betel leaves together with condiments such as toasted peanuts, toasted dried shrimps, toasted coconut flakes, lime cubes, young ginger cubes, shallots cubes and chopped birds' eye chilies. And not forgetting the maltose-like sauce too!

Folding the betel leave from one end to the other to form a cone, fill it up with a small spoonful of each condiments and drizzle with the sauce. Sweet, Sour, Spicy, Savoury and with a tinge of bitterness (lime skin). Mmm yum yum yum....I can guarantee you will reach out for second helping in no time. I am pretty impressed with this first dish! Generous portion for only RM12. Big thumbs up!

Our 'small' portion of Seafood Tom Yum came served in a huge steamboat pot! Lots of prawns, squids, fish slices, fish balls and mushrooms were scooped out from the pot throughout the meal. It was spicy, spicy and spicy! I remember I ended up having a burning tummy.

The Chicken Meat with Basil Leaf (RM10 for small) was served next. Not impressed at all as chicken breast strips were used and it looked more like stir fry dark soy chicken to me. Chicken meat was tough. And halfway through the meal, I noticed the absence of basil and hence the waiter came over to apologised, took it back, came back 5 minutes later with the balance of our dish + few basil leafs. It was obvious they toss it again with the basil leave and the chicken breast strips were even tougher after that. BAD!!!

Steamed Siakap or Lemon Fish they called it, was served in metal plate with burning hot charcoal underneath. And if the Tom Yum didn't get you perspiring, now is the time! The heat from the charcoal together with the spiciness from the gravy will definitely make you sweat! Phew! We were not impressed though as the gravy was way too sour for our likings. Actually, we discover a place in Klang specialising in this dish...well..that is in my backlog too.

Lastly, stir-fry brussel sprouts with garlic (RM8). How wrong could it get??

Total damage including rice and 3 drinks came up to RM86.50. I found out that they have a website too! You can check out their menu, address, location map and operating hours here.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


At a lovely dinner feast hosted by FatBoyBakes more than a year ago, I was particularly drawn to his roast duck pasta. A perfect combination I must say as the aroma of the duck, which I strongly believes contributed by the fats on the skin, imparts a wonderful aroma and taste to the otherwise bland tasting pasta. Since then, I have recreated this pasta dish in my very own kitchen.

Before I go on with the list of ingredients, I just wanna share on some of the tips I discovered when I cooked this dish.
I have tried using prawns as I could not find any roast duck on that particular day, and it didn't turn out as tasty. So I guess it was the duck fats the main contributory factor after all. You don't have to hunt for the best roast duck in town. I got mine from the SS2 wet market and if possible, get the seller to remove the bones for you. Do request for a small packet of the roast duck gravy too.

For the veggies, I opted for something colourful and rich in flavour, hence I used yellow and red capsicums. For some crunch, a few stalks of asparagus and for softness, I added in one small packet of oyster mushrooms. Of course, you may substitute any of the above with carrots, peas, onions, etc...

I have tried both the Angel Hair Pasta and Vermicelli Pasta for this dish but found out that the former is too fine and didn't really taste as good as the latter which has more chew to it. Well, of course this is my personal view and you may use whatever form of pasta you wish.

Ok, I talked too much, here is the list of the ingredients (serves 4):

1/2 packet Vermicelli Pasta (cook according to instruction on the packet and drain well)
1/2 roast duck (sliced or shredded)
1 yellow capsicum
(cut into small cubes)
1 red capsicum (cut into small cubes)
7 - 8 stalks of asparagus (cut into small cubes)
1 small packet oyster mushroom (cut into small pieces)
6 pips garlic (chopped finely)

4 tablespoon olive oil
Salt and sugar to taste
1/2 cup roast duck gravy (optional)
Fish sauce (optional)

Step 1:
Heat up your wok or pan or whatever you are using with olive oil and sauteed the garlic and oyster mushroom to remove the 'woody' fungi smell.

Step 2:
Before your garlic turns brown, put the rest of the ingredients into the pan and give it a good toss for about a minute.

