Monday, November 09, 2009


My Dearest Hubby,

Remember I told you the other day that bro-in-law cooked a big yummy pot of stewed brisket, tripe and tendon?? Bro-in-law asked me to snap a photo to show you, so here you are, our lunch we had few days ago. It was even more flavourful after leaving it overnight..yummy!

Look at this chunky piece of tendon! It was braised to perfection...the texture was just right...bouncy and gelatinous. Just the way you like it! Don't worry, bro-in-law promised to cook you a big pot when you are here.

Weather is getting so much warmer nowadays. Gonna be 35 degree Celcius today and it is not even summer yet. I wonder how I could survive till end January. Good news is...all the fruit trees are full of fruits! The row of loquat trees are full of loquats now! I counted, there are 5 trees altogether!!

Whenever I see the loquat tree, I will think of you. Remember this photo I took back in year 2006?? This was the first thing you did when you arrived at sis's place!

Am waiting for a few more days before picking these loquat, known as 'pipa' in Chinese. This is the one they use to make the Chinese cough mixture so I guess should be good for throat. Perfect for the hot weather now.

I have been eating lots of it and they are very sweet and juicy. Bro-in-law told me that I could double-boil it with rock sugar. Sounds good to me, maybe I should boil a big pot and put it in the fridge.

Ooooo...the nectarine tree opposite sis's house is also fruiting! Lots and lots of it too! I think it should be ready by mid December...hehe..just can't wait to harvest them.

By the way, Nathan want to show you this.....a picture of him all powered-up. He said he just couldn't wait to battle you in March! Ggggrrgggrrrr!!!

I just can't wait to see you in January next year. Don't worry, I will definitely be back, you don't have to blackmail me by forbidding Pea and Pumpkin from webcam-ing with me, yah?

Ok lah...I got to sign off now. Be good and take good good care of my two boys. I know you have been doing a good job.




KY said...

so sweet!

UnkaLeong said...

*hugs* You come back, we must go makan together ok?

ai wei said...

sweet sweet sweet!~ what a sweet 'house letter' :)

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

so touching! (1st part is evil, though! lol)

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

the beef looks damn awesome laa...

Gratitude said...

Eeeee super sweet.

babe_kl said...

how does loquat taste like? anything sour like kat chai (limau kasturi)? can preserve them wid salt or not?

RO 5 Bucks said...

roflmao...luv d 'dear diary' post, simply priceless.

n don worry, i keep an eye on him 2 - no give chance 2 roving eyes heeheehee

terri@adailyobsession said... last pic. so 'ker lien'. i would fly home immediately if i were u!

Precious Pea said...

KY: Hehe..had too much of sweet loquat I guess.

Unkaleong: Deal!! Can't wait to feast when am back home.

ai wei: Better than writing love letters hor??

Luscious Sista: Hahaha...when Hubby saw the first two pictures, he was drooling over it. Not my fault, my bro-in-law is the one who asked me to show it to him.

NJoe: Tasted damn awesome too!!! And those spare parts are so cheap and easy to get here.

Anton: *Grin*

Babe_KL: Don't think they are related to limau kasturi. They are really sweet when it is ripe. Not sure if they could be preserved...I need to do more research on ways to eat them.

RO: Thank you thank you..I shall leave the job to you then. Hahaha!

terri: I wish I could fly home NOW too but my bro-in-law is going to be operated tomorrow, so am definitely more needed here to help around in the house. The heat here is unbearable!

Hubby said...

Okie.. You made me feel like going to Melb, like... now!

Stewed brisket and tripe are one of my favourites. Will definitely look forward to have that.

Btw, erhmm... why did you put up the picture of me, harvesting the loquat?

Khang Yi said...

Awww, we miss u too Precious Pea. Counting the days until u come back in January. Wish I could take off and accompany u for the makan adventure.

(( Ms. K )) said...

That sweet, especially about the webcam stuff.

mimid3vils said...

Had those pi pa gao so long but it's my 1st time seeing the real fruit (loquat)

jason said...

Aiyo, manis sangat (referring to the letter, not the loquat!) but yeah, first paragraph was evil :p

Lianne said...

aiyooo Ivy ... missing hub and your boys huh. I know how you feel. Hang on there ... Jan is not far away and without realising it, you will be reunited with your hub and your boys soon. Take care :-)

Little Inbox said...

wow, the loquat looks very juicy!

expired foodie said...


ermmm can slot us in when u are back onot??


Selba said...

Awwww... what a sweet letter to your hubby :)

Wow! there's loquat tree in the garden?

Sonia said...

so sweet are you, hopefully your hubby is able to fly to your place first time see the loquat tree and the real fruit, look nice.

wmw said... is all around...:o) See you soon!

daphne said...

awwww.. sweet and cheeky at the same time! LOL

Hazza said...

I could really do with the recipe for that stewed brisket!

k.t.x said...

ivy hi!!! how u ah? things cool in oz land? i had so much of pipa when i was in china, i even forgot to note it down in funny thing is...most of the time when we had pipa, we drank those tiquanyin

J2Kfm said...

i kinda wonder, when you're back in Jan, will you hug your hubby 1st, or Pea/Pumpkin? :)
haha ... beef briskets and your hubby. lovely mix.

Simon Seow said...

Don't mind me. I was just doing research from your post on HK. I'll be going HK on 5th Dec. Any place is a must try one??

Julian Si said...

Awwwwwwwwww.. sweet!

ps - I know the feeling, wifey is in Klang, and I am in ... Matrafured, Hungary!

A Full-Timed Housefly said...

Frankly if I were you I would surely miss my doggy like crazy.... glad you have someone you trust to care for your two furkids :D BTW the brisket looks really tender and delicious , thanks for sharing !


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