Wednesday, August 12, 2009

MURES @ Hobart Waterfront, Tasmania

We were told that dining at Mures is a must as it is well-known for superb seafood (caught by their own fishing boats) with spectacular Hobart waterfront view. Mures lower deck offers cheaper dishes such as the usual deep fried/grilled fish and chips as well as fresh seafood for takeaway at reasonable price. There is also a sushi bar at the lower deck which we didn't get to try. Of course, Mures Upper Deck offers a much better view, really good food (as we were told..) and ahem, very much pricier too. Booking is a MUST too as the place is always packed.

At the side of Mures, there are many tiny floating boats? shops? or whatever they call it selling fresh as well as cooked seafood.

It was cold, I was hungry and it was way too early for our booking at Mures Upper Deck, hence Hubby went to grab some food to soothe my growling tummy.

Calamaris and chips!!!!! I was too cold and hungry so I got to say that it was one of the yummiest calamaris and chips I ever had. Only vinegar provided and I hate soaking my chips in vinegar. Tips tips: bring a bottle of chili/tomato sauce with you wherever you go!!

My nephew loved the chips too!

After the light snack, we went to check out the Mures Lower Deck and discovered we should save our money on the chips and indulge on fresh seafood instead. Fresh oysters at AUD13 per dozen, slightly more expensive than Barilla Bay but equally as good!

We spotted fresh swordfish and had it sashimi-style. Soooo rich, buttery and sweet.

After the second round of light refreshment, we went for dinner at Mures Upper Deck. Very nice and classy settings and the items on the menu, ahem impressively pricy too! I opted for the Prawn Fest menu that came with an appetizer and a main dish for slightly under than AUD35. Hubby had the same set too and this is his Caesar salad as appetizer.

I had the BLAND chowder instead and I didn't like the fishy smell that came from the bits and pieces of fish. In the end, I finished off Hubby's Caesar salad instead.

For the main, Hubby ordered a disastrous dish....Honey Soy Tiger Prawns served with Steamed Rice. It was utterly SWEET, more like dessert than a savoury dish. Hubby seldom complain about his food and no matter how awful, he would still finish his food instead of wasting it. This, he couldn't even take a second bite. I was grinning cheekily cos I almost ordered this dish as well but when I saw the word steamed rice I knew it was a risky bet.

My TASTELESS pasta with scallops and smoked salmon was another disappointment but at least it was still edible after putting some salt and pepper into it.

I didn't take picture of the other disaster dishes the rest had that night but as I recalled Ben's fish was raw inside (it was sent back to the kitchen and it came back still dry outside and raw inside, eventually the order was cancelled), my dad's medium-rare steak was fully cooked and burnt at one side, my nephew's mussel was cooked in SALT water. Nothing was good except for the Caesar salad. We were wondering maybe the food is cater more to the Aussie's tastebud (no way cos Aussies love their food)? Or maybe the chef is on leave? But but but how could it go so bad for every dishes we ordered?? Anyway, we left the place with half empty stomach, just as sick-looking as the octopus here coloured by my nephew at the restaurant.

Feeling so disappointed for the expensive lousy dinner, we went to Woolworths to grab some groceries and headed home to cook a feast.

Great chef at work.....

Bacon & corn salad and assorted greens prepared by Ben, another great chef.

Ahhhh.....fine dining at home...delicious tender lamb shank cooked by my brother in law. I feel so proud and lucky to have such a wonderful cook as my brother in law...hehehe.

If you wanna give Mures Upper Deck a try (hope you have better luck with their food), just check out their website here. Mures Lower Deck is worth a visit!


Sonia said...

Hahaha, we Asia people can't live without chili..usually I will keep those small packet of MCD chili whenever I "tapau", so this kind of small pkts easily bring along..

Tummythoz said...

Better to have saved money spent at restaurant to buy more pricey ingredients for your BIL to cook at home! Droolz.

SimpleGirl said...

haha, seems ur BIL's dish is better than the Mures experience, ya!

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

At least you had good oysters and sashimi. :-)

ai wei said...

that dinner sounds super 'cha'. it's always great to have own cook food hor. i like the presentation of lamb shank. sluurp. *Drool*

Xiu Long Bao said...


My fave hangout place when i studied thr. Always go there for their ice-cream. *Nostalgic*

mimid3vils said...

Sometimes v really have to try ourself instead of just listening to ppl, hehe :P

Precious Pea said...

Sonia: can we eat chips without any sauce?????

Tummythoz: Lesson learnt!

Simplegirl: The lamb shank was really good! Can't even compare with the food we had at Mures.

luscious sista: That saved the day! That is why dine at Mures Lower Deck for more satisfaction.

ai wei: My sis decorated it for me to snap photo. Saw the two pieces of junk food there?? My nephew was having it when she decide to put it there as garnishing! Haha!

mimid3vils: Maybe just our luck that day.

foodbin said...

fresh oysters again !
what a disaster meal at Mures!

sc said...

wow! your bro-in-law is such a pro cook! looks delicious *drools*. too bad on the other food you had, though the chips looks yummy (am a sucker for big, fat chips :p)

boo_licious said...

Ok. Will strike that off my list and add yr bro-in-law's lamb shank instead, that looks brilliant.

Ah King and Moon said...

It's great 2 see your post again! Gosh, AUD 13 per dozen,AUS is truely a heaven for oyster fan *drool*....You know, I paid MYR48 for 3pcs of air-shipped oyster at Kampachi *sigh*...

Looking forwards more posts from you.;-)


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