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This was my 7th visit to Hong Kong and I have never been to Ocean Park although I have visited HK Disneyland twice. I told Hubby we must at least make an effort to visit Ocean Park at least once. Hubby gladly accepted my suggestion because there is something in Ocean Park that ignited his interest.

We took the Citybus Route 629 to Ocean Park that runs from Admiralty MTR Station or Central Pier No. 7. Very convenient as it runs every 10 minutes and it only costs HKD10.60 for adult and HKD5.30 for child. You can refer to their timetable and other mode of transportation

We took the first bus that departs at 9.00 a.m. and it took less than 15 mins to reach Ocean Park which is located at the south side of Hong Kong island. We realised that the park only opens at 10 a.m. We bought our admission ticket priced at HKD 208 per adult and spent 45 minutes studying the park's map and ahem, snapping picture of boots!

The gate opened at 10.00 a.m. sharp and we immediately headed to the Giant Panda Habitat, the reason for our visit to Ocean Park. We both adores Panda and we have never seen a live panda before. We were really excited as we walked (actually jogged) towards the Giant Panda Habitat.

They are four pandas residing here and they are An An, Jia Jia and of course the two famous latest addition, Le Le and Ying Ying. This is An An busy munching bamboo plants. He is so adorable. His ears were moving up and down as he chewed the bamboo.

This is Ying Ying. Look at the way she sleeps! Hubby at times sleep that way too!! Le Le was also busy snoring away.

This is Jia Jia, also sleeping!! Felt a little disappointed cos only An An was awake. We decided to go off and return later.

We spent quite some time at the Dolphin University. Yes, this is where the dolphins learn their tricks. A few even came close to me and posed to my camera.

From the lowland park, we took the cable car to get to the other side of the park which is separated by a mountain. Very nice view of Repulse Bay, sadly my photos didn't turn out that well.

Spotted an interesting signboard while queuing for the cable car. If this is "STRICTLY" enforced, 1/4 of the guests in the park will be chased out. Those people from a particular country very close to Hong Kong should be given a lesson on how to queue!!! Not only in Ocean Park, I encountered some very bad experiences in Disneyland too!

Once we arrived at the other side of the park, we went straight for the Dolphin show at Ocean Theatre. Somehow I wasn't as impressed as compared to the performance I saw at
Seaworld in Gold Coast.

Cheeky sea lions made their appearances too!

The Atol Reef with Indo-Pacific theme is quite amazing. From the ground level, you can see all sorts of sea creatures such as sharks, turtles, stingrays and giant fishes swimming beneath the water surface.

As you walk down the level, you will get clearer views of the sea creatures through the underwater viewing windows.

While most of the tourists went "OOOoo..Ahhhh" over the giant garoupas, barramundis, snappers and wrasses, Hubby and I couldn't help from giggling after hearing some aunties behind us discussing the best way to cook those fishes. Actually, I was thinking the same too! Hahahaha!

Another attraction that I loved is the Sea Jelly Spectacular that houses more than 1,000 sea jelliess of all sizes.

If not mistaken, jelly fish are transparent and using special colour lighting, it was quite a spectacular sight!

Lunch was at Broadwalk Cafe. Not cheap as my bowl of Soy Sauce Chicken with Char Siu rice was about HKD50. The serving is too big for me so I suggested for us to share. It was a wise decision as it wasn't that good but decent enough to replenish our energy. Unlike Disneyland whereby outside food is not allow into the park (they check your bag at entrance), we noticed a number of people brought their own food, even boxes of roasted meat!

From afar, the aroma of grilled squid pulled us to the snack stall. I love big fat juicy squid tentacles and Hong Kong people seems to love it too! Good stuff! Chewy and full of sweet squid essence. This was coated with teriyaki sauce. I wished it was plain though.

Before we leave the park, we decided to go back to see the pandas again. So glad we did because An An, Le Le, Ying Ying and Jia Jia were all awake!!

Have no idea who this is. It could be Le Le. So adorable. I wish I could hug them.

