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Pssttt...for those who are visiting Macau soon, listen up, I have got something good to share. For sure, Senado Square would be in your list,'s a must when you visit Macau. If you plan to look for great local stuff for breakfast, I have 3 great places to recommend. I am too lazy to draw a proper location map, so please refer to the map below. Senado Square is located along Avenida de Almeida Robeiro (亞美打利庇盧大馬路) as indicated as '28'. Cross over to the other side of the road, turn right walk straight for less than half a minute and you will reach the junction of Rua dos Mercadores (營地大街). Turn left and walk in.
X - Gem #1
Y - Gem #2
Z - Gem #3

Immediately after you turn left into Rua dos Mercadores, you will see a small alley/lane on your right, indicated by the X on the map above. With my poor Chinese reading skill, this stall if not mistaken, is called "Sing Kei Congee".

When I saw the stall owner, immediately I recognised him. I saw him on a TV food program before! I remember him well because of his loud and funny character. He loves to sing as he cook! I thought he did that just for the food program but the moment he guessed correctly that we are from Malaysia, he started singing away...till the local diners asked him to stop polluting their congee with his saliva! LOL!

There were only about 5 small tables placed along the narrow alley and sharing a table with others is a norm here too. As you can see from the photo below, quite a huge breakfast crowd and majority are locals.

Using the same congee base, you can choose from one or a combination of a few ingredients to go into your congee such as beef slices, pork slices, pork balls, pig's innard, fish, century egg, etc.

Each bowl of congee is cooked individually upon order.

Upon seated, a plate of golden fried crullers (油炸鬼) was served to us.

Hubby had sliced beef congee. Tenderly smooth!

I have no idea why I ordered my congee with pig's innard when I don't take any liver or kidney. To Hubby's delight, the innards were passed onto his bowl of congee except the stomach and meatballs which I loved.

The meatball made from fresh minced pork was really good. Next time, I will order my congee with just the pork meatballs. The congee was sweet and smooth in consistency. Not bad at all! That morning was quite cold, this bowl of congee was so comforting to our stomach.

I can't remember the price but it was quite reasonable. When he saw me taking a picture of his stall, the owner happily volunteered to take a photo with us. This stall opens early morning so be there early for breakfast! Sorry, I cannot remember what time he closes but I will be going again in June and this time I will definitely jot it down and update it here. 10

Right opposite the road from the congee stall as indicated by Y on the map above is the Cheong Fun (steamed rice noodle) stall which I have blogged before, check it out HERE. Since I posted that up 2 years ago, I received many emails from readers asking me the direction to this stall. So much so, I have saved my answer and all I have to do is just to cut and paste whenever I receive similar question. Anyway, the Cheong Fun stall is located at the alley of Patio do Cotovelo (德隆新街). They are open for breakfast early morning till sold out.

I tried the plain Cheong Fun during my last visit as the Siu Mai Cheong Fun (pork dumpling with steamed flat rice noodle) was sold out. This time, I was very lucky!

We ordered a small plate priced at HKD/MOP 10 to share. Too many sauces to go with the Cheong Fun and I couldn't decide which to have. Ask for a combo of everything and here you are....soft chewy Cheong Fun drizzed with the various sauces: Chili, Sesame, Peanut, Sweet and Mustard. To my sis in Melbourne who can survive on eating only Cheong Fun, so sorry to torture you with this photo but it was really good and I know you will like it.

As for the Siu Mai, I thought the texture was a bit weird. It was like eating flour dough but at the same time, I tasted pork too. I asked the lady what she put inside and she proudly told me her 'tasty siu mai' is made from pork meat. We were not convinced and decided to just stick to the cheong fun in future.

My last recommended place is Chu Kei Noodle Shop (鳳城珠記) which is located about 3 - 4 shops away from the Cheong Fun stall as indicated by Z on the map above. Please note that photos below were taken during my first trip back in year 2006.

I first heard about Chu Kei when I watch a TVB food and travel program called "Unforgettable Taste". This more than 50-year old shop is famous for its Sui Kow or Pork Dumpling. Not sure if it's true, but the host of the program did say that tourists from Hong Kong usually buy some to bring home too. I am not surprised after looking at the lady busy wrapping sui kow although it was almost close to 9.30 p.m. and yet, trays after trays of neatly wrapped sui kow were being whisked into the kitchen behind.

The Sui Kow was good. Big, plump and juicy with succulent minced pork, prawns and a few other ingredients. Seriously, I don't quite remember what other ingredients they put into the fillings. All I remember was the Sui Kow has a very homely feel...just like how my mum used to make it. Certainly a place that I will come back for more of that nostalgic feel. I did go back for more but sadly, they were closed on my 2nd and 3rd visit and we were way too early on my 4th and 5th visit. They open for business at 12.30 p.m. till 1.00 a.m.

