Thursday, February 12, 2009

Wing Hop Shing @ Sheung Wan (永和成茶餐厅)

My trip to Hong Kong and Macau was a blast, so much so, am suffering from post-holiday syndrome now. Armed with my 'food bible' on the 50 Must-Try Snacks in Hong Kong, I managed to try a number of recommended eateries. Well, I didn't achieve my aim to try at least 25 places but it would be a good excuse for me to revisit Hong Kong in the near future again.

As soon as we got off the ferry from Macau to Hong Kong, we started the food trip with a good bowl of beef brisket with wanton noodle at
Mak's Noodle located at China Hong Kong City. Mak's Noodle is also listed in the guidebook so for those who are interested, do try their Wan Tan Noodle which is excellent! I am not going to talk much about Mak's Noodle since I have blogged about them during my last trip. If you are interested to get more information on their outlet, please refer to my post on Mak's Noodle.

I remember watching a TVB food show featuring claypot beef and egg rice 2 years ago but sadly I didn't manage to get the address cos it was written in Chinese. I was jumping with joy when it was featured in the guidebook and it became the first destination in my list of 'must visit' eateries.

They do have menu in English but ordering was made easy cos all I did was showing the waitress the guidebook and then told her I want the four recommended items featured in the booklet!

Now that I am going through my guidebook again, I found out that I ordered the wrong beverage. Yun Yong (Coffee+Tea) was recommended but I ordered Milk Tea instead. Nevertheless, it was a good glass of rich, aromatic milk tea. One of the best I had on this trip.

It was obvious that claypot rice is their specialty since everyone was having a claypot each. Funny thing was, everyone was having different fillings except the famous beef with egg. Seems like their Pak Ku Gai (mushroom and chicken) version is a hit as many who came after us ordered the dish but was sold out. They also have other fillings such as meat pattie, frogs, eel, chicken feet, chinese sausages, waxed meat and etc. My mission was to try the Beef and Egg Claypot rice so I am not going to leave without sampling it. It was such a beautiful sight when it came; sizzling claypot of grainy white rice covered with semi-cooked beef topped with runny raw eggs. This was the sight that captivated my heart when I saw it on TV two years ago.

According to the guidebook, "the rice grains are added to hot water before it boils, then cooked over a gas stove for about two to three minutes before baking in the oven. The baked rice is then put on the stove at high heat for one to two minutes, before cooked minced beef is added. Lastly, the raw egg is added onto the rice before serving."

Now, the verdict....honestly, it didn't taste as great as it looked. No doubt, beef was tender but it was evident that tenderizer was used, something that I never quite enjoy when I dined in Hong Kong restaurant. Personally I find tenderized meat lack of natural sweetness and taste. Tastewise, the beef was well marinated and its juices (or should I say the marinade sauce?) infused the rice. Slightly on the bland side, a few dash of soya sauce is needed to enhance the overall flavour. I was a bit disappointed cos the Claypot Eel Rice at my next table looks so much better than my beef and egg rice. time I guess. One pot of rice generously serves 4 rice bowls. I reckon it is just nice for 2 person to share especially when you intend to try other food.

The Beef Sandwich is also highly recommended here. It was good especially the soft fluffly white bread. The fillings consists of corned beef omelet which is quite tasty but because they gave too much fillings, it was quite salty for me. I love the white bread, would be so perfect if steamed and smothered with butter and kaya.

Lastly, freshly baked egg tarts! I was lucky cos a new tray was brought to the front of the shop as I walked in. I ordered one to try and it was immediately served. Not too happy since I prefer to savour it as dessert but am so glad they brought it to me first cos within 10 minutes, the empty tray was brought back to the kitchen!

Fresh from the oven! The crust was really flaky. I might be wrong but I suspect lard is used cos it certainly have a very nice lardy aroma. The egg custard was piping hot and very smooth. I made a mistake of having my milk tea before savouring the egg tart, hence I barely could taste any sweetness in the tart.

Although the Beef and Egg Claypot rice didn't live up to my expectation, it satisfied my curiousity. If you are interested too, Wing Hop Shing is located at:

Wing Hop Shing Restaurant
Ground Floor, 113-115 Jervois Street, Sheung Wan
Tel: 852-2850.5723
Opening Hours: 6 a.m. - 4 p.m. (closed Sundays and first three days of CNY)


J2Kfm said...

all hail the Queen of HK ... hahaha ...

this was on my list the last visit! tot the claypot rice reli reli good tim. hmm, now i know better.

egg tarts comparable to the Central one?

Linda said...

wohooo.. I've been waiting for your posts about your HK trip. Nothing like drool worthy pictures to reminisce about the past =D
Looking foeward to your following posts

Life for Beginners said...

