Wednesday, February 18, 2009


KAA-CHIAANGGG!! (The sound of Hubby opening an ancient sword)
Hubby: Meet the descendent of the Great Yang Warrior Clan 杨家将! (Hubby's surname is also Yang杨)
P.Pea: The males in the Yang Warrior Clan not famous isn't it?
Hubby: Says who??
P.Pea: But all the TV drama I watched on Yang Warrior focussed on the ladies, hence the title Ladies of the Yang Family. Isn't that true?
Hubby: Errr...actually yes, all the males died during war except the sixth male offspring.
P.Pea: I think I know the reason why all the males died...
Hubby: WHY????
P.Pea: Cos they were using the wrong weapon, just like you. That's SAMURAI sword that you are holding now!! Wuahahaha!
Hubby: *Ka tooingg*


Jokes aside, today I shall continue with the food expedition I had in Hong Kong. Since we were already in Sheung Wan for the Claypot Beef & Raw Egg Rice at Wing Hop Sing, we decided to make a visit to another recommended eatery in that area. On the way to our destination, we made a stop at Lok Ku Road which houses a row of antique shops on both sides of the road. What interest us was the small stalls along the street which offers goodies such as old coins, crystals and knick-knack stuff to enhance your 'chi' or feng shui.

Although it was almost end of Chinese New Year, we still spotted a few stalls selling these spring couplets or Fai Chun in Cantonese. The red paper inprinted with auspicious chinese characters is normally put up at home during the festive season, for good luck I guess.

Too many choices certainly not a good thing. If not mistaken, these charms are for good luck and protection.

Colourful lanterns in various shapes and sizes. I do think one needs to bargain here. I didn't get anything back since I never liked old ancient stuff. Personally, I find it 'spooky'. Well well...I watched too many Chinese horror films.

Continuing our journey, we reached Ladder Street. Being an avid fan of TVB drama, Hubby is very happy to see the flight of stairs. He said this is usually where the female actress drops her bag of oranges and the male actor will come to her rescue.

With such great discovery, of course Hubby didn't mind posing for me. A shot of him going up....

And a shot of him going down..... *can you imagine his excitement?* 8

We passed by the Man Mo Temple, a famous tourist spot in Sheung Wan. According to a travel booklet, Man Mo Temple was built in 1847 to worship the God of Literature (Man) and the God of Martial Art (Mo). Chinese saying, "Greet when you enter one's house, pray when you enter a temple". I wanted to go in but look at the crowd! There were even policemen standing around the corner making sure everything is in order. Our mission is to find food, so we continued our journey.....

Located at Gough Road, it is quite easy to find Kau Kee Restaurant. Don't play play, this restaurant is even listed in Wikipedia. It was 3.30 p.m when we arrived and I couldn't understand why those locals are not working at that hour. Do they have time off for tea break? It was packed!! The restaurant is quite small and cramp, so as expected we have to share the table with other diners.

Again, I had Milk Tea cos it was recommended in my food guide. Tasted too sweet and the tea wasn't as flavourful as the one I had earlier at Wing Hop Shing.

I have no idea why my stomach was not behaving that day. I was stuffed from lunch and I lost my appetite. I kept telling Hubby not to over order as I really didn't feel like putting anything into my mouth. Since the guidebook mentioned only two types of beef briskets, we stick to the recommendation. First to come was the Curry Beef Tendon and Brisket that I didn't really like. The curry gravy was too strong and powdery. It leaves an unpleasant sensation to my throat. The gravy reminds me of the Curry Fish Ball that the local loves so much. Apparent sign of different tastebud! The beef brisket was good though. It was cooked till fork-tender and the texture of the beef tendon was perfect. Soft yet gelatinously crunchy. But since it was coated with the thick curry gravy, I only had a piece each.

We asked for Crunchy Beef Brisket which is available only after 3 or 4 p.m. but was told it was not ready yet. Sad sad sad. Crunchy Beef Brisket is their specialty due to the tender meat and crunchy tendon. We didn't want to wait so we just order a bowl of beef brisket without any noodles. One spoonful of the soup and my appetite immediately came back. It was full of beefy goodness. Hubby was highly impressed and declared it the best beef brisket soup he ever had in Hong Kong to date. According to my guidebook, the rich soup gets its flavour from 300 katis of beef brisket that have been stewed for hours. It was so flavourful and I almost asked for refill. By the way, they charge you additional HKD5 for refill but I tell you, it's worth it. The tender pieces of brisket was very tasty and goes so well with their spicy chili sauce. Since this bowl of plain beef brisket was so good, am very curious how the highly recommended crunchy beef brisket would taste like.

