Monday, June 29, 2009


Yes! Am at Krabi airport now. With 2 hours to spare, there is nothing much one can do at this small airport. So here I am, spending 2 Baht per minute on internet access just to kill time. This would be the most expensive blog post ever.

The weekend spent at Krabi was fantastic...lots of food and a great fishing trip too. More pictures next post! I will tell you about how my biggest catch fell right on my feet! Ouch!

Till then....ciao!!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

STEAMING HOT DISHES @ K.T.L Restaurant, Cheras

Another gem discovered recently, thanks to my Makan Gang members who are ever ready to bring me around for good food. This time round, they brought me to a place in Taman Segar, Cheras that offers only steamed dishes. I wouldn't call K.T.L restaurant a restaurant, it's more like a stall or shack located on a divider between the mainroad and a row of shophouses. But hey, this is exactly the kind of place to expect great yet cheap food!

Spot the roof covered with blue plastic? K.T.L is located right in the middle of Jalan Manis.

With probably around 10 tables, do try to beat the lunch/dinner crowd if you wanna dine with comfort without having hungry diners standing behind you with the 'hurry up' glance. This place is crowded both weekdays and weekends, regardless of lunch or dinner time. Do follow
FoodforThot's advice too: Order your fish while waiting for your seat to avoid disappointment!

So, what does K.T.L stands for? Kong Tau Lou or directly translated as Bald Man. It probably refers to the shy owner who is also the chef of this place.

Fresh fishes are delivered daily. Three choices to choose from; red tilapia, snakehead (sang yue) & carp head (soong yue tao) and you can have the fish steamed in any style that you like such as ginger paste, spicy soy bean paste, clear soya sauce based with optional chopped red cili padi.

On my first visit, it was a foodcrawl session and usually that means to avoid rice if possible. However, the moment I put a spoonful of the Spicy Soy Bean gravy into my mouth, I immediately requested for a plate of rice. Personally I like it a lot and one of the best I ever had. The gravy was thick and rich with soy bean (taucu) flavour with just the right amount of sweetness. Very very spicy too! Just the way I like it! Yumz...and since then, I returned twice just for this dish!

Steamed Herbal Chicken...well, it could be a great dish on its own but sadly overshadowed by the wonderful steamed fish.

I was looking forward to this dish on my 2nd visit; Steamed Pork with Salted Fish. Such a homely dish but it was a big disappointment. The pork was a bit tough due to oversteaming and probably low grade salted fish was use. Lack of the 'salted fish' pungent aroma.

Another favourite dish of mine here is their Steamed Egg Custard. Done silky smooth! Simple dish but yet hard to achieve such consistency, well, at least for me. I find it so comforting gliding the egg custard down my throat to ease the spiciness of the steamed spicy tilapia. This is a MUST order dish!

No stir fry veggies here so try having it blanched for a change. Healtier way to eat your greens too!

All the above dishes only cost us RM55.50 for 5 adults including a pot of tea and 2 plates of rice to share. Such an auspicious number since the 5 of us went on a Friday in the month of May, seated at table 5, ordered 5 dishes and the bill came up to RM55.50! With Magnum right across the road, needless to tell you what we did next right? No, we didn't win anything! Haha!

I was still craving for the steamed fish so we returned the following week, this time we ordered Snakehead aka Sang Yue drizzled with soya sauce and sprinkled generously with chopped red cili padi. Another winner dish too!! I couldn't decide now which I like Easy, just order both on my next visit!

To get there, do refer to the map below here.

Restoran K.T.L is located at:
Gerai No.3A, Jalan Manis
Taman Segar
56100 Cheras, Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 017-8727567, 012-3087311,014-3223613
Closes every Tuesday

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A DATE WITH KIKKO @ Pure Glutton's Home Sweet Home

Meet Koji, the super porn star! Hahaha..just kidding! I first met Koji early January this year when I went into Pure Glutton's other blog called Raynebows. She posted up the whole process of how Koji ahem .... lost his virginity upon meeting Venus, a very attractive Shih Tzu. Wanna see how Koji and Venus fell in love? Check it out HERE.

Koji, the proud daddy!

Two months later, Pure Glutton's status upgraded as she became a grandma to 3 princesses. She only get to choose one puppy to keep and so Kikko was the lucky one! So when Pure Glutton invited a few of us food bloggers to her house last Saturday for a mini makan session, I was excited cos I finally gets to meet Kikko and of course, the proud dad Koji!

The many faces of Kikko!!

Pure Glutton is a wonderful cook too! She prepared a nasi lemak feast for us, everything from scratch. We were told that the curry spare ribs were cooked the day before so that the flavour is fully absorbed into the meat.

Piping hot coconut rice, all ready in line for us to feast on.

A shot of my nasi lemak before I emptied the plate. It was good, pssttt...Pure Glutton, your sambal rocks!!!

