Monday, February 22, 2010


I am so happy to be around to celebrate Pumpkin's birthday this year. Happy 3rd Birthday my dear bratty Pumpkin!! It was a hot hot day yesterday so I gave him a good cold bath.

The many faces of Pumpkin! I managed to snap several photos of him shaking off water from his body, isn't he super adorable?

All clean and fluffy!!!

The serious side of Pumpkin, which is very rare. Actually, he was bored posing for me.

After a tasty chicken drumstick for dinner, Pumpkin had a banana muffin for dessert!

Happy Birthday KinKin!! I will try my best to be home for your 4th birthday next year!!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I met up with my food buddies for dinner at Sg Way yesterday. I picked up WMW from her place in SS2 and it took us almost an hour (usually only 5 minutes) to reach Damansara Uptown to pick up Jason. We used the shortcut via Damansara Kim, surprise surprise...everyone is using the shortcut as well! We were literally crawling on the road when we passed Golden Kimwah coffee shop, a place where Hubby and I drop by once in a blue moon for breakfast. WMW got excited as that's her favourite stall for roast pork aka siu yoke. Since we barely moved an inch, I made a quick pit stop. WMW jumped off the car to grab some roast pork while I took out my camera and snap a photo of the coffee shop from inside my car. According to WMW, there are two operators operating from the same stall, one during lunch hour and the other for dinner. The roast pork is from the night operator.

At RM13 per strip, WMW bought 2 strips for us to try. The roast pork is perfectly cut into small bite sizes and each piece is proportionately layered with meat and fats topped with golden skin. It was still warm when I popped the first piece into my mouth, verdict? DELICIOUS!!! The skin is crispy, the meat is juicy and the in your mouth. If I get a box of these roast pork each time I am stuck in a traffic jam, honestly, I wouldn't mind at all.

After picking up Jason, we headed to SS3 to grab Yam Puff (that would be another post) from the night market. It started to rain and we got lost in SS5 and couldn't locate the pasar malam. I stopped my car at the roadside with my hazard light on while waiting for Andrine to rescue us. Psstt...WMW was busy praying for the rain to stop, so determined hor? The Roast Pork became my de-stress tool, a very effective one indeed.

We were late by the time we reached our destination in Sg. Way for dinner. With delicious Roast Pork and yummy yam puffs we brought along to the restaurant, Jackson and Justin didn't mind at all. We decided to toss the remaining pieces of roast pork together with our Yee Sang. Sinful eh? Someone should really start off by offering oink oink yee sang...i can almost imagine using suckling pig's skin!

This would probably be my last post before Chinese New Year, so taking the opportunity to wish everyone a Gong Hei Fatt Choy and may the Tiger Year brings you good health, lots of joy and happiness!!

Golden KimWah is located at:
Corner Shop
Jalan SS20/10,
Damansara Kim, Petaling Jaya
The recommended roast pork is available only in the evening.

Wednesday, February 03, 2010


I love venturing for food with my Makan Gang as they eat absolutely anything and everything, with boundless appetite being the greatest bonus. Last week, we went around scouting for good food from Cheras to Ulu Klang and finally back to Subang Jaya for our last stop for the day at Sumi-Ka. Sumi-Ka is a Japanese grill house specializing in Yakitori (Japanese style grilled chicken skewer) owned by a Japanese. With open kitchen, should be 'open-griller' concept, you can opt to sit along the counter-top to watch the Japanese chef in action. Well, provided you don't mind ended up smelling like a Yakitori from top to toe after your meal.

Judging from the name tag on the bottles of unfinished sake and wine on their cabinet, it is evident that their major clientele are Japanese. True enough, the place was soon filled up with Japanese expatriates coming for 'happy hour' after work.

Being a Yakitori restaurant, there are more chicken dishes in the menu, with a few choices of beef and seafood. We aimed to try as much as we could, and what could be easier than ordering everything in the menu? And so, we ordered 2 skewers of everything under the chicken category ranging from RM3 - RM5 per skewers.

I was never a fan of chicken innards, well, I have changed my mind now. The bite-sized pieces of chicken gizzard and heart were grilled to perfection. Seasoned with just salt, it was delicious! I didn't try the chicken liver but I heard it was good too. Heard of chicken blood vessel?? Yep, I had that too! Delicious!3

For the first time in my life, I finally had my first taste of chicken tail. Which part? Chicken backside lah! Initially I was skeptical to try but how could I walk away not trying when my Makan Gang kept raving about it? Once I bit on it, I couldn't stop helping myself to more. Seasoned with salt, it was really crispy and aromatic. Not oily as I expected and definitely no unwelcomed smell. I reckon it was even better than having crispy pork fats. Do try their chicken neck meat too, very soft and juicy.

Take your pick! Chicken Breast Meat with Wasabi, Ume (sour plum) or Mentai Mayonnaise? If you are not a fan of breast meat, skip these and go for tender juicy thigh meat. 5

I was told the skewer on the left was muscle meat while the one on the right is chicken thigh. Both equally good.

Want something to munch on? How about Chicken Soft Bones? 7

Chicken meatballs and pieces of chicken thigh with spring onions were drenched in tare sauce. Richer in taste and very yummy too.

My favourite chicken wing was grilled to perfection. Crispy skin with juicy meat. No marinade, only seasoned with salt. Another recommendation goes to the grilled chicken skin. Why all the good stuff so unhealthy hor?


Quail Eggs, who doesn't like them?

