Wednesday, December 01, 2010

The BEST BEST Blueberries...

I have just tasted the best blueberries in the world. Although it was a bit too sour, it was definitely the yummiest I ever had. Why?

Because the blueberries are homegrown and picked straight from MY garden! Hubby bought me the blueberry tree early March this year and since then, I have been waiting eagerly for this moment. Lots of blueberries will be ready for picking for the next couple of weeks...YAY!

Since I am putting up a blog post, I might as well update Hubby on his two babies. Bought these when he was here 3 months ago, a dwarf nectarine tree and a dwarf peach tree.

Hubby, I am proud to let you know, your babies are growing very very well. *Grin*

The trees are pretty small at the moment but they are already producing a number of fruits. This white flesh peach should be ready in a month or two.

Eagerly awaiting for the white flesh nectarines too. I am thinking of freezing some of it and bring it back home for Hubby in February, am sure he will be very very happy.

Hmmm...since I have successfully produced veggies, mushrooms, flowers and now fruits,maybe I should embark on a new project next year.....NUTS!!!! What say you?


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