Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Harry's Cafe de Wheels @ Sydney

I first heard of Harry's Cafe de Wheels many year ago while watching Anthony Bourdain on TV savouring away a very "mouth-watering-looking" pie topped with mashed pea and potato. I told myself back then if I ever happen to visit Sydney, this would be in the top of my must-try list. Fast forward to June 2011, Hubby came for a short visit and I grabbed the opportunity to make a short trip to Sydney. Keeping firmly to my promise, Harry's was our first stop after dropping off our luggages at the hotel.

Founded in the late 1930s, the first Harry's Cafe de Wheels operated in a caravan at Woolloomooloo dockyard. It became so successful, today it has expanded to 7 outlets throughout Sydney. For more of Harry's history, click HERE. We visited the Haymarket outlet since it is the nearest to our hotel.

What's in Harry's menu? PIE PIE PIE AND MORE PIES! But I knew what I wanted....I want the exact pie that Anthony Bourdain had!!! So here it is....Harry's Tiger!!!2

As the name suggests, Harry's Tiger is their signature pie consisting of lean beef pie served with mushy pea and buttered mashed potato drizzled with tasty brown gravy. The mushy pea and mash potato was simply marvelous! Fluffly yet smooth and creamy. Delicious! However the beef pie was quite a let down, simply nothing special to brag about. I wonder if it was because I had high expectation or did the mushy pea and mash potato stole all the limelight? Overall, I still enjoyed it very much.

Being a fan of Hot Dog, Hubby had the Hot Dog de Wheels which is also the house special. The smoked Viennese frankfurt was served with mushy peas as wel as chilli con carne, cheese sauce and chilli sauce. It was HUGE! Not recommended to messy eater, ahem...like me!

Hubby was not impressed with the Hot Dog as he had better ones in Melbourne.

I don't mind returning to Harry's just for the mushy pea and mash potatoes. YUMMY! After our first meal, we hurried off to our second MUST-GO destination in Sydney. Wanna take a guess where we went? Well, next post I promise.

For the location and operating hours of Harry's Cafe de Wheels outlets, you can visit this


Anonymous said...

fish market for sure

Anonymous said...

The Hay Market outlet is a letdown, I've tried both Hay Market the first one in Wolloomooloo, even my hubby agree the one in Wolloomooloo is much better with a harbour view to boot! :)

Hopefully you'll make another trip down and this time round drop by the caravan one! hope to catch you next time when you're in sydney :)

P/s: I've been your silent reader for years now.

Precious Pea said...

Anonymous #1: Hehehe!

Anonymous #2: Ok, noted! Will definitely try Wolloomooloo on my next visit. Are you from Sydney? Care to let me know your name (hehe, instead of referring you as Anonymous)?

Anonymous said...

so am I correct anonymous #1

Eva said...


Personally i think Harry's is best after a long night of dancing and drinking. Its a great wind down, nothing more fun than kicking off your heels, sitting on the wood benches in front of a naval boat and munching on a pie, on a warm summer night.

If you don't mind paying more. There's a new pie shop on level5 of Westfield CBD who do great pies/pea and mash combo.

Anonymous said...

Yup, I'm from Sydney but I love Melbourne ;p

You can call me Ms Piggy, blogger won't let me sign on with my wordpress acc hence anonymous comment :)


Ms Piggy aka anonymous #2

Precious Pea said...

Anonymous #1: Bingo!!

Eva: Thanks for the recommendation. I might be making a day trip to Sydney next month, so hopefully I could fit that in as well.

Ms Piggy: Do you blog as well?

CUMI & CIKI said...

The mushy pea and buttered mashed potato drizzled with tasty brown gravy makes the beef pie looks sooooo yummeh!! :P I wish we had that here!

Precious Pea said...

Cumi: Hopefully someone open up their franchise in KL. Am sure it will be a hit!

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