The presence of FatBoyBakes (FBB) usually means the presence of some goodies from him. We were lucky to be the first to try his new creation: Black Forest Tart! Seriously, it was good! Chocolatey but with the generous amount of cherries tucked in between, it wasn't that rich either. Very very good stuff! It should be available for sale soon I hope.

Ahhhhh....Durian Cheesecake, one of FBB's famous creation!

There were also two plates of local dessert aka Kuih Muih which were left untouched cos we were overly stuffed.

It was a great makan session and I had a blast time playing with Kikko! She was certainly the star attraction of the day (apart from the food of course!).

Once again, thank you Pure Glutton for being such a lovely host and the wonderful lunch! I hope we get to meet again soon cos I am already in love with Kikko!!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


My recipe book on "Elegant Swiss Roll" has been sitting on the bookshelf collecting dust for more than a year now. I thought it would be great to spend my time baking since I am so free at home. For those who doesn't know me well, baking is certainly NOT my cup of tea. I don't mind spending few hours brewing prawn stock or a day preparing a roast duck, but when it comes to baking...I really dread the whole process especially the measuring and the cleaning part!

The only reason I bought this recipe book was for this recipe: Meat Floss Swiss Roll. I usually get mine from Bread Story for RM3.20 per piece. Sure looks yummy, isn't it?? The photo was taken straight from the recipe book and certainly not my creation.....why? Because mine turned out to be ... ahem...very different...

Something gone wrong swiss roll turned out to be a thick slab of crepe!!! It was like a layer of buttery dough!

I don't know what went wrong as I followed the instructions from A-Z....sigh...well, at least my butter cream turned out good.

Swiss Roll...i mean, Crepe...fresh from the oven!

Close-up of my failure...bluek!! The 'crepe' was doughy and tasteless. One word...AWFUL!!!

Even my ever-supportive dad said went straight to the rubbish bin!

I went to Bread Story the next day for a piece of their yummy Meat Floss Swiss Roll to soothe my disappointment. That's it.....the recipe book will remain back to the bookshelf for a long, long time.

Thursday, June 04, 2009

SIM HAP KE @ Taman Connaught, Cheras

Latest discovery and ravings from my Makan Gang : SALT-BAKED LALAs (clams).

I was quite unlucky to be turned away twice at Sim Hap Ke Restaurant located at Taman Connaught. It was closed on both the days I went. I got luckier on my third trip. Together with my Makan Gang, Boolicious and WMW on a foodcrawl in Cheras last Friday, we made our 2nd stop at Sim Hap Ke.

My request was simple, a serving of the Salt-Baked Lalas to satisfy my curiousity! The clam smells as wonderful as it tasted. It has got a very nice aroma from the burnt salt but it wasn't salty at all. It was cooked perfectly too; juicy sweet and no fishy smell detected. This dish also won the approval from WMW, a non-seafood lover.

Look at the charred bits on the clams. Tasty stuff!!

The rest of the dishes didn't fail to disappoint either. The Stir-fry Pig's Intestine with Dried Shrimp was one of the best I ever had. Certainly no unpleasant odour that I usually fear whenever I order this dish. Full of wok-hei and the bits and pieces of drief shrimp and chilies were so tasty.

Being a regular, the chef recognised my Makan Gang and knew exactly what they will order to go with the dishes. A plate of fresh iceberg lettuce was served instead of rice. I find this dish is slightly salty on its own, but PERFECT when wrapped with the lettuce. Healtier too!

Deep Fried Squid Salt-Pepper Style...another great discovery. It was lightly battered and deep-fried to perfect golden brown. But it was the taste of the thin batter that impressed me. It reminded me of the 'Kentucky' chicken flour that my mum used to buy from the supermarket. Very very tasty!

In terms of taste, the gravy of this Steamed Spareribs with Black Bean Sauce would go perfectly with rice. However, it was the spareribs that I didn't quite like. It was very soft and I could taste the presence of lots of corn flour used to tenderize the meat. Nevertheless, after having all four dishes, I can conclude that the chef is really good in 'flavouring' his dishes. Don't think MSG is added here as I didn't hear Boolicious, who is MSG-intolerant complaint after the meal.

No itemized bill but the 4 dishes above costs RM63. They do have lots of interesting dishes with photos pasted all over the wall... it makes ordering a brisk! I spotted 'One Barrel Chicken', 'Frog's Leg with Vermicelli' and a stewed lotus root dish that I wanna return to try. I hope I have time to do another visit before flying off to Melbourne.

Sim Hap Ke Restaurant is located at:
26 Jalan Waras 1
Taman Connaught
56000 Kuala Lumpur
Operating Hours: 11.30 a.m - 3.00 p.m.; 5.30 p.m. - 10.00 p.m.
Closes every Thursday
Tel: 012-319.3381

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

MAX.@ iHAUS; Western Dining, Wines & Events

Remember Max! Kitchen & Wines? Formerly located at Tengkat Tong Shin, this favourite fine-dining place of mine has recently moved to the Imbi area. Partnering with the owner of iHaus - a German Interior Showhaus that offers international brand names in furniture, Max took over MunchHaus which is the former restaurant at iHaus.

