Friday, January 21, 2011

手抓饼 Yummy Crepe in Humen

My blogging bug has been bugging me for the past few days, desperately urging me to put up a post as soon as possible. I don't know where to start because honestly, since I have started the restaurant business I haven't been eating out much and even when I do, my 'used-to-be-inseparable' camera is left at home. I think my camera is lying somewhere in my drawer, I must search for it tonite because I will be needing it very soon for my trip back home. Yes yes....I will be going back to KL next month for a 12-day holiday. Hooray!!! I really miss my two precious brats a lot and of course my Hubby and my dad too!

I will be going for a short holiday as well, covering Guangzhou, Humen, Macau and Hong Kong in 4 days!!! Definitely going to stuff myself crazy with yummy food. And today, am gonna post on my discovery in Humen during my trip there last year. I love trying out hawker food wherever I go. They are cheap and often comes with memorable surprises. And of course, if they are not good after the first bite, down the rubbish bin it goes. Spotting many people surrounding this lady, I went to join the queue as well. What is it? Taiwanese-style Crepe!

I didn't manage to capture the whole process of making the crepe because she was working at ultra speed. I remembered once the thin layer of crepe skin is cooked on the hot plate, she cracked an egg and spread it all over the crepe skin. Then she added some bean paste, preserved radish, chives, spring onions and seasoning before wrapping it up. 3

You can opt to have it whole or half. I couldn't remember how much it was but if I see her again next month, I will surely put it up here.

I love the crunchy spicy savoury radish that goes really well with the pungent flavour from the chives and spring onions. Very filling too and could easily pass off as a main meal.

Since the wrapper claimed that this is a Taiwanese-style Crepe, probably those that are visiting Taiwan can look out for this too!

I hope to discover more great food on my trip home. And for now, I will be busy counting down and not forgetting creating a list of 'MUST-EAT' food! I hope the blogging bug will continue to stay in my system for quite a while. Signing off now.....................


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