Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Makan Gang was at my place last weekend. Not knowing where and what to eat for dinner, Baby Seafood came to mind. Located just 10 minutes drive away from my house, this gem was discovered when we moved to Setia Alam a year ago. They serves very good food at very reasonable price but I only patroned this place twice. It was the crowd that turned me away. Each time we pass by the restaurant, I could see people standing outside waiting for table. Once I even spotted people waiting outside the shop 15 minutes before it was opened for dinner.

I thought we were early since I suggested we go before their opening time at 6 p.m. It was only 5.50 p.m. when we entered the restaurant but it was already crowded. We took the second last table available and those that came 5 minutes after us have to wait outside. What is so special about the place? Well...read on what we had for dinner!

Soup of the day? Definitely not!!!

Walking into the restaurant, one can easily detect the smell of burning charcoal. Not surprising when almost 90% of the tables order their signature steamed fish that comes piping hot on a charcoal steamer. Thai style steamed fish is their specialty and one can choose between garoupa, threadfin, red or white snapper. I like the taste of the broth a lot. The spiciness and tartness of the broth are perfectly balanced with just the right amount of sweetness. While it's burning hot to the mouth, it doesn't leave a stinging sensation in my stomach. The spiciness came from dried chilies and birds' eye chillies; the wonderful aroma from lemongrass, ginger galangal and lime leaves, and the tartness from sour plum, salted vegetables and pickled garlic. The bowl of soup given earlier was for the fish. Because of the charcoal steamer, it dried up pretty fast so we have to refill the broth from time to time. The best time to attack the broth is midway through the dish when the broth becomes concentrated and more flavourful. The sweetness of the fish enhanced the overall taste too! Our threadfin was of decent size. The price of the dish?? RM27 only!!!

Spinach in Superior Stock came next. I wonder if anyone could enlighten me about this dish here. All my life, the spinach in superior stock I ordered in PJ/KL is served in clear diluted stock with bits of salted eggs, century eggs and at times, some fried baby anchovies. But twice I ordered this dish in Klang and both came in thick starchy broth. The spinach in superior stock here live up to its name.

This dish was indeed very SUPERIOR. Lots of Chinese Ham/Bacon, tiny whole dried scallops and pieces of salted eggs were found in this dish. Needless to say, the broth was sweet and tasty. I was thinking to myself, this gonna cost a bomb!! I guess my Makan Gang thought the same too. All were shocked when we saw the bill...RM12!!!!!

Deep Fried Pandan Chicken..another signature dish of there. Quite big in serving, around half the size of my palm.


At only RM1.60 per piece, it was a joy tucking into the well marinated chicken meat. Makan Gang already declared that they gonna have more than one piece on our next visit. P1110019

The Sizzling Hotplate of Prawns, Squid and Cuttlefish was nothing to shout about. The gravy was sourish sweet; appetizing but it failed to impress me. Maybe I was too busy drowning myself with the fish broth so I didn't bother having second helping of it. Priced at RM20, it wasn't exactly expensive as there were lots of medium-sized prawns.

Lastly, another signature dish of theirs...Mee Siam. Funny how they fared so well with Thai-style dishes. Again, they got the taste right. The portion is enough for 2 person if you wanna make it as a meal on its own and it is economically priced at RM5 only!! P1110026

The total bill came up to RM78.60 for 4 adults including tea, rice and towel. Makan Gang was impressed and vowed to return this coming weekend to try their Claypot Fish Maw and Stewed Pig's Tendon.

Do check out this gem if you happen to be around the area.
Baby Seafood is located at:

No. 186A-1 Jalan Sg Putus
Batu Belah
41400 Klang
Operating Hours: 12 noon - 2.30 p.m.; 6 p.m. - 10.30 p.m.


Selba said...

Wow.. interesting to see the spinach in superios stock.

I've never seen that way to cook spinach. Must be really delicious specially because it got ham/bacon and dried scallops.

myCoffee said...

The food looks delicious and so cheap. Too bad it's so far out from where I stay.

SimpleGirl said...

Mee Siam & the hotplate seafood looks yummy...really very value for money ya!

*Anton* said...

:) One of my family's fav haunts. Having dinner there on weekends wld force us to have an early one .... 5:30pm. This has been the norm since 5 years ago.

Yes, u r right. Attcak anything Siamese. Love that fish, a must-hv everytime! ^_^


Lyrical Lemongrass said...

Wow sista! I'll be calling you for directions....I can take my family there since they absolutely refuse to go out of Klang to makan.

