Monday, July 27, 2009


Yay! Finally am back to the blogging world. Sorted out all my photos yesterday, phew, not an easy task but am glad that it's finally done. Gonna post about my Tasmania trip first before I start talking about all the good food I had in Melbourne for the past one week.

Being my first trip to Tasmania, I was pretty excited as I always wanted to visit this beautiful place, in particular the Cadbury's factory and of course, the Tasmanian Devil. Within hours after we arrived from Kuala Lumpur, we were back to the airport again to catch our flight to Launceston.

We had quite an unpleasant encounter with our initial car rental company and we spent almost 2 hours at the airport to sort things out. Finally, we got our Tarago from Avis.2

From Launceston, we drove to Hobart where we rented our holiday house. The journey took more than 2 hours but the scenic view along the way was spectacular.

The clear blue sky, the sparkling blue sea, baa-baa white woolly sheeps, moo-moo cows, wineries .....ahhh....such a relaxing sight.

I love this shot so much. So 'poster' feel! My model was very very cooperative that day...haha!

We drove pass a number of historical towns with very old Victorian sandstone buildings. This photo below was taken at a town called Ross on a mid-Sunday afternoon. Funny, where is everyone? Actually, I find it spooky and I don't think I want to spend a night here.

Doesn't it look like a scene from a horror movie?8

We had lunch at Richmond, another heritage town which is about 30 mins drive from Hobart city. Hubby was very satisfied with his order.

My cottage pie was good too with lots of bacon bits on top of the mashed potatoes.

Sis and Christy shared the scones...heard it was pretty good.

I can't recall what this is called, spinach pie I think. The rice with spinach fillings were wrapped with filo pastry and then baked. I didn't like it but my sis and nephew loved it.

Wine tasting at wineries, a must when you visit Tasmania. Lots of wineries around and bro in law took the opportunity to stock up his collection. Free delivery too if you live within Australia. By the way, his order should be arriving soon.

I love this boutique winery the best. It's called Puddle Duck Winery.

Bottoms up!!!!

Why I like this winery?? Well...because of him. Meet Bazil Brown, he is famous you know.

He was featured in a book on Wine Dogs - working and relaxing dog in the winery.

But I like her more....Bazil's wife I assume. Much gentler and friendlier. She was checking me all over, must be the smell of Pea and Pumpkin.

There you go, just a short summary of my Tasmania trip and more to come. Calling out to all oyster lovers, check out my next post cos I am gonna make you drool!

Thursday, July 23, 2009


Hello everyone!!! This gonna be a short post as my sis's pc and internet access is pretty slow. Will sort it out next week and then I will be back to the blogging world!

Just to let everyone know that am settling well here in Melbourne. I have got so much to tell, so much to share on my Tasmania trip, and of course the wonderful yummy food I had for the past few days. Thanks to all the well wishes in my previous post, am sure I will settle well here.

Hubby will be flying off tomorrow night...sigh...gonna miss him a lot a lot alot. But well, I need him to be back in Malaysia, otherwise how do I webcam everynight with my precious Pea and Pumpkin? Hehe!

Anyway..hope i will be able to put up my first food post in Melbourne next week. Till then...ta!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Farewell Malaysia; G'day Melbourne!

I could not just another 12 hours, I will be sitting on the plane ready to take off. Yes, today is the day that I am flying off to Melbourne to fulfill my 2-year permanent residency requirement. As some of you are already aware, I will be doing the 2-year thingy alone, whereas Hubby and my dad will not be joining me so soon. Not that bad considering I have my sister and her family there to take care of me.

I could not sleep because I feel a terrible pain in my heart. The pain of knowing that I will not be able to see my two beloved boys for quite some time. I know Pea will be really depress for the next few days as he is extremely attached to me. Just couldn't stop the tears from streaming down my face whenever I think of bidding them goodbye when I leave the house to the airport. I know I will miss them terribly.

Pea and Pumpkin, once Jie Jie find a job and get a house, Jie Jie and Gor Gor will bring you to Ozzieland to be an Ozzie Dog yeah??? Jie Jie promise!Pea & Pumpkin in bathtub

And of course, my Hubby too. Although he is accompanying me to Melbourne for a week, I know the following week will be tough for me. sure going to create an emotional scene at the airport when I send him off.

Anyway, I would like to thank all my dear friends who gave me many kind wishes, encouragement and support as well as themany many wonderful farewell lunches and dinners. Do keep in touch and I know we will.

Tears aside, I am very excited too cos living in Melbourne is something that I always wish for. For sure, I will update on my new life and of course....yummy discoveries too! I won't have any internet access for the next 3 days cos we will be heading to Tasmania for a short family holiday so do pop by soon yah???

