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More than 2 years ago, Hubby and I were introduced to Tanjung Tualang by Wong, my Makan Gang member. Tanjung Tualang is a small town situated in Perak (about 45 mins from Ipoh) and is famous for its cultured fresh water prawns. It was a memorable trip with lots of good good and we have always wanted to revisit but sadly we didn't have the chance until 3 weeks ago when my family was back from Melbourne, I suggested to bring them to there for lunch.

Wong told us he have tried almost all the restaurants in Tanjung Tualang and concluded Lung Seng is one of the best. With the scorching hot weather, the word 'air-conditioned' on the shop front was a big bonus for us.

As mentioned earlier, Tanjung Tualang is famous for culturing fresh water prawns. Yes, that's the prawns we usually served in Kuala Lumpur whenever we order 'Sang Har Meen' aka Fresh Water Prawns Noodle.

All ready to attack! Yes, am so gonna eat you!!! I don't think this fella survived us as we emptied this tank of prawns.

On my first visit, we were introduced to "Wan Tau Long" and upon seated I asked for it again. Basically the drink consists of lime flavoured shaved ice at the bottom, covered with soft wobbly yellow jelly on top. An effective thirst quencher on a hot day. If you are unsure on the pronounciation of the name, just tell the lady boss that you want the jelly drink and she will get it for you from the drink stall nearby.

The 7 of us ordered a total of 3kgs of fresh water prawns cooked in three ways. The price varies according to the size of the prawns. If not mistaken, the large ones are priced at RM65 per kg wheres the medium prawns are priced at RM58 per kg. We had the large prawns steamed. 1kg is actually not that much, probably about 8 - 9 pieces. Honestly speaking, although the texture of fresh water prawns are normally firm and bouncy, it lacks sweetness as compared to sea water prawns. Although this dish was done pretty well accompanied by soft silky steamed egg, steamed fresh water prawns would not be the best way to enjoy these prawns.


Instead, their Pan Fried Fresh Water Prawns with Soy Sauce (Gon Jin Har - Dry Fry Prawn) won us on both visits. We have been raving about this dish ever since our first visit and we were glad, after more than 2 years, the quality remains! The soy sauce really enhanced the flavour of the prawns.

Not convinced? Look at what we did after we finished feasting on this plate of prawns. Our guest from Melbourne couldn't resist from ordering a bowl of white rice to wipe the plate clean!

Crabs! How could we not order any crabs? Our portion of 3 huge local mud crabs (RM41.80) were steamed with egg white. Very fresh and sweet...ahh...just can't go wrong with local mud crabs!

Fish forever remains in the order list whenever we dine with my brother-in-law. No no...I should amend to say that a minimum of 2 servings of fish per meal is a MUST whenever we dine with my brother-in-law. First serving of steamed fish was Soon Hock or Marble Goby priced at RM88 per kg. At that price, it is a rare find in KL. We had the same fish the night before at Unique Seafood but I was quite surprise as this tasted so much better. The flesh was finer, firmer and sweeter. Wong told me later that it was a river soon hock (meaning wild) and not cultured, hence better in texture. We also ordered a steamed river catfish which I didn't manage to snap a picture cos I was too busy with the crabs. Anyway, after having the expensive Soon Hock, the cheap catfish was no big deal.

Deep fried soft shell crabs (RM28.50) were yummy and perfect to go with beer. I enjoyed eating the shell part which is filled with sweet soft roes. Very good stuff!

This plate of Stir-fry Paku with Sambal Belacan (RM9) was a big hit too. Paku was crunchy and the sambal was tasty, making us all very happy!! Hey it rhymes!!! HAHA!

Steamed Frog is another of my bro-in-law's favourite dish as there is no way he could find this in Melbourne. He was disappointed that these are cultured and not wild. For your information, wild frogs are sweeter and firmer in texture.

Our last kilo of prawns were ordered after the aroma of the Butter Prawns from the next table caught our attention. The aroma from the 'butter and egg' combo was such a killer. Since we drove all the way here for lunch, we decided to go ahead with our last order of prawns despite everyone was stuffed. Am glad we did cos the Butter Prawns were really good! If you have a chance to visit this place, just order this and you will know what I mean with the killer aroma. Wong told us Deep Fried Prawns with Oats is another recommended dish here too..ahh..i shall leave that for my next visit.