Precious Pea said...

selba: Yes, the gravy really good and sweet!

mycoffee: Make an excuse to explore Klang! :)

simplegirl: Very hard to find such pricing with generous portion like this in KL/PJ...actually in Klang too!

anton: Cool!! Can you suggest some other must try dishes??? Who knows, i might bump into you there.

luscious sista: No problem. Very easy to find but remember, must be early.

Jason said...

Darn cheap! The fish looks really good, can even see the broth's simmering.

Tummythoz said...

What if late say 8.30pm? Still so crowded? Or food finito? So hard to find good mee siam.

Pureglutton said...

Wow...great food at great prices! Where exactly is this place and how to get there?

*Anton* said...

hahaha..yup, perhaps you may see me there.

Anything belacan is good there. The kangkung belacan is tasty and cheap.


Precious Pea said...

Jason: It's really syiok to sip the bubbling spicy broth..so appetizing and hot!!! Once started, hard to stop.

tummythoz: I guess by 8.30 p.m., the crowd should die down a little as in no queue outside.

pureglutton: So sorry, i really don't know how to direct you to this place. I follow the Carrefour Klang signboard all the way cos they are on the same road.

anton: I tried the kangkung before, it comes with prawns rite??

worldwindows said...

This fish is a real deal. Steam threadfin is not easy to do.

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

my friends been tellin me abt this n wanting to bring me for damn long..looks like it is indeed a gem! cant wait to go!

chinnee said...

Yummz.. have you tried their stuffed chicken wings, marmite pork ribs? taste good.. Btw they have thai chicken feet salad as well.

Fish Maw@BB Seafood comes with real crab flesh ..not the usual crab stick you get in other restaurant.

Precious Pea said...

worldwindows: This is the first time I had threadfin steamed. Usually we have it deep fried.

NJoe: Time to bug your friends to bring you there.

chinnee: Wow..sounds good. Thanks for the recommendation. The fish maw dish sounded very 'superior'. Is it pricey?

rokh said...

one thai fish and mee siam for me please!

kampungboycitygal said...

are you kidding me?!! very good food at such reasonable price..must plan a visit to ur house soon hehe

ilene said...

Is this shop nearby to Carrefour Klang? I sure would like to try those spinach and mee siam.

mimid3vils said...

Really a steal!!! The fish soup can replenish somemore!!!

J2Kfm said...

so cheap! and I had more or less the same fish in Betong. we were wondering why they gave another bigbowl of sauce/soup. =P

but the sang yue (haruan?) was fried 1st though.

coffeesncookies said...

so yummy, esp the spinach is super superior broth, different style of cooking. must try. btw, can you give simple direction to Baby Seafood, I'm not familiar with Shah Alam or Klang. TQ

Precious Pea said...

rokh: Good choice!!

kampungboycitygal: Come come come...in return can you please take some nice shots of my boys with your new camera?

ilene: Yes..in fact same road as Klang Carrefour.

mimid3vils: The soup is very addictive!!

j2kfm: Hahaha..first visit i almost tot free soup of the day. Luckily didn't ask for small bowl. Hahaha!!! Yes, sang yue is haruan.

coffeesncookies: So sorry, I really dunno the direction cos the only direction i know is from my place, setia alam. I am not familiar with klang too.

Cokeworld Citizen said...

the spinach in superior stock quite reasonable. hahaha Those are not Chinese ham stripes la. If they put so much in that plate, masin gila oh...

xin said...

wow so cheap! with all the seafood, u pay even less than rm80 for 4. me also wants to go there!!!

Jessica said...

wah wah so cheap and nice! how do i join the makan gang? ;P

sc said...

my boss who stays in shah alam always ask me to check out baby and i have yet to do so..very affordable and looks good though

tigerfish said...

Hey, never see a lot of seafood leh. Or the seafood is too "baby"(small) to be seen ? ;p

babe_kl said...

darnnn, i'm craving for thai food now *slurps*

Precious Pea said...

cokeworld citizen: Those chinese ham la...but must have been boiled for hours oledi until no more taste. If not..mana get so much stock? It definitely not those normal ham lor cos it has got very nice taste and aroma.

xin: Do try but i suggest to avoid CNY period. Never order fish at restaurant during the festive season.

jessica: Hahaha...errm...you have to show us how many rounds of food you can eat in one day before we can consider your application.

sc: Do try soon. Not bad and surprisingly very cheap. Ok..i shouldn't keep saying it's cheap..sekali they read blog and increase the price. Hehehe.

tigerfish: LOL!! I have no idea why Baby Seafood. Next visit I will ask.

babe: Hehehe...go go satisfy your cravings, quick!


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