Step 3:
For seasoning, try not to put in too much salt at this stage especially if you are using the roast duck gravy. You can always adjust the taste after this step.

Step 4:
Lastly, put in the pasta and give it a good toss for about 2 minutes. Check at this stage if more seasoning is needed. If you wish to add in more salt, do so by diluting it with water. Alternatively, use fish sauce or soy sauce.

Dish it up and now it is ready to be savoured. So colourful, no garnishing required.

Mmm....Bon Appetit!!!

Friday, July 18, 2008


Wanna know what condiment you are? Click on the link below to find out. Mine turned out very accurate so do let me know if the same goes for you too.

Have a wonderful weekend ahead!

You Are Barbeque Sauce

You are a social person. You enjoy cooking for other people.

You are both skillful and competitive. You enjoy mastering hard tasks.

You appreciate complexity more than simplicity.

Your taste in food tends to lean toward interesting flavors.

You appreciate exotic spice combinations. You tend to like cutting edge, fusion cuisine.

You get along with all personalities from a distance. Except salsa personalities, who always seem to annoy you.

p/s: Anyone have any idea what is salsa personality??

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


It took me quite a while to think of a name for this post. Simply because, to put it as Chicken Satay will be misleading as no research was done beforehand when I marinated the chicken pieces for my BBQ last Saturday. Furthermore, there aren't any spicy peanut sauce and the usual condiments such as cucumbers and shallots to go with my chicken skewer. I guess the safest bet is to name it as Pea's Spiced Chicken Satay! I guess in future, the word "Pea's" shall act as disclaimer (It implies that you may try at your own risk!) on all self-created dishes.

For the chicken, I used 4 whole deboned chicken maryland (drumstick + thigh) and cut into small bite pieces which yielded about 30 skewers with 4 pieces of meat on each stick. For those who are health conscious, you may want to remove the skin or substitute with chicken breast.

Next, the ingredients to be blended into smooth paste:

1 whole onions (use shallots if possible)

1 whole garlic
2 - 3 stalks of lemongrass

At a glance, do you find this photo resembles a bowl of ice-shaved dessert drizzed with gula melaka, caramel and sprinkled with cinnamon sugar? Well, it is not! The blended paste was added onto the chicken together with the following spices:

2 tablespoon of meat curry powder

1 teaspoon of cumin powder

1 teaspoon of fennel powder

1 teaspoon of coriander powder

2 teaspoon of turmeric powder (I ran out of this but do add to achieve bright orangey colour)
2 tablespoon soya sauce
2 tablespoon sugar
Salt to taste A dash of fish sauce

Let it marinade in the fridge for at least 2 hours. I had mine marinated for about 6 hours and the chicken pieces fully absorbed the flavour from the spices. 3

Ensure that you soak the bamboo skewers with water to avoid burning. Four pieces of chicken per skewer, just perfect!


It is always advisable to fire up your BBQ pit at least 45 mins before the grilling process actually starts. High flame will leave a black carbon residue on your meat. Wait till you achieve glowing red charcoal before putting any meat on the griller.

Mmmm...assemble the chicken satay and sprinkle with a bit of oil. Keep turning it every one minute or so until cooked. The cooking process should not take more than 10 minutes. As there are fats in drumstick and thigh area, you will be entertained with the sizzling sound and the wonderful aroma of spices.

I like my satay slightly burnt. But do cool it a bit before putting it into your mouth as it's extremely heaty! But of course, who could wait? It turned out really tasty! So tasty on its own that you don't even need any peanut sauce to go with it.

Pea's Spiced Chicken Satay was a hit that night and received thumbs up from my Makan Gang. They said they don't even mind paying if it costs RM1.50 per skewer. Now, I am getting big-headed with the praises, shall I open up a satay stall soon? Hmm...I think i will name it "PEA's SATAY"!
(I told you am getting big-headed right?)

