Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Where was my 2nd destination in Sydney?

Sydney Fish Market, of course! A seafood paradise for seafood lovers! According to their website, it claims to be the world's second largest seafood market in terms of variety outside of Japan! Apart from supplying seafood to the wholesale and retail market, the market also conducts weekday wholesale auction as well as cooking classes! Not only that, "Behind-the-scene-tour" is available on weekday (booking is required). Sadly due to my short stay in Sydney, we decided to give it a miss. Otherwise, it would be really interesting to witness the auction process, sashimi pavillion (slurps!), as well as a visit to the crab and lobster pen!

Seafood seafood EVERYWHERE!! There are a number of retailers and restaurants at the market, making you feel a little bit lost because you just don't know where to start!

Spotted these very tempting blanched King Crab legs waving at me (I was still in a daze from all the excitement). I am not a fan of cold seafood, otherwise, they would be mine, mine, mine!

Oysters shuck on the spot, nothing gets fresher than this!

Hubby and I started off with one dozen each! I was a little more excited than usual because this was my first dozen of Sydney Rock Oysters!

Two words....EXTREMELY GOOD! Though we didn't go for the highest grade, I was very satisfied with these. It was so rich and milky in flavour, I had 'oyster breath' for the next couple of hours. I am serious about the 'oyster breath'!!


Surprise surprise, I spotted Coffin Bay (South Australia) oysters too! Coincidently, I have just finished watching a HK food program raving how good they were. Since I don't foresee myself having the luxury for a short holiday to South Australia in any near future, I decided to have a go for it.


Time for cooked seafood to fill up our tummies. There are so many restaurants inside the market to choose from and everything looked so good! Spotted every tables having seafood platter, I decided to go for it as well, can't go wrong since everyone is having it right? WRONG!! My mind wasn't working right with all the excitement. I should have known pre-fried seafood cooked in batched and then placed in a bain-marie is a big NO-NO!! What was I thinking???

I couldn't remember how much I paid for this Lobster platter for 2 but definitely not cheap. Lots of chips hidden underneath and the seafood were nothing memorable at all. Ahem, some were even cold! I was so upset with myself for wasting our tummy space quota.

Luckily I bought a pack of fresh Sea Urchin earlier from one the fish stall for only $12.99!

Though it wasn't as sweet and flavourful as those
hand-carried back from Japan, I was still very happy with it.

Hubby knew I was very disappointed and upset with myself over the disastrous meal. He suggested to have another meal before we go. We headed over to Peter's Fish Market and bought a raw barramundi as well as half dozen of green-lipped mussels. We pay a little bit extra for cooking charges (they charge according to the weight of your raw seafood) to have them grilled. When Hubby came back with the food, I was so surprised. The fish was wonderfully crispy on the outside while the flesh still juicy and sweet. I don't really fancy mussels but I was hooked. It was so fresh and sweet, so different from those I had before. If only I had tummy space, I will definitely go for more! Thanks Hubby, next time you do the ordering ok?

For more information such as trading hours and how to get to the Sydney Fish Market, check out their website HERE.


Anonymous said...

next time you must try the spanner crab
anonymous #1

Gratitude said...

Gosh, I would have gone crazy, then died and gone to heaven! ;)

Precious Pea said...

Anonymous #1: I tried Spanner crab in Melbourne before, if i remember correcty I did blogged about it. It was good and I will make sure to order it when I return to Sydney. In fact, I did book for a whole gang to do a Sydney Market one day trip the following week after I got back to Melb, but sadly, our flight was cancelled due to ash cloud.

Gratitude: LOL! NO!!! Eat first..die later!

Live2Talk said...

I tried that when I was there with my family and the same platter as well! Still remember I've to pay AUS$2.00 for a mini chili sauce which only looks like chili sauce but nothing like the REAL thing at all :(

KY said...

why dont' we have places like this in KL!! WHYYYY??

UnkaLeong said...

Wah Leow! Sea Urchin! *slurps*

CUMI & CIKI said...

what an amazing spread of seafood! can see Cumi reaching for the antihistamines daily la, to keep up!;)


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