At times, I don't mind sharing table with locals as they could provide you with valuable information. According to the filial son who brought his elderly mum and dad there, he told them that the place is super packed during peaks hours. Business is so good, they even close the shop during dinner time for an hour. So for beef lovers who are interested to give this place a go, Kau Kee Restaurant is located at:

Address: 21 Gough Road, Sheung Wan (refer to C9 of your HK Map)
Opening Hours: 12.30 p.m. - 7.15 p.m.; 8.30 p.m. - 11.30 p.m.
Closed on Sundays and Public Holidays

You might want to check out the Dai Pai Dong aka HK hawker stall located right opposite Kau Kee. It was super packed as well. The place was made famous from a drama shot there. They offered sandwiches and most table ordered instant noodle cooked with tomato broth. Not exactly my type of food so we just walked off without feeling that we missed something good.

Next post, I shall bring you to one of the businest night market in Yau Ma Tei, yes, Temple Street!


J2Kfm said...

temple street seafood or claypot? hahaha ... the staircase where the female drops oranges and male picks them? :)

thats new. their curry a bit fake right? without the hints of spices like Msia's, but more like curry powder only.

tigerfish said...

The beef brisket soup looks really yummy! Miss HK for that definitely.

SimpleGirl said...

I feel the beef in Hong Kong is really much much much better than Malaysia. With better ingredients, that's why the Ngao Lam taste so good!

Selba said...

*reading the joke*

Hahaha... Now, I understand completely why your hubby didn't want you to post this one but it's good to share this good laugh.

Nice pics... :)

thule a.k.a leo said...

NOOOOOOOO!!!! Beef again... nothing for those who pray "Guan Yin" like me??? sob sob...

Live2Talk said...

Man Mou Temple is for those who want to be good in both study and martial art probably? Aisey hubby don't know the difference between a samurai sword and a chinese sword meh? And the staircase is also when the actress sprained her ankle and the hero have to piggy back her up :)

CUMI & CIKI said...

lol.. oooh, too funny! your husband so cute la ;D why u make fun of him like that ..:P

Precious Pea said...

j2kfm: Seafood! Lots of claypot places but we skipped it since we had it for lunch. On the orange part, first of all, do you watch TVB drama? Yes yes..their curry very different. It was like diluting curry powder and tumeric powder with hot water.

tigerfish: Do try on your next visit. It was really good.

simplegirl: I agree and also they are more generous with their ingredients, probably that is why so much tastier. Wonder where their beef are imported from.

Selba: Hahaha...actually he even added in the 'ka toing' part.

thule: Next post, no more beef in coming few posts.

live2talk: He ar...duh lor. Hahaha. The stairs also reminded me of 'Dung duk san tham", the part where Detective Mok catching on his breath while Ada is in gown waiting for him at the bridal shop???

cumi: He didn't mind la..he added in the 'katoing' part himself. He really enjoyed the antique place cos he is a very 'chinese historical' person. You ask him which king which dynasty which concubine having affair with who etc etc..he is able to answer you.

worldwindows said...

The bests were left to the last turn of the page. The beefy noodles look so delicious. Not easy to get these in KL, sigh...

Nic (KHKL) said...

yeah lor, their curry really full of curry powder and no lemak..haha. cant blame them lar, coconut is quite rare there. but their beef stock that goes with the curry is darn good la.

yeah, temple street! the uncles and aunties singing under the "yung" stuff.

Precious Pea said...

worldwindows: KL...Yang Kee in OUG serves nice beef brisket with radish. My MSG-intolerant friend told me it was loaded with MSG but since am tolerant to it, i love it. The other nice one i had before was at Seremban market.

Nic: I was recovering from toncilitis, so the curry certainly didn't go down well my throat. I didn't see any old folks singing at Temple street but saw a bunch of young kids rocking away.

sc said...

aw, dang! this was the only place i skipped when i was staying at central!! looks yummy! wished i'm back in HK again..

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Jun said...

hahahaa ur hubs very cute la. descendent of the Yang Warrior Clan and that comment abt dropping oranges wtf... got me laughing out loud :P

Precious Pea said...

sc: Never mind lah...always next time right? ;)

work at home blogger: Thanks for the tips. I usually numbered my photos so that I know the sequence when I cut and paste. Will certainly check out the site you gave me. Thanks!!

Jun: Hehehe....watched too much tvb drama lah!


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