Monday, July 14, 2008


Not sure if anyone would agree with me but personally I find aquatic plant gives a sense of peace and tranquility. Perhaps this could be due to the presence of calm and clear water and at many times, the presence of little fishes co-habitating with the plant. I am glad that I have quite a few varieties in my garden now. Wanna see? Read on...

I am particularly drawn to flowering aquatic plants especially water lilies. While it is easy to maintain water lilies (as long as there is enough water and sunlight), I also found out that the price for water lilies are not cheap and it varies according to the colour. One of the most beautiful water lilies I have encountered so far is at this nursery in Jalan Gasing. Beige petals with bright yellow centre. From afar, I was attracted to it like a bee. Absolutely stunning. Sadly, the lady owner refused to sell. "A rare colour", she told me. So, if you have any of this yellow water lilies in your garden to spare, can spare me one please?

Another beautiful combo: Sweet purple with bright yellow. I can't remember exactly how much it was, but definitely not cheap.

I ended up with something similar to the picture before this...but with a much lighter purple shade. This is common I guess as it is available at almost every nurseries. Given to us free and I am very happy with it as it has been flowering continuously and at times, more than one stalk. Just for your information, living happily together with this water lily is my Bluey, my deep blue fighting fish.

I simply adores Water Hyacinth which produce violet flowers on a terminal spike. It's a free-floating plant and grows pretty easily. However, it can form thick mats (similar to roots) and it grows at a very fast rate. So do trim off the mats from time to time to avoid it invading the entire surface of the pond that can cause oxygen depletions.

I have two pots of this water plants in my courtyard garden growing rather well. While one of it is sitting on a huge pot on its own, the smaller plant is put inside my fish pond. . Initially I had the water lilies in the pond but it was brutally attacked by my fish! I find this plant perfect as the stems are just too long and tough for my fish to attack. It's a tough plant as just water and a tablet of fertilizer once a month will do. And it flowers too!

Usually there are more than one stem branching out from the plant at all directions. And along the stems are small buds bearing small and sweet-looking white flowers which only blooms during the day and closes back at night. Very lasting flowers as the same stem could bloom for days. Once it wither, just cut the stem away. Easy eh?

Lastly, another floating plant known as Pistia or commonly known as water cabbage due to the thick soft leaves that form a rosette. I got mine at RM1 per rosette and it multiplies at an alarming fast rate. Sadly, it didn't grow very well due to constant attack from my lion heads. By the way, meet 'Ulcer' who came up to the surface the moment he saw me. With the two white dots on his head, you should know how he got his name.

The only plant that I yearn for now is lotus. I guess that would be the next plant that I will get for my garden. Now, do you agree with me now that aquatic plants are simply beautiful?

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Heng Kee (Hokkien Noodle) @ Sea Park, PJ

I am trying to delete off some old collection of photos from my USB to make way for new ones. Some I have no qualm of doing so, but some I have second thoughts. I do not like posting on backdated photos simply because there are just too much research to do, for example the address of the place, operating hours and the price. But I guess this post is pretty easy to do as I could just refer to the person who brought me here: WMW.

I have been living in PJ SS2 for most of my life and yet I have never step foot into Sea Park for dinner. It just never cross our mind to do so. WMW was raving about the Hokkien Noodle served at Heng Kee which is located at a corner coffee shop facing the former Ruby cinema (now Damansara Utama Methodist Church). In fact, my Makan Gang was raving about this place too and from what I heard, Heng Kee is run by two brothers in which he claimed that one of them cooks better Hokkien Noodle and the other Cantonese Noodle. Confirmed by WMW, the elder brother is the one Hokkien Noodle expert.

The Hokkien Noodle expert aka The Elder Brother! He was pointing to the menu above him which is the 2nd photo).

Take a pick! According to my Makan Gang, the Cantonese Noodle is not too bad but it was Hokkien Mee that we wanted for dinner. Next time maybe.