Tanjung Tualang is a very nice place to stopover for a seafood meal, especially if you love fresh water prawns.

Do try Lung Seng Restaurant which is located at:
10 Jalan Besar
31800 Tanjung Tualang, Perak
Tel: 05-360.0735
Open daily from 11.30 a.m. - 9.00 p.m.

I called up and was told that they do not have any day off but advisable to call and book if you are visiting during the weekends. Yes, business is good so DO CALL for reservation.


Selba said...

What a feast of seafood!!!

Hehehe.. one of the pic of prawns looks like a face of a grandpa :D

SimpleGirl said...

tg tualang fresh water prawns are superb...we normally go to Lian Fong at Tg Tualang...Lung Seng also good..

J2Kfm said...

oh I never realised this is the BEST amongst all, as tucked in the middle of a row of shop, it's easily missed.

haha .. no wonder the shop's name familiar.

Soon Hock has such .. large nostrils/mouth eh? =P

Life for Beginners said...

Ooh, that jelly drink sure looks good on a hot, hot Saturday like this! Too bad I'm in JB for the weekend... I wonder if Lung Seng has a branch in JB? :)

New Kid on the Blog said...

wow... all the way from KL to Tanjung Tualang???

who cares... good food, good company, and fond memories! :)

thenomadGourmand said...

aptly timed! friend goin to Perak asked me abt the famous tualang prawns. will jz email ur post link! haha..

ganache-ganache said...

Hey, what is paku ? Is it the fern like vegie ?

Sugar Bean said...

In Perak.. A bit too far for me. Nice seafood meal that you had. Looks delicious! But it's weird that of all the photos I saw, the one which appealed to me that most is the paku belacan. Haha, guess I miss Malaysian food too much.

foodbin said...

nothing beats wild frogs and river soon Hock-a really good post!

Precious Pea said...

Selba: I know i know..scary isn't it?? It has got a human face!

Simplegirl: No chance to try Lian Fong yet, hopefully next trip!

j2kfm: My Makan Gang told me its the best in Tanjung Tualang and we find it good too but of course, I have no benchmark to compare against. As for the soon hock, yep...river wild soon hock. I guess the fish must be in shock that is why the wide mouth. Hehe.

Kenny Mah: Am sure you have lots of delicacies in Johor to feast on. Hey..long time no see leh!

nkotb: Actually ok la...2 hours plus of leisurely drive and also all the stops along the way. Quite a fun way to spend the weekend.

nomadgourmand: Ooo tell your friend to order the soy prawns...YUMMY!! You should try it too!

ganache-ganache: Yes, paku is the fern plant that the Malays love to eat.

foodbin: Totally agree with you!

Precious Pea said...

sugar bean: I know what you mean, simple yet reminds you of home rite??

CUMI & CIKI said...

i just had seafood! ODed in langkawi too.. but was delicious la. If you say this is the best one, then it must be la.. TT, so near Ipoh.. il b thr again soon!

Cindy Khor said...

oh, all the dishes are my favourite, **saliva flowing**, i miss malaysian food... i'm so gonna order all of them once i return to malaysia.

Bangsar-bAbE said...

The Wan Tau Long looks interesting...and thirst-quenching! What a feast you had, eh? ;)

Uncle Lee said...

Thats a beautiful dog you have. And the food dishes here are out of this world. Wish I can eat them today, ha ha. Best regards, Lee.

PureGlutton said...

Ahh yes - i love wan-tau-long! it's a ipoh speciality - cant seem to find it here. Hv not been to Tg Tualang for a long time leh!

thule a.k.a leo said...

WEnt to Tg Tualang last year with Jenn together with my friend who lives in Kampar... since I've never been there before, he was my tour guide and brought me there for the very first time. I'd tasted smaller prawns in Kota Damansara before but it's nothing compared to what I had here.
In the end, I ta pao another 2kg of wild prawns for only RM55 per kg. That's the advantage if you know the locals there.
Wait till my daughter gets older and I will bring here there one day just for the prawns... hahaha!

boo_licious said...

Finally! Waiting for this post for so long. Awww, now I wish I had a whole weekend off so we can drive up. Seems Wan Thau Long is originated from Taiwan's yu ai jelly, like the one we had at Formosa before.

Jason said...

Wan Thau Long is same as the Taiwanese Yu Ai jelly... that's how the locals in Ipoh called it :)


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