Thursday, September 01, 2011


Yay! My favourite season is here again! Flowers flowers blooming everywhere. Even Hubby's dwarf nectarine and peach tree is flowering. They are just ooo-sooo-pretty!!!!

Honestly, I thought the trees were dead since it has been dried up for months and left with only twigs. Surprise surprise, they survived the cold winter and I am proud to show off to Hubby that I didn't kill his beloved trees afterall. *phew*

Hubby blueberry tree has grown quite a lot for the past one year. I am expecting lots of harvest this year. One thing for sure, it's gonna be the
best best blueberries that money can't buy!

Bunches and bunches of blueberry blossoms. So pretty!! That reminds me to get some netting to cover them as I heard birds love them too!

Another surprising discovery!! Remember the
pink tulips I planted last year? I thought I got rid of them after it wilted but somehow, the bulbs were still left inside the ground. So I will be expecting another batch of pretty bloom this year. This time, I will not pull them out and hopefully they will regrow every year. 5

My veggie patch is all ready for some serious planting. However bro-in-law said for this year, the veggie patch will be his because he already have a big project in mind. He said he gonna plant lots and lots of chili trees to supply to our restaurant business. Well, how could I object to that?

Since I have to give up my veggie patch, this year I will only embark on two small projects. First, I am going to try planting artichoke since the instruction says that I could plant it in a pot. It will be interesting to see how it will turn out to be. Definitely will snap some photos and update on the progress here.

My second project is to grow one of my all-time favourite flower....lavender! Spotted this Lavender growing mix at a Reject Shop for only $6!

I wonder how long it gonna takes to harvest my first bunch of lavenders?

This September is very special to me because it also marks my 2nd year stay in Australia. Yes, it means I have fulfilled my residency requirement. Time flies, isnt it? Another good news is, Hubby already bought his one way ticket to join me here in March 2012. As for my two precious boys, of course they will be coming over too, hopefully the same time or even earlier than Hubby. I really look forward to being with my boys again.... *so miss them*


Kavi said...

fren..can't wait to see your lavenders growing....very happy to hear Paul will be joining you soon next happy...all together nice!!!

Vee said...

It's so lovely for me too when my parents visit from KL! Congratulations on fulfiling your residency requirement, I well remember your anxious posts from when you first moved here - time's gone by so quick!! :)

CUMI & CIKI said...

gorgeous! you are so lucky to have such LUSH flower i tell you!! :D

Anonymous said...

So happy for you that you will be reunited with your hubby and "sons". :P

Hope you write more often and glad that your restaurant is doing well...

Sonia (Nasi Lemak Lover) said...

Feel so happy for you, soon you can reunited with your hubby, time fly so fast huh..

Precious Pea said...

Kavi: I really look forward starting my new life here with them. Promise to visit me when I have my own place ok?

Vee: Honestly, am still very anxious now. Right at this moment, still thinking if I have made the right decision.

Ciki: I know!!! They are just so ooo-so-beautiful! Not only flowers..fresh fruits and veggies abundant here!

Anonymous: Thank you! I will try my best to update more often. :)

Sonia: Yalor...blink blink eyes 2 years already.

The Yum List said...

I do miss Aussie seafood. Asia just doesn't compare.


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