The Elder Brother was excited when he saw me with a camera. He said "wait"...and I waited, wondering why I should wait. Before a splash of stock onto the hot wok, he asked me "Ready"?. "Yes", I replied. Suddenly I heard a "SPLASH" followed by "POOOFFFF"! I managed to snap a picture before running away from the flame. hot hot!!!

Our order was Hokkien Mee Hoon (vermicelli) for 2 pax. WMW prefers having only meehoon as it fully absorbed the gravy and hence more flavourful and tasty. True enough, it was good! And upon WMW's request, lots of fried lard (chue yau char) was tossed with the meehoon together with slices of pork, fish cakes, prawns and choy sum. I have never had so much fried lard in one meal in my life. Every mouthful was accompanied with pieces and pieces of crispy juicy lards.

Sinful but so satisfying! Do wash down with lots of chinese tea! Yumz!

Monday, July 07, 2008


"Should I just delete those photos? Or should I post on it?"

It was a long forgotten trip, a trip which I couldn't even remember when it took place. If not mistaken, this food excursion was way back in October 2007 with my fellow food blogger buddies, namely
Boolicious, WMW and Jason. The four of us ventured into Petaling Street one fine morning in search for, what else? FOOD! There are simply too many stalls and goodies offered here so no way we could conquer all. But we did fairly well and now that I looked back at those photos I took, am rather impressed that we managed to cover so much of Petaling Street in half a morning!!

So, are you ready??? Here goes:

#1 Hon Kee Porridge (Jalan Hang Lekir; 5 a.m. - 1 p.m.)

If you fancy having porridge for breakfast, Hon Kee is the place to go. This stall has been around for over 60 years old and one could get a good bowl of porridge for breakfast as early as 5 a.m.

There are a variety of condiments that you can choose from to go with your porridge such as raw fish, chicken, century egg, pork meatballs and pork innards, all from RM4 onwards per bowl.
With the recent price increase in almost anything and everything, I shall not itemized the price here as I do strongly believe, they would have increased their price by now.

Jason's Shredded Chicken Porridge

WMW's Century Egg Porridge

I had the highly recommended Raw Fish Porridge. A plate of finely sliced grass carp (Wan Yue in Cantonese) was served separately with lots of shredded ginger, spring onions and a dash of sesame oil. You can either eat the fish raw aka sashimi-style or to pour the whole plate into the piping hot porridge to cook it slightly. I opt for the latter as certainly do not want to run around Petaling Street searching for toilet. The porridge was boiled to perfection! Smooth, mushy and flavourful! It was simply wonderful and comforting to have such a nice bowl of porridge for breakfast!

We got a bit greedy even knowing that more food awaiting for us but we still could not help ourselves from ordering fried crullers to go with our porridge! Yummy! What a perfect match!

You may wish to add some crunchy and delicious deep-fried pork intestines to your porridge too! Yumz!

#2 Chee Cheong Fun (corner shop opposite Hong Leong Bank; 7 a.m - 4.30 p.m.)
While we had porridge, Boolicious opted for Chee Cheong Fun from a stall which is located at at the corner of Jalan Hang Lekir and Petaling Street. You can check out Boo's post on this place here. Not bad at all as I simply love the softness of the thin noodle with tiny bits and pieces of dried shrimps. Personally, I think it would be tastier with just a dash of soya sauce, chilli sauce and some greem picked chilies.8

#3 Air Mata Kucing (Junction of Petaling St and Jalan Hang Lekir; 10 a.m. - 11 p.m.)
When I was a little girl, a visit to Petaling Street would not be complete without having a drink at this famous Air Mata Kucing stall or Dried Longan and Lo Han Kuo drink sweetened with rock sugar. Located just right in front of Hong Leong Bank (yes, opposite Hon Kee Porridge) it would be impossible for one to miss. A popular drink for one to cool down after shopping under such hot weather. Pheww!

Refreshing and soothing to the throat. Aaahh..perfect way to wash down our meal.


#4 Sze Ngan Chye
(Jalan Petaling; 6 a.m. - 3 p.m.)

