Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I Need To Digest!!

I was planning to do a food post today but the sight of food is making me feel nausea. Yes, that is the result of overeating. Although my tummy is bloating and my brain screaming for me to stop stuffing myself, I just couldn't stop myself from munching tidbits and drowning myself with iced cold Coke.

Since am not in the mood for food, at least at this moment, I decided to show off some of Hubby's fruit of labour. Our Japanese Cucumber plant is growing very well and have produced 3 large cucumbers to date and more to come. Crunchy and wonder why, this is the sweetest and tastiest cucumber I ever tasted!! Hahaha..bias right?

Tomatoes in season? Our cherry tomato plants are producing lots of fruits too. Red and juicy, best eaten after being chilled in the fridge. Yumz yumz! (Am thinking of going to my garden to harvest some after posting this up!) By the way, those are Thai Basil in the background.

Lastly, our asparagus plant. So far, only one tiny shoot came up but I managed to strike a deal with Hubby. I will eat the first shoot while he will have the next one, if there is any. Hahaha!!

I decided to try my luck and planted some Hong Kong Choy Sam and Hong Kong Kailan. Yet to see any result but I will keep you posted on my progress. Wish me luck!! Now, time to go to grab some cherry tomatoes and catch a nap before feasing again tonight..yawnn..


Selba said...

Your hubby definitely has green hands :)

Another feasting dinner? Whoaaa.. how lucky you are!

babe_kl said...

So nice ler to hv a garden!

May the year of Ox bring you all the happiness, good fortune, health and prosperity you wish for.

~~wilson~~ said...

Happy mooo moo year .. (^_^)
the cherry tomatoes look delicious .. yum yum ..

terri@adailyobsession said...

ur plants sure look healthy. even the thai basil looks better than mine. wonder what fertilizer u've been using?! u must harvest tt asp shoot, it looks ready to seed:D

550ml jar of faith said...

What fun! Grow your own, eat your own! I didn't even know we could plant asparagus in this weather!

Live2Talk said...

good job on the harvesting! can save on buying veg soon eh babe ;P

CRIZ LAI said...

Hmmm.. I'm sure my brain-like fish balls would make you puke anytime... better not see my reunion post then.. haha.

Anyway, it's great to have greens in the garden. I have thought of what I can cook with the three items you have there now.. :P

ai wei said...

happy 'niu' year!

i love ur watermarks!!!

kk said...

Hello PP,
Happy niu year! It's been a while since my last comment here. One thing that I don't quite enjoy is non stop eating during CNY. I had food coma on 1st and 2nd day with family reunion breakfast, lunch & dinner!

I thought you were in the mood for something else when you wrote this post especially on cucumber. I chuckled when you described about those cucumbers. Oppps..maybe I was in the mood:D:D:D
Sorry, my bad.

Wandering Chopsticks said...

Haha. I find it hilarious that you have just ONE stalk of asparagus. At least the basil is doing well.

Life for Beginners said...

RE: The Asparagus. Wah... u sure know how to negotiate lah! Hehe, but also cuz the Hubby sayang you rite? ;)

Btw, 新年快乐! :D

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

Nice garden! Now trying to imagine you savouring your one asparagus. You're so cute la.

fatboybakes said...

wow, u really have green fingers hor...i could kill cactus.

Precious Pea said...

selba: CNY is all about eating, eating and eating. LOL!

babe: Yes, but it's also best to have a full-time gardener to keep it neat and tidy. Hehe. Happy Ox year to you and your family too!!

wilson: Thank you and Happy MooooooMOoooom year to you too!!!

terri: Too late! I tot of letting the shoot become fatter but now, it's errmmm sprouting!!!! Sniff sniff! We used those normal fertilizer bought from Tesco. Those basil so nice right???? I always pick and chew some whenever i am in the garden.

550ml jar of faith: I thought the same but since we saw the seedlings for sale, so we decided to give it a try.

live2talk: Hahaha...wait la...i got more veggies to show...give me about 1-2 months time..i will show you how green my fingers are. ;)

criz lai: Share with my your recipe!!!

ai wei: Happy Ox year to you too!!!!

kk: Harlow!!! So sick of feasting isn't it?? But still looking forward to each meal nontheless. Eh..don't quite understand what you were thinking about with the cucumbers...haha...enlighten me please!

wandering chopsticks and luscious sista: sad isn't it to have only one? I was telling hubby, maybe just chopped it real fine and make egg omelet so both of us can share.

kenny mah: Yes, Hubby sayang me lots. I was complaining of sore throat and he asked me to finish off the two cucumbers we recently harvested. So sweet :)

fbb: Not me was all hubby's effort. I also killed my cactus plant.

thenomadGourmand said...

wow.. planting veg in ur very own garden! tats sooo cool!

sue said...

lovely ..would love to plant them as well..where to get seeds for the jap cucubers , hk choy sum and kai lan? tks


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