Before I go on with more meat, here are some photos of the veggies we had. Complimentary fresh cabbage is given with any purchase while the grilled mushroom and green chilies is in the menu. Sadly, they don't have grilled leek in the menu and I was really longing for that.

Next, we move on to beef. We had the beef ribs with spicy miso sauce and beef ribs with miso sauce. Tender but nothing memorable.

I had the first piece of beef tongue in my life.....verdict?? Not too bad but I would rather save my stomach quota for chicken tail, chicken skin, chicken wings, chicken neck meat, chicken gizzard, etc..............

There are also a number of special dishes written in Japanese characters on a small signboard. Clueless on what they were, we ordered all the 10 dishes. Sliced Eringi Mushroom, Bacon wrapped with something gooey and chewy (clueless) and bacon wrapped with something crunchy, it could be turnip.

Bacon wrapped with Fish Roes.....not bad!!

Unidentified black object in the middle. The waiter told us the name in Japanese. Texture was soft, gooey and chewy.

No idea if this was supposed to be enoki mushroom wrapped with bacon, I guess it should be but I find the presentation quite errmm....messy.

Baked Shimeji Mushroom in Butter Sauce was one of their special...nothing memorable.

Finally, grilled pork trotter seasoned with salt. Savour the crispy skin, then devour the gelatinous bits.....honestly, I was so stuffed by then, I could only take one bite.

Overall, am very happy with the excellent service and the fantastic Yakitori. This is definitely a place I will return in very near future. Booking is necessary as the place is quite small and it was full the night we went. Refer to the location map below and Sumi-Ka is located on the 1st floor.

Sumi-Ka is located at:
No. 19, 1st Floor, Jalan SS15/4
47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor
Tel: 03-56329312 or 016-2249312 (Mr Kiyoshi Ota)

Monday, February 01, 2010

REGAL HOUSE @ One Bangsar, KL

My first bowl of "Lap Mei Farn" (waxed meat) for the year!! 4

To me, Lap Mei Farn is a once-a-year delicacy during the Chinese New Year. This year, I am very lucky to sample a range of waxed meat brought in all the way from
Yung Kee Restaurant, the famous Michelin-awarded roasted goose restaurant in Hong Kong. True enough, 'branded' stuff really makes a huge difference. I am totally in love with the preserved goose liver sausages which is so rich in taste and the presence of Chinese wine in every bite! The waxed duck was good too. It wasn't overly salty and it didn't have the usual 'oily' smell that you find in waxed duck.

The waiter was scooping the waxed-meat-infused-rice into individual bowls before I rushed over for a photo. It smells so so so good. I would have no problem having it on its own without the waxed meat as it was bursting with flavour. One bite and I could taste bits and pieces of salted fish added into the rice for extra ommphh! Big thumbs up! At the end of the meal, everyone was eyeing for the burnt bits and scrapped the claypot clean!

The Yung Kee Waxed Meat Claypot Rice is available at Regal House at One Bangsar during the Chinese New Year season, while stocks last.

Regal House is the latest addition to the One Bangsar family. The chef is from Hong Kong and Regal serves innovative cuisines inspired by traditional Cantonese culinary styles. Simple and pleasantly decorated, I was told most of the furniture and fittings were brought in from China.

There are five VIP dining rooms on the first floor catered for business or private dining functions. A must to call and book in advance.

I met up with my floggers sisters,
Boolicious, AWOL and Paprika on my first visit to Regal House. We were quite impressed with the Deep Fried Lion Fish (九肚魚) in Salt & Pepper (RM13). It was lightly battered and the fish was fine and sweet. 4

Herb-Crusted Smoke Duck with Fruit Salad, very Western style don't you think? But surprise surprise, it was the star dish of the night. The duck tasted superb! Moist and tender. The garlicky crispy bits on top goes so well with the duck! This is an appetizer dish so you can either request for it to be sliced and shared, otherwise order one serving each at RM18 per serve.

Initially I wanted to try their Beef Brisket Soup but was told that I need to book it 3 days in advance as there are lots of preparation for that soup. So we settled for the Preserved Mustard Green with Pork Stomach Soup (RM68 serves 5). The soup was sweet with slight peppery taste and I spotted few slices of JinHua Ham (expensive dried cure ham from China).

The Deep Fried Spare Ribs with Garlic Black Pepper Sauce (RM25) was not too bad but I find it a bit too salty for my tastebud. Goes well with rice though. 9

The Hot Pot Kailan in Seafood Sauce (RM23) was served sizzling hot! Tried this dish once in Hong Kong and I got to say, Regal's version is milder but tastier. I love the crunchy sweet kailan stems.

Vietnam Fresh Prawn Pan Fried Yee Mee was done the Hong Kong style whereas I expected it to be the local "Sang Har Meen" version with lots of egg gravy. Not too bad for a change. Our serving with two big prawns was priced at RM76
(price varies depending on the weight of the prawns).

Lastly, Chilled Minty Lemongrass Flavoured Fruit Jelly to end the meal (RM9 per glass). The restaurant's manager insist we should drink the dessert from the glass instead of pouring it out into bowls (
we were sharing the dessert). She said it would taste better that way and so we tried. I love the refreshing taste of lemongrass and all the different types of texture in my mouth all at once.
The Lemongrasses!


Regal House is located at:

One Bangsar

63E Jalan Ara,
Bangsar Baru
59100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2283.3116


Chinese New Year Set is now available, do call in advance to reserve!


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