Sunday, September 06, 2009


Nope! Am not talking about the sixth largest city in Japan. Nope! Am not referring to those melt-in-your-mouth marbled beef either. I am referring to my first furry friend in Melbourne, Kobe!

Kobe's mummy is a close family friend and I was so excited to be invited to her house to visit her precious baby. Kobe is about Pumpkin's age and he is a mix of Shih Tzu, Maltese and Bichon...I guess he has got the best attributes from all the three breeds, Kobe is really handsome plus a very strong character too.

After a few rounds of chasing one another, Kobe warmed up to me. He loves a good tummy rub just like my precious Pea.

He got such a gorgeous smile, doesn't he??

Kobe's mummy brought me to the kitchen to show me Kobe's food storage. war breaks out now, his supply could last him for half a year!!! Ahem, Kobe is really lucky cos his mummy cooks him beef stew with vegetables (fit for human consumption when salt is added) for dinner.

Furry kiddos in Ozzieland are really lucky. They have so many variety of treats here. Spot the Wings??

How about this 100% baked low fat garlic flavoured rawhide chips?????

Fries from McD for doggies???

Sandals...obviously a gift from last Christmas.

Really a big salute to Kobe's mummy as she even make her own treats from pork liver. I am gonna make this for Pea and Pumpkin next time. Pretty easy, just boil the sliced pork liver and put into the oven for an hour under low temperature.

Kobe's daddy sent me home and Kobe came along too. He kept looking back at me...I think he really likes me! *GRIN*

He obviously enjoys going for car ride! When I got down from the car, Kobe excitedly wanted to follow as well and gave a loud growl. missing him already. I do wish Pea and Pumpkin will join me here soon, as I can already imagine the three of them running around the park while we enjoying a BBQ picnic!


Sonia said...

Hahaha, I thought you posted some delicious Japn Kobe beef, mana tahu, is a dog..anyway, she look cute.

ai wei said...

kawaii kawaii kawaii!!!
nowadays doggie can enjoy so many different kind of snacks...
they are real lucky!~

love the final photo. kore is so cute!

GFAD said...

The pet food at Woolworth's looked so appetising. Had to double-check to make sure it was for pets! :D

Once on TV, we saw an ad for beef stew which I thought was ready-to-eat stew for human consumption but turned out to be for dogs!!

Selba said...

Awwwwww.. so cute! And yes, definitely he has a gorgeous smile :D

Please send my hugs to him, if you meet Kobe again!

ilene said...

Poor you! You must be missing Pea & Pumpkin terribly! I hope Pea & Pumpkin are alright too as they too can sense the absence of their loved one and loose their appetite. Take care!

wmw said...

Oh, these were the photos you were telling me about :o). Yah, name your pets after some food eh? Kobe is cool ...., apart from Pea & Pumpking, of course. Eh.. how about Popiah, Curry, Roti...etc. etc...hehe..

thule a.k.a leo said...

nowadays... dogs are more pampered compared to human!!!

Little Inbox said...

Cute lor, he's such a lucky boy in a good home.

CUMI & CIKI said...

extremely cute! hehe

ling239 said...

this dog can laugh!! ^O^

jason said...

I would love to see the photos of the three of them chasing each other!

Lianne said...

i guess when your two precious lands, in no time too that they will have ample supply of those threats? haha i bet!

Precious Pea said...

Sonia: Hahaha...cute name rite?? Kobe's mummy should consider naming her second dog as Wagyu.

ai wei: Yalor...sometimes better be a dog than a human.

GFAD: Those premium type dog food do smell very good and the variety of flavour is incredible.

ilene: Pea and Pumpkin coping well, didn't show a sign of missing me leh. But Hubby always bring them upstairs to webcam with me, so not that bad.

wmw: Hehehe, must name them after our no.1 passion mah. Ooo..what about Pork Chop aka Jue Pah!!

Leo: Better to be a dog than human hor?

Cumi & Ciki: your mum yah!

ling239: Such happy face rite?

jason: Hopefully they don't end up fighting. As you know, Pumpkin is such a big bully.

Lianne: DEFINITELY!! Will bring them go shopping at those doggie warehouse too and weekend breakfast at deli alfresco style.

A Full-Timed Housefly said...

Kobe is really adoarble , I have a Shih Tzu andI'm a dog lover too. Thanks for sharing


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