Sze Ngan is the name of this more than 40-year-old roast duck stall. Sze Ngan Chye literally means 4-eyed man but weird, the guy who owns the stall doesn't wearany glasses. Contact lens maybe?

Famous for its roasted duck, we gave this a miss due to limited stomach space allocation problem.

Instead, Boolicious and I went for the Duck Feet Parcel of Ngap Kiok Pau. In simpler description, basically it is duck feet and duck liver wrapped with duck instestine dipped with sweetish savoury sauce. I just love chewing on the chewy intestines and munching on the duck feet. Three words to descrie the duck feet parcel: Tasty, Tasty and Tasty!


#5 Madras Lane
We then walked off fro Petaling Street and enter into the wet market heading to......

....another food heaven, Madras Lane. There are many stalls here offering any variety to choose from and we had a hard time deciding what to eat. This is definitely NOT a place where you can simply sit and order from any stall you want. Some stalls are very territorial and refused to send the food over if you happen to sit at their competitor's table. Remember to choose your stall before choosing your table.

Jason was craving for Assam Laksa. Probably he wanted something sourish to ease digestion. His bowl of Assam Laksa sure looks good (*gulp* I just swallowed my saliva just looking at the photo) with generous amount of chunky pieces of fish. I remembered that it didn't taste as good as it looked and I tried to reconfirm with Jason a short while ago and his replies was "I cannot remember already".

Also from the same stall, the girls shared a bowl of fiery mean-looking curry laksa that looked very promising with fresh bloody red cockles, spongy fried pork skin, crunchy long beans and tauhu puffs soaking the rich coconut curry broth. I do have cravings for curry laksa from time to time and this definitely would makes me purr with satisfaction.

#6 Iced Cendol (Madras Lane; 8 a.m. - 4 p.m.)
From our table, we were eyeing at this drink stall that serves iced cendol and business seems pretty good too. We did not order any while eating as I mentioned earlier, this place is very territorial so we finished up our food and sat at their table instead.


The Iced Cendol here is very much different from the Indian version. The concoction of coconut milk and cendol were poured over shaved iced and topped with rose syrup and gula melaka. I would say, it looked more like ABC (air batu campur) or ice kacang. I definitely prefer the Indian version which is thicker and richer in taste. 22

Do note that most stalls at Madras Lane are closed on Mondays.

#7 Happy Meal Cafe (Jalan Tun HS Lee)
No matter how glutton a person is, there is limitation to one's stomach. We decided to take a walk to digest a little and Boolicious suggested we make a stop at Happy Meal Cafe.

At the glass panel, I saw lots of goodies displayed; durian tarts, pineapple tarts, coconut tarts, egg tarts, durian swiss roll and the list goes on and on...

But we were here solely for the durian cream puff! Sold in a pack of 4 pieces, those puffs were mini in size but BIG in taste! A must try for durian fan.

#8 Soya Bean and Tau Fu Fa (Along Petaling Street)
I have been drinking a lot of liquid that morning and yet I did not have the urge to ease myself. This showed how dehydrated I was. It was quite warm by noon tie and after a bit of walking and shopping, we stopped at the soya bean stall for a drink. I don't think any of us tried the Tau Fu Fa (did we?) but the soya bean drink was refreshing!

#9 Sang Har Meen (5 Lorong Yap Ah Loy; 11.30 a.m. - 2.30 p.m.)
We decided to call it for the day by ending it with lunch at a backlane coffee shop off Jalan Silang (behind Hon Ming textile shop). We ordered the Sang Har Noodle or Fresh River Prawn Noodle which is one of their specialty. Not a very pleasant environment to dine, well, I shall not elaborate further on this.

The prawns were big and succulent but sadly that was the worst Sang Har Noodle I ever tasted. The noodle had a very strong alkaline bitter taste to it. Gravy was too little, thick and tasted bland. If not mistaken, it was quite pricey too.

There goes all the yummies we had within roughly 4 hours spent in Petaling Street. Not bad huh? Well, still a number of places to try so I guess must plan for another trip there soon. Anyone want to join?


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