Friday, January 15, 2010


I came across Spanner Crab numerous times at the fish market and usually they are already boiled and chilled. I assumed it should be eaten cold, as reheating a cooked crab would certainly spoil the taste and texture. I am not a fan of cold seafood except for sashimi and oysters, hence I never bother checking out Spanner Crab. However, bro-in-law was at Footscray and he managed to buy a live one for me to try.

Some people call it 'Garfield Crab'. Flip it upside down and it does resemble the famous overweight cat. Scientifically, it is known as Ranina ranina and this crab is around AUD20.

Surprisingly, Spanner Crab is really meaty especially on the part of the body. Very thick and chunky.

Bro-in-law decided to steam it with beer. Apart from the usual seasoning ingredients, he put in fresh rosemary too.

Verdict: Very good! The flesh is very firm, very chunky and very sweet. To compare, I would say the texture is almost similar to scallop. And yes, I love this fella very much. I guess it's time to think of more ways to cook Spanner Crab now!


noobcook said...

what a gigantic crab!! can't find such good deals here. steam with beer, really good!

Jun said...

is that grey blob crab's brain??!

Sonia (Nasi Lemak Lover) said...

can't find this kind of crab in here, taste like scallop? must be very good.Wish I can taste it one day.

Ah King and Moon said...

lovely crabbie.....Australia is truly a heaven for seafood lovers.

Tummythoz said...

Garfield Crab. Cute name.

ai wei said...

yum yummm! can try out so many types of seafood from aus. !

Anonymous said...

I always wonder how does it taste, saw this in in Footscray market too as I do my food shopping there. Thank you for sharing this.

Julian Si said...

Ah... crab with one of me fave beers, Tsingtao.


gill gill said...

i am so interested about the "texture is almost similar to scallop"! would it be as sweet as scallop too?

The Travelling Ulcer said...

I must admit, I have never dared buy the spanner crab plainly due to never having tasted it. Now that you've given validation I may have to give it a go.

Have only bought mud crab, blue swimmers and snow. Will definitely have to add this to my list.

I don't think I've seen it at Springvale but will be keeping my out for it.


Precious Pea said...

noobcook: Steamed with garlic and Shaoxing wine would rocks too! Throw in glass noodle...yum!

Jun: Haha...still into the 'brain' thingy ar? Nope, those are roes. Very sweet stuff although the colour looks a bit unappetizing.

Sonia: Texture is like scallop, firm and meaty. Tastewise, not as sweet as scallop.

Ah King and Moon: Definitely a food heaven. Still lots more to explore.

Tummythoz: If you stare closely at the 2nd can see Garfield's face.

Anonymous: Do try if you can find live Spanner crab.

Julian: Thanks! Lots of crabs over your side?

gill gill: Well, it has got it's own natural sweetness but I would say, not as sweet if compared to scallop. It's only the texture a bit similar. Do try if you have a chance.

Tim: Do try do try! I doubted it at first but it's definitely worth a try. My bro-in-law said there were live blue swimmers at Footscray too but quite pricey.

pang said...

had eaten spanner crab at Birds Bay Oyster farm, Tweed River. Fresh n meaty, juz dip into butter n lemon. I luv d fresh oysters over there. yummy!

Anonymous said...

As a crab gourmet from England (enjoying seafood in Brittany as I type this) I have to say that this is the best crab I've eaten in Australia - beats the mud crab hands down, although I haven't yet tried those giant crabs I've seen in Sydney fish market. You'll have to try it cold with plenty of home made mayonnaise - best way to eat any crab imho.


Anonymous said...

hai,i just have it(spanner crab) yesterday !! Its really very yummy+fresh !! taste good !! im from Sabah ,Malaysia.I bought it from a friend !!


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