Wednesday, October 06, 2010


Have you heard of Champagne crab before? Well, it is totally something new to me. Bro-in-law (BIL) bought two huge Champagne crab as part of our welcoming dinner for Hubby who came for a 2-week visit last month. The crab looks a little like a mini King Crab, but with the sharp spines along the their legs, it does resemble Spider Crab too. For those in Melbourne who are interested to give it a try, we got it from PP Seafood Plus (No, PP doesn't stand for Precious Pea and I am in no way associated with them..hehe) in Box Hill at $35.00 per kg.

Feeling adventurous, I suggested to have the Champagne Crab cooked with a new twist. Immediately I went to Safeway and grabbed two cans of Podravka Chicken Pate, priced at $1.99 per can. I am not a fan of chicken liver but I find this Croatian brand quite flavourful and most importantly, it doesn't have the strong liver aftertaste.

Ahem...please excuse my finger prints. Simply too irresistible!!

And so....the Champagne Crab pieces were deep fried in the hot oil.....

And finally toss with BUTTER, BLACK PEPPERCORNS AND CHICKEN PATE together with bits and pieces of chopped onions and spring onions.

The end result? A plate of TO-DIE-FOR BUTTER, BLACK PEPPERCORN & PATE Champagne Crab! Tasted SO SO SO SO good. Everyone couldn't resist from having 2nd, 3rd, 4th...ok, make it at least 5th helpings each. Surprisingly, the texture of the crab meat was pretty good. Firm and sweet, almost similar to mud crab. Definitely much better than the King Crab I had before.

As for the crab roes, BIL saved it for another dish...something that I really love....

Tada.....a bowl of Szechuan Hot & Sour Soup loaded with extreme sweetness from the crab roes. a very lucky woman!

Apart from the Champagne crab, we also had a few more yummy dishes that worth mentioning here. Actually, hehehe, I want to take the opportunity to introduce on our restaurant's current promotion. Thinly sliced fresh lotus root stir-fried with slices of pre-marinated "NamYue" Pork Belly, a hit among our regular customers. This dish is currently in the special menu until the lotus root season ends.

Also available, fresh Chinese Yam or commonly known as "Wai San". BIL tossed it with black fungus and snowpeas in garlic sauce and not forgetting the crunchy pork lard sprinkled on top. YUM!!

Lastly, my dad's favourite Steamed Deep-Sea Barramundi. Just couldn't help myself from having more rice to go with the sauce.

It was a perfect family reunion dinner and I can't believe that Hubby has already gone back to Malaysia for a week now. My dad is leaving this Friday too, I am feeling so sad now. But hey, at least I have something to look forward to. I am heading home for a short break on 14 February 2011, tickets already booked! I should start compiling a "Must Eat" list from now, so hey, you Makan Buddies out there (you know who you are), please make yourself free ok?


thule a.k.a leo said...

you are so so so lucky!!! I will never get to taste the champagne crab done in the way you mentioned!!! I can only stick to the usual butter, black pepper, chilly, salted egg!

Amelia said...

don't be sad, i'm visiting melb in two weeks time. Will meet up with u i promise.

Gratitude said...

Wow, looked utterly delish! And that pate is soooo cheap. Imagine what the dish wld have cost if you had used foei gras instead.

Precious Pea said...

Leo: Come visit me in Melbourne and u will get to try this awesome style. Super delicious!

Amelia: Yay!! Hope to see u soon!

Ant: The have meat pate too but i dare not try. If only they have foie gras...yumyumyum.

Sonia (Nasi Lemak Lover) said...

all dishes look so yummy, i salivate, ya, I moving to Setia Alam by end of this year, fyi.

Tummy Rumble said...

Wow, I didn't know crabs could be cooked with pate.. hahaha... nice.. Just learnt something new... I should try doing that to the local mudcrabs found in msia.. I use to nick name the australia king crab gangster crab.. somehow, your champagne crab looks more like it...

tigerfish said...

Crabs with chicken pate! Wow! Must be super 鲜 !

ling239 said...

Champagne Crab after cooking look super delicious.... too bad i am not a good cook =(

Camemberu said...

Wowzers, that is some awesome looking crab dish! Butter peppercorn and pate! The crabs are unusual too - they almost look like bouncers!

boo_licious said...

Gulp!! Pate + Crab = Super WOW!!

Brilliant girl to think of that combo. Now I'm itching to give that a try. Sniff sniff, I can't wait for you to come back so I can get my crab eating partner and also to sample yr super yummy food.

Precious Pea said...

Tummy Rumble: Do try out this style with the local crab. Am sure you will like it.

tigerfish: Super duper YUM!!

ling239: Never try never know. Give it a try!

Camemberu: They are very vicious looking and their evil stare so scary isn't it?

Boo: Just another 4 months to go!!!! Keen to do a crab crawl??

kat said...

Crab+Butter+Liver!! Sounds sublime and so rich that my arteries are seizing up!! :D Do you think they'll work with prawns?
And your hot&sour soup looks extremely appetising too! Is it on your menu?

UnkaLeong said...

Cheer up! Can talk to me online mar :P Invite me along for the makan as well, k?

Precious Pea said...

Kat: We tried with prawns and it works! The hot and sour soup is in our menu now but minus the crab roes.

unka: Feeling much better oledi...keep telling myself Feb is not that far away. See you then ok?

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

Such a brilliant idea to use pate. You da man! I miss you, sista. It just isn't the same without you. :-(

Western Dental said...

I love your blog so much!! The pictures and the way you describe your food is addicting!

jason said...

That's a scary looking crab. But that dish looks really good! And the soup! And the lotus roots! And the...

We shall be the first batch of floggers to write about your restaurant end of this month! ^^

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

i can vouch for the lotus root and the chinese yam dish, goes with rice very well but could be a little tad less oily..

u serving steam fish at ur restaurant now also?

jason (haha u should be the 2nd!, jun n i were the 1st!)

Life for Beginners said...

Creative juices abound! :)

What a great idea to pair the champagne crab with chicken pate and black peppercorns. And of course... the crab roes went to an even more delectable dish (the roe is the best part of the crab for me, is why).


Mr Lonely said...

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CUMI & CIKI said...

WALLAU! you are one terror, smart cookie.. BLACK PEPPERCORN & PATE Champagne Crab!!!!! sounds too good to be true man... am so jealous:D bet it was heavenly. then to save the roe and make soup.. even better. talk about using 100% of the crab.. respect.. BOWBOW!!!

wmw said...

Hey! Missing you and Melbourne :o(
But nevermind, we shall continue our eating adventures when you are back here in Feb!

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SheShe said...

Your food is beautiful, and I'm jealous of the wonderful variety of ingredients at your disposal. Thank you for the inspiration!


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