Sticking whole head into the water bowl.

We spent almost half an hour watching Le Le and Ying Ying. They are really mischevious and entertaining looking at their antics. Have a look at the collage below. Can you figure out what the panda is trying to do?

Hubby wanted to get me a soft plush panda toy for souvenir. I am too old for that and it would eventually ended up as Pumpkin's toy basket. Instead, I chose a white leather bag with panda face on it.


"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

omg..they r seriously damn cute!!!!

Bangsar-bAbE said...

So kiut!! =D What are they doing in the collage?

Selba said...

Aiiii... panda so cuteeeee... wanna hug.. wanna hug... can mah?

mimid3vils said...

I like ur panda bag...

its ear move up & down just like its mouth when chewing the bamboo..haha, so kawaii hor~~

foodbin said...

a nice picturesque tour

Ah King and Moon said...

True, true, panda tends to sleep a lot!! My cousin were not as lucky to see those funny antics, An An, Jing Jing, Le Le, Ying Ying were sleeping all the time when they were there.*lol*

Live2Talk said...

Ocean Park is a must visit in HK, me thinks, now with the extra attractions! This kind of places must go early to avoid the crowd :)

Precious Pea said...

NJoe: Will you be heading to Ocean Park?

BangsarBabe: I have no idea. Either they are entertaining us or they simply have nothing to do.

selba: Sadly, cannot :(

mimid3vils: I really wish I could own one as pet..but of course that would be IMPOSSIBLE!

foodbin: It was a great trip!

Ah King and Moon: You know the Tarepanda?? The panda that always sleeps?? Hahaha..i don't mind sleeping and cuddling a panda.

live2talk: You should see the crowd when the gate opens. So many people and you know from where hor??

550ml jar of faith said...

The bag is so cute!! I'd rather choose that over a toy anyday! Was it theme-park expensive???

Calvin Kong - Worldclass Cooking Wannabe said...

didn't go to oceanpark on my HK visit.. but disneyland instead..

and yeah.. some ppl from "that" country ought to know the meaning of queueing.. rili beh paiseh one... we are already at modern civilization but.. sigh....

J2Kfm said...

hahaha.. were they trying to scratch their backs? =P

yeah, the food rather expensive and tasteless eh? sad case.

Precious Pea said...

550ml jar of faith: Around RM100 entrance fee for adults. Much cheaper than Disneyland. But can see live panda so well worth the price :)

Calvin: They should also learn to speak softer and don't push people around too!

j2kfm: Lucky that I chose the rice...the lady tumpang my table had noodle soup and she was complaining about it.

ilene said...

Wah, those pandas, what a show off! Eh, how come those pandas fur are so white in colour! The ones I saw in China all so beige/yellow/light brown in colour!

Those jelly fish are really very interesting with all the different colours! See, isn't nature just wonderful?

jason said...

My boss told me "must go Ocean Park at least once if you're not planning to go to Beijing"... now I know the reason. ^^

Rabbit Sim said...

I went to Disneyland HK during Chinese New Year too.
Unfortunately for me, I also experienced first hand the 'politeness' and 'civic-consciousness' of 'that country's' comrades.
Spoilt my food totally.

Rabbit Sim said...

Sorry typo.
It should read 'Spoilt my mood'.

Gosh, my mind is stuffed silly with food XD hahaha.

sc said...

went pass ocean park twice and skipped it both times! hahaha... would have love to see 'em pandas

backStreetGluttons said...

You must be so lucky to have a hubby like him and a fantastic playground where you can fly to now and then called Hong Kong !

One of us goes to HK also all da time like 2x a year. 2 of you shud get together and talk about the great food and the pandas !

ai wei said...

super cute panda!!!

and also ur panda face leather bag!!!

i am desperately wanna go hk after reading all ur reviews!

On said...

wow tooooooooo cute!!!

I love Panda... and just bought a Morn Creations Bag from the following Blogshop:

Share with you the photos of my lovely panda tote bag tmr... hehe


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