Max.@ iHaus is located at a double storey bungalow at Jalan Jati, off the busy Jalan Bukit Bintang. Do refer to the location map attached at the end of this post.

Unlike the previous outlet at Tengkat Tong Shin, parking is no longer an issue when dining at Max. Ample of parking spaces are available at the compound of iHaus.

I shall say, dining at the new Max. is like dining at home. We were greeted with these at the dining area the moment we stepped through the door. 4

The feeling was like walking into someone's mansion, with style and elegance. I mentioned earlier iHaus is an interior showhouse, hence these furnitures and fittings are for sale. This new place is definitely much more spacious and cozier. Max told us that the living room upstairs will be catered for social events. 5

It was a HOT afternoon and together with my Makan Gang, Boolicious and WMW, we decided to chill at Max after having 3 sessions of lunch! This is the 'living room' area overlooking the 'kitchen' area. A very cozy corner to spend the afternoon doing nothing but sipping sparking wine...ahhhh...

I am not kidding when I said about spending the afternoon sipping sparking wine. We did ordered a bottle of Prosecco on a Friday afternoon, doing nothing but sipping wine from 3 to 5 p.m. Ahhh....bliss!

Cheers to the 3Fs!! Friendship, Food and more Food!!

No wonder designer sofa comes with a hefty price. So comfortable that you don't even feel like getting up! That was exactly what happened on that day. We decided to laze around till my Hubby and Splashie Boy (Boo's bf) joined us at Max. after work. From the 'living room' area, we were escorted to the private room which is also going to be the Wine Room.

Of course, dining in the Wine Room would not be complete without ordering any wine at all. So here goes, our first bottle: Trapiche Malbec.

And second bottle...Weighbridge Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot. Not a wine expert so no comment.

For the dinner, we basically left it to Max to decide on our order. Good news for those who are regular of Max. I studied the menu and found a number of new dishes! We were even luckier that night to be served with Lokum Clams which is not in the menu due to seasonal availability. Our first dish of Lokum Clams were grilled and drizzled with lemon oil. Simple yet BIG on taste. I enjoyed every single drop of the clam juice - so '' (sweet essence from fresh seafood)

Our second servings of the Lokum Clams (RM35 for 10 pieces) was equally as good as the first. The cheesey aroma was such a killer. It made me speed up my photo taking process...cos...

......I just want to dig in as soon as possible. I just couldn't decide which version is better; the grilled for the natural sweet taste or the cheese-baked for the aromatic rich taste. Well, I lurrrveee both!

A new salad dish in the menu which I have not tried before. This dish is called "Meli-Melo of Mushroom with Soft Poached Egg, Fresh Mesclun Greens and Balsamic Reduction" priced at RM28. If I ever go on a diet, this will be my staple food.

Just when I thought the earlier salad we had was good, I totally enjoyed the next. No! Those were not pan fried radish cake. Wanna take a guess what it was?? Cheese!!!! The "Roasted Beet Salad with Warm Haloumi Cheese, Sunflower Seeds and Granhill Apple Vinaigrette" won our hearts! I enjoyed the cheese; crispy and aromatic on the outside, chewy and soft on the inside. Highly recommended for cheese lovers.

Still on appetizer, next was the "Seared Sea Scallops on Grilled Provencale Vegetables, Octopus Ragout with Olives and Lobster Oil" priced at RM48. Max told us those scallops were of A10-size..the biggest available. My focus was shifted towards the gravy instead. The lobster oil lends a very rich prawn flavour to it and we requested for extra bread to wipe the bowl clean!

Finally, the first main dish for the night: "Matelote of Codfish Fillet in Red Wine Jus with Shallot, Fresh Tarragon and Field Mushroom" (RM55). I always find eating codfish is like eating scallop....firm and sweet! I had extra dose of Omega-3 that night cos I finished off the piece of seared skin too. Gelatinously yummy!!!

I always look forward to lamb dishes when I dine at Max. I was happy to see my all-time favourite Lamb Roulade is now part of his menu called "Lamb Roulade with Cutlet, Grilled Zucchini and Eggplant Tart, Garlic Confit and Rosemary Jus" (RM60). 22

Finally, our last main course for the night.."Australian Veal Chop - Cognac flambeed Chanterelle and Cepe Mushroom Melange". Priced at RM95 for 300 gram piece of veal. 23

Look at the pinkish meat! So tender and juicy. To enjoy such fresh piece of meat, just sprinkle a bit of salt over it to enhance the taste.

I really like the new Max. @ iHaus. Such a nice and cozy ambience to wine and dine with friends. Perfect place for celebration and hosting events too.

Max.@ iHaus: Western Dining, Wines and Events is located at:
Lot No. 32 Jalan Jati
Off Jalan Bukit Bintang
55100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel. No: 603 - 2142.9720
Opens daily from 11.00 a.m. till 11.00 p.m.


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