Monday, August 17, 2009

Phở Dzung @ Richmond, Melbourne

I was checking my calendar for some possible dates for a short holiday and found out that today is exactly one month since I stepped foot into Melbourne. I can still recall just a month ago, I was crying badly at this very moment as I leave my house to the airport. But hey, today am very happy as life is great and I really love it here very much. Except of course, the constant longing for my two boys and Hubby makes me sad. They are doing great back home and here are some shots I took of my boys while we were 'Skype-ing' the other day.

During a lunch with
WMW before I left, she asked me "What is the first thing you gonna eat when you reach Melbourne?" and without a need to think, "Phở" of course! Melbourne offers great Phở or Vietnamese Flat Rice Noodle with Beef and Chicken Soup, thanks to the large Vietnamese community here. There are so many Vietnamese restaurant in Melbourne offering Phở and other Vietnamese delicacies but my all-time favourite is still Phở Dzung also known as Yung Kee which is located at Victoria Street in Richmond, Melbourne. This is also the place where I had my first bowl of Phở back in year 1992. Despite everyone that I know telling me the quality here has deteriorated, I find it still as good as before. Even my sis and bro-in-law insisted that another restaurant just a few shops away is much better but I tried, nah...I still insist this place is much better.

For the Phở, three sizes are available; small (AUD7), regular (AUD8) and large (AUD9) and you can have the rice noodle with your choice of either beef or chicken as well as brisket, tendon, tripe, coagulated ox blood or etc. Trust me, for a Malaysian's standard, a small portion is more than enough. Also available, Vietnamese spring rolls, grilled chicken or pork chop on rice and assorted beverages.

Beansprouts, basil, mint and lemon wedges....a MUST to go with the Phở.

And of course, red hot fiery chilies to spice thing up! I love the chilies here as they are spicier and has got more chili flavour than those in Malaysia. Anyone want me to bring some seeds back to Malaysia to try growing it??

My dad had his noodle with chicken meat, a choice that I would never make cos I feel that Phở must have beef in it, unless of course if you cannot take beef. The broth is not as sweet as those with beef too. Told him that but he still insist, well, his choice.

I had my all-time favourite rare beef with chicken. With the piping hot broth poured over the noodle, the thinly sliced rare beef was cooked to perfection! Yummy!! The beefy broth is really tasty and usually I will finish it off till the last drop!

Hubby had rare beef with tripe. Am surprised that he didn't go for beef combination.

Look at the generous portion of pinkish sliced rare beef ....this was my sis's order. Her broth is much richer in taste, thanks to the essence of the rare beef.

This place remains my favourite till I can find a better one, will let you know once I do!

Phở Dzung is located at:

Richmond - 208 Victoria St, 3121 Victoria
Melbourne City - 234 Russel St, 3000 Victoria
Operating Hours - 7 days a week
8.30 a.m - 10.00 p.m. (City)
8.00 a.m. - 9.00 p.m. (Richmond)

Also check out KY's recent ravings about this place HERE.


Kavi said...

Yeah fren...its been one this time a month n the twins was heading back from LCCT, with a heavy heart after sending you off... very happy for you today coz' you've settle down well there...all the best...miss you.

Stephen said...

hey PP, the next time you are Richmond for Vietnamese food, try Than Anh II (something like that), I find that their food is more authentic and their pancake is a must-try. :D

J2Kfm said...

never knew melbourne has VIETNAMESE outlets! geez .... sounds funny to be eating pho in Aust. least to me.

but agree that ONLY beef should be used. pork and chicken sounds not too tempting.

Selba said...

The little boys are looking good but I bet they are missing you very much!

Yumm... Nice pho...

ai wei said...

@@, i din know there are actually so many veitnamese in melb.

jason said...

Yeah, you have been away for one month now! :) Glad to hear that you're doing fine there.

Pho.. something that I usually brush aside when reading the menu cos it looked rather... plain. :p

tigerfish said...

I was just skyping with my hub. this morning! Miss him too! said...