Pity about the taste... That Beef and Egg Claypot rice looks really delish. I am planning a Macau-HK trip later this year and you shall be my NUMBER ONE consultant. :D

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

The pictures look really good. Too bad the dishes didn't taste as good as they looked. I still keep scrolling back to the beef and egg claypot rice!

Looks like the beginning of a trusty HK food guide...*grin*

Live2Talk said...

I still remember the Pak Gu Kai Farn we had the first time we went to HK, it was good. I just need to log on to this blog for 'what to eat' in HK, no guide book needed :D

Precious Pea said...

j2kfm: Looks can be deceiving. Haha! Claypot rice in season...everywhere i go, I see claypot rice. Perfect for the cool weather. I didn't get to try the Central egg tart cos timing was never right for me. Always too full. Sigh..always next time ;)

Linda: Hahaha, you were waiting for my post? I spent two days sorting close to 500 photos. More to come, i promise. Were you from HK?

kenny, luscious sista and live2talk: I got a better suggestion. Why not you bring me alone (pay for my airticket and accommodation) and I shall be your walking food guide??? I paid for my own food, no prob. Deal?

Ah King said...

Good to see your new post! Too much of good food and too little time to sample everything huh!? ;-)

Calvin Kong - Worldclass Cooking Wannabe said...

i went to the Honolulu cafe shop for the egg tart recommended by the book... 15min walk from MRT!! + 10min walking to search for it still my mission to sample all in the book prevail...

first bite.. i'm in heaven..

i tot usually the eggtart is sweater than the tea? after i eat the tart, i can't feel the tea anymore...

550ml jar of faith said...

Goodness, what guide book is this?? Please tell me it's in English and available at MPH or Borders in KL!

terri@adailyobsession said...

oh i feel like i'm on a food adventure today, reading ur post! my old heart is even skipping a beat as i scroll down. don't we love eating in hk!!bring it on, make me drool!

CUMI & CIKI said...

very nice.. the shiny yellow yoke is mesmerizing... hehe

so... how many did u get to try, if not 25?

Precious Pea said...

Ah King: Exactly. Limited stomach space too!

Calvin: I went to Honolulu but was too early. Was told egg tart only available in 2 hours time and we were rushing to Ocean Park, hence didn't get to try.

550ml jar of faith: Good news is, yes it's in English and bad news is, not for sale. Got it during the HK Tourism promo via Women's Weekly Mag. Maybe HK Airport would have.

terri: I didn't manage to try Tai Wing Wah cos too far for us and also we two can't order that much food to try. Sniff! Yes yes..more to come especially the beef brisket place that Hubby claimed is the best he ever tasted in HK.

cumi & ciki: Nice hor? I was mesmerized by the raw egg too. Ermm...this trip covered only about 7 places (shame shame) but if includes my previous trips, i think about 15 places listed in the guidebook. Long long more to go!

mimid3vils said...

The filling of the sandwich is full to the brim ler~~~ o.O

thule a.k.a leo said...

so many beef dishes :( too bad that I can't eat beef... sigh!!!

Wandering Chopsticks said...

Welcome back! So quick? Can't wait to see what else you ate and did in HK.

thenomadGourmand said...

waiting for more!! too bad my last 2 trips to HK i wasnt a blogger then..but i did manage to eat some really delish stuffs! Did u eat "Bacahau" in Macau? also, their egg tarts are heaven!

Precious Pea said...

mimid3vils: Haha..yalor..too much till too salty.

thule: No worries cos they have so many other interesting options. post also on beef.

wandering chopstick: It was just a short trip over the long weekends. A very foodful trip!

nomadGourmand: This trip I didn't eat any Portugese Egg Tart cos I have no tummy space for it but do wait for my post on my new discovery.

JC @ Jessey said...

The Beef Sandwich was attractive me but do they have chicken or pork sandwich other than beef? Egg tart was looks good too and this shop shall be my target while visiting HK and Macau..

tigerfish said...

Heeee...I went there cos of curiosity too :)

Sam's mistress said...

What a great time you had! Makes me hungry reading about it. *goes to raid the kitchen*

nom nom nom!

Sam's mistress said...

Ohai again! By the way...
Please come by our blog to pick up the award we just gave you!

Xo we love your blog!!!

Jun said...

sooo lucky!! got to go hk again! i think u fin eating msia edi la, tht's why ;p

ling239 said...

the egg tart must be very good!!
look at the egg....

foodaddict said...

hey, an extra tip, next time you're there check out the pie and tart specialist. they are located across the pedestrian bridge from the HK museum of history.. i only tried the cheese and milk tart but it was superb!! melt in the mouth pastry with cheese strings and soft milk filling.. there are savoury pies there too..


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