Tuesday, June 23, 2009

STEAMING HOT DISHES @ K.T.L Restaurant, Cheras

Another gem discovered recently, thanks to my Makan Gang members who are ever ready to bring me around for good food. This time round, they brought me to a place in Taman Segar, Cheras that offers only steamed dishes. I wouldn't call K.T.L restaurant a restaurant, it's more like a stall or shack located on a divider between the mainroad and a row of shophouses. But hey, this is exactly the kind of place to expect great yet cheap food!

Spot the roof covered with blue plastic? K.T.L is located right in the middle of Jalan Manis.

With probably around 10 tables, do try to beat the lunch/dinner crowd if you wanna dine with comfort without having hungry diners standing behind you with the 'hurry up' glance. This place is crowded both weekdays and weekends, regardless of lunch or dinner time. Do follow
FoodforThot's advice too: Order your fish while waiting for your seat to avoid disappointment!

So, what does K.T.L stands for? Kong Tau Lou or directly translated as Bald Man. It probably refers to the shy owner who is also the chef of this place.

Fresh fishes are delivered daily. Three choices to choose from; red tilapia, snakehead (sang yue) & carp head (soong yue tao) and you can have the fish steamed in any style that you like such as ginger paste, spicy soy bean paste, clear soya sauce based with optional chopped red cili padi.

On my first visit, it was a foodcrawl session and usually that means to avoid rice if possible. However, the moment I put a spoonful of the Spicy Soy Bean gravy into my mouth, I immediately requested for a plate of rice. Personally I like it a lot and one of the best I ever had. The gravy was thick and rich with soy bean (taucu) flavour with just the right amount of sweetness. Very very spicy too! Just the way I like it! Yumz...and since then, I returned twice just for this dish!

Steamed Herbal Chicken...well, it could be a great dish on its own but sadly overshadowed by the wonderful steamed fish.

I was looking forward to this dish on my 2nd visit; Steamed Pork with Salted Fish. Such a homely dish but it was a big disappointment. The pork was a bit tough due to oversteaming and probably low grade salted fish was use. Lack of the 'salted fish' pungent aroma.

Another favourite dish of mine here is their Steamed Egg Custard. Done silky smooth! Simple dish but yet hard to achieve such consistency, well, at least for me. I find it so comforting gliding the egg custard down my throat to ease the spiciness of the steamed spicy tilapia. This is a MUST order dish!

No stir fry veggies here so try having it blanched for a change. Healtier way to eat your greens too!

All the above dishes only cost us RM55.50 for 5 adults including a pot of tea and 2 plates of rice to share. Such an auspicious number since the 5 of us went on a Friday in the month of May, seated at table 5, ordered 5 dishes and the bill came up to RM55.50! With Magnum right across the road, needless to tell you what we did next right? No, we didn't win anything! Haha!

I was still craving for the steamed fish so we returned the following week, this time we ordered Snakehead aka Sang Yue drizzled with soya sauce and sprinkled generously with chopped red cili padi. Another winner dish too!! I couldn't decide now which I like more...how?? Easy, just order both on my next visit!

To get there, do refer to the map below here.

Restoran K.T.L is located at:
Gerai No.3A, Jalan Manis
Taman Segar
56100 Cheras, Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 017-8727567, 012-3087311,014-3223613
Closes every Tuesday


J2Kfm said...

Kong Tau Lou?!!! hahahaha .. and there i was reading from the other blogs, wondering if it stands for something cool.

or phrase, like KTZ or something ....

Emile Zola@life said...

Good price and good foods, I wish I could go there and try it out...

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

i prefer the sang yue..then again, its pretty cruel if u c how they smash the head of the fish b4 scaling it..

Tummythoz said...

Yummy & map looks simple enough. Dying to taste that taucheong cheng!

CUMI & CIKI said...

ohh.. i recognize the grills we've been here before and the food is damn shiok!

thule a.k.a leo said...

I know where this place is... once I read about your blog, I recall that my wife promised to bring me here to eat long time ago...

Ah King and Moon said...

The steamed fish with soy bean looks great, I'm heading there!(you so influntial la, haha) and I thought no more fish for you since the visit of your bro in law!!?*grin*. BTW, if you are a fan for fish head, there is one fish head/fish paste noodle in Taman Segar which I think it's quite nice too called Kaki Bola, the shop with a huge yellow banner in front, kinda packed during lunch time.;-)

Little Inbox said...

Steaming is the most healthy method in cooking. I like the way they prepare the food. :)


no wonder lar, i see this place always quite full one. last sunday fathers day also early early full .. was wondering what so nice in that shack! now i know the gem! thanks ya.

foodfusspot said...

the steamed egg looks divine!

tigerfish said...

The fish dish looks like a killer dish!

thenomadGourmand said...

ohh i knw where this is! ANd i didnt know ther was such a gem of a plc!!
Ok ok..must go for the fish! cheap somemore! i miss salted fish steam pork too.. ;(

jason said...

Love the steamed egg there but it's very packed at night. It gets even worse if it rained, just like the night when I dropped by!

Precious Pea said...

J2kfm: Hahaha..i thought it symbolize something special too...but cool also rite???

Emile: Do try when you get a chance. Good food at such pricing is a rare find nowadays.

Joe: I know what you mean cos you keep hearing those 'smashing' sound as you dine. But then again, too yummy to say 'no' lah.

Tummythoz: Ask SC to bring you there!!

cumi & ciki: Yes...so hot i perspired to the max!!

thule: LOL. It's time to ask your wife to fulfill her promise.

Ah King and Moon: LOL..surprisingly I have been eating lots of fish recently but only certain type of cooking style. Thanks for the recommendation, will try Kaki Bola when i get a chance to visit that area again.

little inbox: Oh yes and steamed food just as delicious as their oily deep fried counterpart.

Family First: Must be there very early..11.30 a.m. for lunch and 5.30 p.m. for dinner. Otherwise, have to stand there to give other people 'hurry up' glance. Hehe.

foodfusspot: It was seriously smooth!!

tigerfish: Want some Tigerr??

thenomadgourmand: Quick quick go!! Sadly, please give their salted fish steamed pork a miss..but who knows? Your luck might be better.

jason: I cannot imagine dining there during rainy days...but it should be good too to have hot steaming stuff when it rains.

cumi & ciki:

PureGlutton said...

Cheras really has good eats! Steamed dishes - very healthy! This place is certainly worth a visit soon.

foodbin said...

i like their smooth egg custard and steamed snakehead- from your photo the contortion of the fish body signifies it's super freshness.

Selba said...

I would love to try the spicy soy bean gravy, it sounds so wonderful! :)

sc said...

woah, the rest of the steam fish selection looks good too..the spicy soy bean one looks mouthwatering..

spunkz said...

i used to stay with my cousin above one of the shoplots there. have always longed to eat thr seeing the crowd but being students on budget, we never tested it out. ur post just reminded me that it's time to go back there. :)

Life for Beginners said...

Oooh, I *heart* egg custard when it's done well. :D


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