Hi! We recently launched a Pho Restaurant Directory for Australia and Pho Dzung is included:

Please consider dropping by to review your favorite locations!

SimpleGirl said...

agree with you. When I was in Sydney, my aunt brought us to a ncie Vietnamese res for beef noodle...till now i can't forget the yummy taste!!!real good

PureGlutton said... it 1 month oredi??! How fast time flies! Glad u r lovin it there Down Under :-)
Richmond is the Vietnamese "district" in Melbn, rite? Love shopping for asian groceries there!

UnkaLeong said...

Wah your pho looks much nicer than the one becks and I had recently at Tropicana City mall :)

KY said...

hahah why didn't you try the blood, only $1 :D

noobcook said...

glad to hear you are adjusting well. I had my most delicious Pho Bo at Melbourne's chinatown, not sure if it's the same place you went. Your photos sure bring back some fond memories and Viet food craving ;) Take care!

Precious Pea said...

Kavi: Thank you so much for the lovely farewell gifts...really keeps me warm. See you soon buddy!

Stephen: Noted!! Sounds familiar, wonder if it's the same as my sis's fav Pho place. Will check it out soon. Which suburb are you at?

j2kfm & ai wei: Melbourne has turned into an Asian city. Many Chinese too and apart from the countless Viet restaurant, you can find lots of Chinese restaurant offering cuisines from the many many different regions. I just dunno where to start!

Selba: Dunno if they miss me or not cos my Hubby said they are still as happy as always. Pumpkin as usual, very very naughty!

jason: Come to Melbourne, i bring you for Pho and you will change your mind. I guarantee! Can't find good Pho at par with those in Melb..must be the quality of the beef for broth.

tigerfish: Aww..hug hug. We are rowing the same boat! Hope you and your hubby will reunite soon.! Will sure pop by!

simplegirl: And they are so generous with the ingredients arent they?? Just can't get enuff of Pho..on average, am having it at least once a week.

pureglutton: Yes, it's one of the few Vietnamese district here. We do grocery shopping there whenever we go for Pho. Usually we go to Box Hill, another cool area to hangout with lots and lots of eateries.

unka: Come on over..bring you for nice Pho!

KY: Err....too much for me to handle. I shall stick to rare beef. Hehe. U try it next time and let me know.

noobcook: The one you had could be their outlet near Chinatown. I noticed there are a few Pho place now in the city and there is another favourite place of mine called Mekong.

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

Almost a little Vietnam there, eh? Looks delicious. Miss you, Precious Sista!

CUMI & CIKI said...

you're so lucky u get to eat delicious authentic Pho!

David said...

try Mekong Rice Noodle in town Swanston Street.... yummy

mimid3vils said...

Donno read from where, the best pho is at Melbourne!!!

wmw said...

Ahh...that 'interview' which I am still keeping. Hahaha...your boys looks as cute as ever. Hmmm...both of us left around the same time but I'm heading back in a month's time. Time flies. Glad you're doing great!

Cynthia said...

The month went by so quickly!

daphne said...

love love love viet food- esp their beef noodle soup too. It's sooo clear and good. What I am impress is that they have 3 sizes available! Nice find.

nat said...

omg. so true. this place has the best! the taste is so different, beats any springvale pho!

Stephen said...

Staying in Doncaster East. Are you staying nearby as well?

Jun said...

finally some melb food post! good! i'm gng thr soon! :D

Precious Pea said...

Luscious Sista: Awww...miss you guys too!

Cumi & Ciki: Thankful to all the great food here. I still haven't got the chance to miss all the good food back home YET.

David: I love Mekong too and used to eat there twice a week during my uni days. But their soup always a bit cold though dunno if still the same now.

mimid3vils: I so agree!

wmw: fast hor? Glad you are having such a great time in SF too.

Cynthia: So agree!

daphne: There is just something about Pho, very addictive stuff. Just won't grow sick of it.

nat: Ahhh, so you are a fan of this place too? You are living in Melb as well?

Stephen: Very very at Bulleen, the side which is nearer to the High St.


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