Sunday, December 06, 2009


My beloved nephew turns 7 today. Happy Birthday Nathan!!! *Muacks muacks muacks!*

My sis threw a small birthday party for him at the Pancake Parlour yesterday. I am glad it was just a small party as it certainly wasn't easy controlling 15 high-on-sugar hyper kids. Only the magician could do it.

The birthday boys (there was another birthday party at the same place) were given a surprise each.

Obviously Nathan wasn't that pleased with a balloon giraffe. He told me just now that he actually wished for a sword instead.

All the kids grew excited when they saw furry Elliot......

Well, well...I was too!!

Guess who made this for the party??? Me! Me! Me! Quite unbelievable hor?? Ok, I must admit, I used one of the pre-mix again but hey, it turned out really good. All the kids loved it, even better than the birthday cake as claimed by my nephew.

See??? My nephew was so busy with my chocolaty rich cupcake and showed no sign of interest on his real birthday cake!

"Brotherly Love" caught in the act! So adorable, aren't they?

Birthday boy with all his new toys. Lucky lucky boy!


SimpleGirl said...

happy birthday to ur nephew....lovely cupcakes U made!!

Sonia said...

Happy Belated Birthday to Nathan, your cup cakes look really good, no wonder the kids love it.

Kavi said...

Happy birthday Nathan....wah!!! your yie yie so gud...made for you those lovely cup cakes...lucky boy....

Live2Talk said...

Good work even if you used the pre-mix :) Next up will be the yie yie birthday party ... er any surprise this year?

CUMI & CIKI said...

happy birthday nathan! xoxo, c&c!

Anonymous said...

What happened to furry Elliot's ears??

babe_kl said...

Happy belated Birthday to your nephew Nathan and Happy Birthday to you!!!


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