If you plan to try the Sui Kow after the congee and cheong fun, I suggest you to take a walk around Rua da Felicidade which is circled in red on the map above. This is a famous food street with lots of restaurants and shops selling local delicacies such as almond cookies, peanut candies, freshly baked egg rolls, dried meat and etc.

It's fun strolling along the street as each shop offers you sample of their goodies. It could be very filling if you stop to sample an almond cookie from each shop. So remember to resist the temptation in order to save some stomach space for the sui kow for lunch later!!

Since I have digged out my old collection of photos taken in Macau, I guess I should post it up too! Next post.....Suckling Pig Portuguese Style at Hac Sa Beach!


Selba said...

Wow.. yummy food! Thanks for sharing this info. Will make sure to put into my food list :)

Bangsar-bAbE said...

The siu mai looks like starch balls. =P

Sui kow looks really yummy, and almost bursting!!

550ml jar of faith said...

Plain cheong fun for me, thanks! I never understood the variety of sauces drowning out cheong fun though... I like mine just with sesame oil and a dash of soy sauce! Like hospital food!

emily.t said...

A-Ha! Finally..Thanks for the info!
Keep more coming...MORE! =)

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

im waiting for that piglet haha..bring it on!!

mimid3vils said...

Maybe they add much more flour into the minced pork filling of the siu mai so it taste flourly~~

Precious Pea said...

selba: It's my pleasure to share :)

bangsar-babe: Yalor..more like mock-meat!

550ml jar of faith: For cheong fun here, i usually have it with soy sauce and green pickled chilies. But in HK and Macau, the sauces too good to resist.

emily: Hahaha..ok patient yah!

NJoe: Are you heading to Macau soon?

mimid3vils: Maybe..but i prefer the real meaty Siu Mai lor.

J2Kfm said...

oh the 1st 2 stalls we kept passing by when staying in San Va Hotel!!!

haha... very interesting, but somehow we didnt get to taste that. wasted ...

sc said...

some gems alright! though i must say the siew mai dont look good..i know which type those are, the springy, pork dough type that has no remnants of pork at all..

rachael said...

hi.. i'll be going there on next month for 4days3nites.. is it possible for me to explore most of the places?

kampungboycitygal said...

i can recognise the stall owner too! saw him fr chua lam's post haha

Precious Pea said...

j2kfm: wasted leh. Never mind..always next time!

sc: I wonder why they do that version..not nice at all. But funny, the locals like it...just like those in Hong Kong.

rachael: 4D/3N is enuff to explore Macau but do plan properly by doing some research work before you go. Happy holiday!

kbcg: Hahaha...yes...chua lam featured him before too.

Paprika said...

May I please, please go on a holiday with the both of you?! You guys find the most amazing places to eat!

UnkaLeong said...

Aitelyu what. Paprika organise makan tour down under, I organise makan tour up north and Pea can take us to Macau. On R?

Precious Pea said...

Pap: I know you are eyeing on the congee! Very very nice...better than Crystal Jade.

unka: Aitelyu, even organise a simple outing domestically also difficult. I basically gave up the idea of a makan tour over-the-sea lor.

Ah King and Moon said...

Oh, go again in June, seems you both like Macau and HK a lot. ;-)
Yeah, we came across nice meatball porridge in Macau too, it's known as 三元粥品专家, near the Senado Square, also tucked away in a back alley....Wonder why all the famous eateries in Macau hide behind the alleys in Macau. ;-P

Nic (KHKL) said...

i tell u ar, all the blog posts i read today are just sooo creative!

yr map and the X and Y signs are so cool! dunno why, but it reminded me of the graphs i plot on excel sheets..hehe...thanks for da info, precious pea! ;D

vialentino said...

aiyoh yo....the congee and sui kow looks tempting and delicious...till now, i havent find a delicious congee ler

foodbin said...

great looking sui kow.

Precious Pea said...

Ah King & Moon: Thanks! I will try the one you went to if I manage to find my way.

Nic: I tot of doing it more professional with photoshop but err...i tot this way would be WAY WAY MUCH FASTER!LOL!

vialentino: Go Macau!!!

foodbin: Taste as good as it looks!

CUMI & CIKI said...

i would love to eat wiv u too.. just pass me all the pig's innards.. ! (wah, was there any place u didn't eat? looks like u covered most huh?!)

Precious Pea said...

cumi & ciki: More than happy to pass it over to you. Err..actually so many more places I have not tried, that is why i going again soon.

ling239 said...

i miss those almond cookies so much!! >.<"

Precious Pea said...

ling239, have you tried the version with lard and salted egg yolks??

Julian Si said...

I so must return to Macau and follow in your makan footsteps .. deeeeeeeeelicious :-)

ps - Dunno why it took me so long, but you are proudly on my Blogroll now!

Precious Pea said...

Julian: Hahaha...i did the same too! As in adding you into my blogroll before getting this comment!


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