Thursday, October 01, 2009


We are officially into the second month of Spring now...and I have been looking forward to visit the Tesselaar Tulip Festival which has started since mid-September. I was really excited as I always love tulips. Did you know I actually ordered fresh tulips imported all the way from Australia for my wedding bouquet? It was a lovely combination of orangey yellow tulips with beige roses...ahh, if only I have the picture with me now. Anyway, we were all set to visit the tulip farm last Sunday despite the gloomy cloud warning us not to go. Armed with out picnic bag filled with containers of my awesome homecooked nasi lemak and sinful snacks, we decided to try our luck.

Unfortunately, it was raining...err...let me was POURING!! We ended up parking our car overlooking the tulip farm and had a scrumptous picnic inside instead. I was a little bit disappointed, but it turned out that my nephew is even more disappointed.

After the picnic lunch inside the car, we decided to head home since the dark sky is not going to stop pouring anytime soon. On way back, we saw a signboard leading to a nearby lavendar farm. Lavendar is my favourite flower too!!! The lavender farm we visited is called Warratina which is located at the foothill of Dandenong Ranges. Not much to see though as most of the lavendar bushes were pruned to almost bald. Just one row is left with the fragrant purplish bloom. Just googled and found out that the best time to visit lavendar farm is between early Summer to late Summer..*I must jot this down somewhere*

The Blooming and the Bald (behind).

We headed straight to the Lavender Cottage Tea Rooms...what could be better than to have a cup of hot tea on a cold rainy day?

I was totally in love with the cosy tea room. Lavenders were everywhere! There is also a small gift store next to the tea room offering a variety of products made from lavender. Saw a thick cookbook on using lavender in your cooking....I was tempted till I saw the price..gulp!

Initially I thought of having tea but I need my coffee fix so I opted for Latte instead. It is almost impossible to find a bad cup of Latte in Melbourne (homemade doesn't count!).

We ordered a set of two scones to share; one original flavour and the other?? Lavender of course!

Served with cream and homemade raspberry jam, the scones were fanta-bulous! Crisp crust with buttery fluffly texture, good enough a reason to revisit when I am around that area next time.

Saving my favourite picture of all for the last, don't they look so so so so pretty?? As for the tulips...well well, we are going again this Sunday and hopefully it will be bright and sunny *keeping my fingers crossed*!

Warrantina Lavender Farm is located at:

105 Quayle Road,
Wandin Yallock, Victoria (Melways Ref 121 F1)
Open Wednesday to Sunday; 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.


SimpleGirl said...

lovely lavender....i simply love the "intoxicated" fragnant of the flower!!!

PureGlutton said...

I love lavender too! That's my fave scent when i buy essential oils, room fragrances etc... so soothing & lovely! I hope u get to the tulips soon - can't wait to see the pics! Love love tulips too!

thule a.k.a leo said...

Waiting for the right time to bring Jenn to see lavender... most likely in Hokkaido Japan

Kavi said...

Beautiful pictures.... i love lavenders remember the lavender body cream that you use to buy for me...Oh! i just love it....i hope you'll have a better luck for your tulips this Sunday...have fun!!!

J2Kfm said...

wait, the lavender's in the jam? or the scones?
i tried lavender tea, fragrant yes.
but a little off lah ...maybe not used to drinking floral tea.

Gratitude said...

Gosh, simply heavenly!
Any thought of catching the famous annual flower fest in Canberra? Guaranteed lotsa tulips. ^_^

Sonia said...

Not bad, at least you got a chance to visit the lavender farm and had a nice tea. How a lovely lavender, and I looking forward your Tulip photos. Now I want browse my old post and see those tulip photos i took during my to Amsterdam.

wmw said...

So pretty....I like the soothing effect it has on me!

Precious Pea said...

simplegirl: So soothing isn't it? I should have bought the lavender oil, now why didn't I??

pureglutton: We are planning to go to the tulip farm forecast say no rain so do wait for my good news!

Thule: Jenn is sure one lucky woman!!! I would love to visit Hokkaido one day too. My dream is to go Japan for cherry blossom and Holland for tulips.

Kavi: I will sure bring back more lavender cream for you. Have a nice weekend!

j2kfm: Lavender in the scones..can u see of them with the purplish flower in it? I tried lavender strawberry jam before at another farm in Perth. So far I have tried lavender wine, lavender tea, lavender cheesecake but i love lavender ice cream the most!

Gratitude: You mean the Floriade? Been eyeing for that but impossible for this year (due to the migration thingy). Hopefully will have a chance to visit Floriade next year.

Sonia: You have been to Amsterdam?? Oooo..nothing could top that!! Quick quick go find the photos and post it up??

wmw: Nice hor...i just found there is a variety called ruffles which comes in two so gonna have a lavender garden when I get my own place.

Live2Talk said...

I can still remember your wedding bouquet, lovely and elegant just like the bride ;P Lavender is beautiful, trying to grow some yourself babe!

CUMI & CIKI said...

the place looks like a dream. I luv the way you are all buttoned up! so nice:)

Little Inbox said...

Beautiful lavender. I love the scent.

noobcook said...

so beautiful! I was in Perth in March and visited a lavender farm, however I guess it's not the right season so nothing is blooming and even the lavender scones were sold out! I think you visited at the perfect time of the year ^_^

Precious Pea said...

cumi & ciki: That was my sis, not me! Hehe!

Little Inbox: Me too...calming effect!

noobcook: Is it Cape Lavender in Margaret River? I was at this Cape Lavender, award winning farm and it was spectacular!!!

Sonia said...

My dear Pecious Pea, the tulips photo I have posted in my blog long time ago, check it out in my blog ya..


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