BYE BYE for now!!! *wiping away my tears*

Monday, July 06, 2009

A Wonderful Day @ The Pet World Malaysia 2009

Anyone went to the Pet World Malaysia 2009: The 2nd Malaysian International Pets and Aquatics Exhibition held last weekend? I sure did, on the first day itself too. Together with WMW, we spent more than 7 hours at Mid Valley, of course that includes a long lunch session at a Korean restaurant. We were there at 10.00 a.m. on Friday, 3 July 2009, maybe a bit too early as some exhibitors were still busy stacking their products on the shelves. But we were just in time for the Dogs Grooming Competition.

The Poodle must be thinking "My hair!!! My hair!!!". If I knew earlier, I would have volunteered my two boys to these contestents.

I like her creation the best! A Mohawk Schnauzer!!

This poodle attracted a lot of attention too. Just look at the right and left side of her body. So cool isn't it? It was done by a student of a grooming school.

A really huge black poodle...look at her puffy pom pom head and the pom poms on her back and leg. So elegant looking. Very difficult getting a nice shot of her as she is so black, most of my pictures turned out one black patch! Very friendly owner too as she asked me to pose with her dog and volunteered to help me snap a few photos.

Many people brought their pets too and I had a great time taking pictures of the dogs but trust me, it is a challenge to get a good shot as they couldn't seem to stand still. Here are some of the more presentable photos:

A miniature Schnauzer...used to be my dream dog and always thought of owning one. In fact, before I got Pea, I was torn between choosing Pea, a Shih Tzu against a Schnauzer puppy. Am glad I chose Pea and he is the most wonderful dog ever.

A Pekingnese!! A very obedient girl, unlike my bratty Pumpkin who couldn't even sit still for 5 seconds.

Is this a toy dog or a real dog?? Very sweet looking fella.

Meet Whitey...a Maltese from Subang Jaya (there is a MPSJ dog licence on its collar). I was complimenting how pretty she was until the lady owner politely corrected me it should be how handsome he is. Opps!!!

Whitey is pampered to the max with lots of beautiful doggie clothes his mummy bought for him. His mummy couldn't decide to transform Whitey into a ladybird or a WMW and I kept persuading her to buy the Bumblebee...

and I think Whitey agreed too! She ended up buying more than 3 pieces @ RM40 each!!

I have friends and relatives used to comment how dog-crazy I am but they should see this.

Another sweetie!!! For my next dog, I wanna get a poodle. (HUB!! Are you reading this?)

Went to the NutriEdge booth to grab some doggie biscuits for my boys since they were giving 20% discount. Bumped into the owner of NutriEdge Malaysia with his Siberian Husky. See the husky at the background poster?? Yes, it's the same dog.

Such a beautiful dog. He has got very soft fur. After taking a picture with him, I gave him a gentle hug and I can imagine how comfortable it would be to have him on the bed on a cold winter night. (HUB, I also want this as my next next dog, can?)

SPCA and a few other doggie shelter homes where there to offer puppies for free adoption. Sadly I can't bring anymore home.

There were even puppies for sale. This fella is worth RM1,000.

Moving on from dogs, there were lots of beautiful cats too. Although am not a cat person, I love cats with long thick fur, just like this kitty below. If I ever keep a cat as pet, I wanna have a kitty like this.

Or this one is fine with me too...BUT...

keep me away from the Tiger!!!!

or the leopard!!

Wanna see some magic act??

Hahaha...this bird certainly in need of a good bath!!!

Hello?? Say something...Hello?? Harlooww??? Helllllllooooooooo!!!!?????? This bird must be thinking why a mad woman kept 'helloing' to him.

New movie screening soon.......THE ATTACK OF THE YABBIE!!!

From the fun cuddly pets, we move on to display pets. Strictly for viewing pleasure and not to be cuddled. Phyton anyone??

A few youngsters from the Malaysian Tarantula Society were manning the booth and happily enlighten us on the characteristic of these creepy crawlies. They were trying to convince us that tarantula could be a good pet. Of course, I was not convinced and am sure the first thing Hubby will do is to grab the nearest can of Ridsect!!

This tarantula is all black in colour but when taken with flash on, you can see that the leg is in blue.

Freebies!!! Got some for myself too. Past issues of Petster. Read a couple of issues before and quite informative.

Freebies for my boys!!

Bought the NutriEdge doggie biscuit for my boys..and guess what I got from the lucky draw? A toy dog!! I was thinking of getting another bag of biscuit so that I can get two toys. Otherwise, they will be fighting over it. But in the end, I didn't. Because it wouldn't make a difference as Pumpkin will end up having both, as usual.

The fighting began the moment I brought the toy dog home..

Watch this video to see how fierce Pumpkin is and the warning sound he made at Pea.

As expected, Pumpkin always get what he wanted. BRAT!!!


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