Monday, October 12, 2009

Tesselaar Tulip Festival 2009

After the disappointed weekend spent seeking shelter from the rain at the Warratina Lavender Farm, we made a trip back to the Dandenong Ranges the following Sunday and this time round, the weather was perfect! We finally made it to the 2009 Tesselaar Tulip Festival which is an annual event held at the Tesselaar Farm in Silvan, Victoria. 2

According to their information booklet, there are more than a million spring flowers on show including over 100 different varieties of tulips! Not surprising at all when we were greeted by the amazing colourful tulip field as we entered the farm. We were practically drown in the sea of tulips!! Armed with my camera, I excitedly hopping from one row of tulips to the next, happily snapping away. Imagine my misery when I came home with more than 250 photos and I have to crack my head to select only a fraction of the pics to post up here!! 7

I am so glad that my nephew is just not into electronic games and boys' stuff. He was as excited as his crazy yiyi (me!).

My favourite colour of all....PURPLE! I kept telling myself to itchy finger! And I was a very very good girl that day... *proud proud* 8

Isn't this deep purple tulip beautiful? If not mistaken, this is called Queen of the Night. It has got such a mysterious feel to it, don't you think? 9

I love these bunches in a mixture of pink and white too. I was surprised when my nephew told me that the pink tulips were the nicest among the rest. Cos to him, pink is always for girls and big NO-NO for boys!

So pretty, I should have chosen this for my wedding bouquet! Speaking of wedding, I saw a couple taking their wedding shots at the farm. Am sure it would turn out really awesome. Sigh...if only I could turn back time, I will surely take my wedding shots here too! 11

Light yellow with pink combo.....sweet! 12

Red with white combo...also very nice!!!!

In full bloom....not exactly my kind of colour but wouldn't mind to have a bunch of these in my garden.

Last chance to show off its beauty before it wither away.... 16

Apart from the common variety, I was amazed to find lots of amazing hybrid tulips such as these Angelique Tulip. Full of gorgeous baby-pink petals and it resembles Peony! Really beautiful!

Don't really fancy pink?? What about this?? Dark red with white stripes?? Equally as beautiful! 18
Or these??? Yellow-Orangey bloom??


Dunno the name for this variety but I find it very beautiful too! 20

Ever seen tulip petals with fringe before?? These are called Fringed Tulips! 21
Red Fringed Tulips...

I find these Spring Green Tulips so classical and elegant. I can imagine how lovely it would be in a wedding bouquet!

Rose? Nope...this is just a Rose-Lookalike-Tulip! 25

Enough of tulips for now....time for lunch!! There are picnic area's in the farm as well as various food stalls offering delicious goodies. But what could be better than to enjoy a tasty meal of homecooked fried rice overloaded with 'char siu'?? 26

My nephew said that the highlight of the trip was his packet of blue candy floss! 27

My sis said these are prettier than the tulips! Tried googling to see what they are called but I couldn't find anything, anyone any idea?? 28

Love these too but no idea what they are called. Are they wild flowers? 31
Lastly, the Azalea!

On the way out, we spotted this stall selling bright colourful garden decorative windmill. I would have checked out the prices if Obama didn't distract my attention...Obama who?? 33

Meet Obama....a 5-month old Labrador. Lots of 'Seeing Eye Dog' were brought to the farm for a walk, probably to train them before they become a full-time guide dog. Sis asked if I am keen to volunteer by becoming a puppy carer, but knowing with my low EQ, it would be too heartbreaking when the time comes for me to return the pup back to the foundation. 34

Started drizzling by the time we were about to leave the farm and that was also the time when the crowd started coming in. Everyone was drenching in the rain waiting to get into the farm!!

The queue was at least half a kilometer kidding!! 36

On the way out, the rain was getting heavier, just like the traffic heading towards the Tulip Festival!! I guess everyone is rushing to the festival cos it is going to end tomorrow. 38

For more information on the Tessalaar Tulip Festival, check out there website here.


Live2Talk said...

Uh such lovely tulips! Have you thought of planting some at home? Can be done or not?

Lianne said...

They are call Ranunculus and I agree with your sis. They are indeed prettier than Tulips and woOT! Will be planting them for next Spring!

Lianne said...

Also, you must come and visit me one day. I will bring you to this place which is basically the biggest Tulip Garden in the world! You will go crazyyyyy I tell ya ... hehe

Lianne said...

You haveeee to come here one day Ivy. I will bring you to this place and we will both swoonnnnn over the tulips :-)

Ah King and Moon said...

Lovely!Lovely! & Lovely!!!

Sonia said...

Beside the Tulip garden at The Netherlands, this one is another good choice to see tulips.Hopefully one day I'm able to be there. Thanks for sharing.

ai wei said...

i LOVE tulips too!!! among all, i LOVE the Yellow one. besides, queen of the night is very nice. first time saw this.

boo_licious said...

I love tulips and these ones are so pretty. Used to buy bunches of them for my room in UK, another fav was daffodils. Thxs for the lovely journey and the purple ones are my fav too.

Rosalind said...

Wow I'm from Holland and never knew Australia has tulip festivals as well!
Looks good but must say I miss your blogs on food from M'sia!
Must do some on Aussie food soon ok?!

Stephen said...

hey... when did you go? I went last saturday and didn't see that many types... probably we missed it!

Kavi said...

They are so beautiful...can imagine how lovely it will be to have tulips in our garden....fantastic range of colours....fren, r u going to plant some in your garden?

Precious Pea said...

live2talk: Planning to grow some at home for next Spring!!!!!

Lianne: That is always my visit Tulip's home country. But need to save a lot a lot of money first. Thanks for the info...Ranunculus are indeed very beautiful. Remember to blog about it when it grows yah?

Sonia: If interested, visit Canberra for their Floriade...i heard it is very very beautiful too!

ai wei: I love the Queen of the Night unique.

Stephen: I went two Sundays ago...during their Food and Wine Festival. The hybrid range are at the other side of the farm, facing the main road.

Kavi: When we do get our own place, i can foresee Paul turning our house into a fruit/veggie/flower farm.

Tummythoz said...

So many colours! Went for tulips in Perth too but too early in the season. More buds than petals.

wmw said...

When Mr P goes over...go again with him and take your "wedding" shots all over again :o)

tigerfish said...

I love tulips! But hardly see them...

CUMI & CIKI said...

drowning in beauty. i so jeles:P

terri@adailyobsession said...

lianne, those aren't ranunculus (altho they are similar looking, ranunculus are smaller n more fragile), they are poppies. yes, poppies of the opium kind. i agree with ur sister tt poppies are more beautiful than tulips. they are simple but beautiful.

me a flower lover too. do go to the flower show in the city. i forget what it's called but i'm sure ur sis knows. btw, u can get the 'beeji' in any asian grocers. it is packed in a plastic bag.

terri@adailyobsession said...

d flower b4 the azealaes...could they be some new kind of poppies bc their leaves look like the poppies'. or they could be asters but these seem too huge?

PureGlutton said...

Sooo beautiful - i LOVE all of them! And visiting the Keukenhoff Gardens is also my dream leh!

foodbin said...

those flowers looks like Cosmos to me.

Anonymous said...

V, my favourite, favourite flower tulips. the best colour i love most is purple - queen of the night.

Dream to take a good shot (myself standing in the middle of plot of land planted with purple tulips). hehe


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